The State Council urged the mobile phone traffic is not cleared

2015-05-14 20:44:57

 Beijing News News urges "put the network speed, lower net fee" A month later, Li Keqiang premier May 13 chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to accelerate and speed up the construction of high-speed broadband networks to facilitate measures to reduce costs, boost entrepreneurship and innovation and improving people's livelihood.

The meeting pointed out, accelerate high-speed broadband network construction, promote speed reduce costs, can improve people's lives, but also reduce the cost of entrepreneurship and innovation, to provide strong support for the "Internet +" operation, effective investment and stimulating consumption, foster the development of new momentum. The meeting identified five measures to promote the speed drop fee:

1. encourage telecom companies reduce costs as soon as Speed ??release program planning, implementation, free broadband speed, make the city more than the average broadband access speeds of up to 40%, lower tariff levels, the introduction of traffic is not cleared, the flow donation services.

2, promote FTTH and broadband rural projects to speed up the whole city fiber optic network and fourth generation mobile communication network construction. New this year, 14,000 administrative villages broadband, reduce urban-rural "digital divide." Internet bandwidth of international import and export support expansion. Driving on all types of investment this year, trillion with network construction.

3, to promote open and fair competition in the telecom market, broadband access services open during the year increased to more than 100 pilot enterprises.

4, improve telecommunications universal service, increase financial support and accelerate rural broadband facilities and other infrastructure upgrades weak areas. Promote other municipal public facilities and communities to facilitate access to broadband development.

5, strengthen broadband access services and tariff regulation, consumer protection against false propaganda, steal user traffic such acts. Let the high-speed flow, quality and cheap broadband network services Entrepreneurship and Innovation and colorful life.

The Prime Minister also noted that the lower network costs and traffic charges, it is not the government's decision, but "did not fall no" market choice. After the companies reduce costs, increase traffic consumption actually will push to achieve small profits will eventually improve their operational efficiency.

He explained that currently accelerating construction of information infrastructure, one can stimulate investment, and promote steady growth, on the other hand also for the development of the "Internet +" to promote the public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples provides a strong support.

Li finally stressed mention speed, lower network costs, not only the Ministry of Industry and communications operators tireless efforts, but also the relevant departments work together to provide a good business environment for the telecommunications companies, and ultimately facilitate hundreds of millions of Internet users.