5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center

2013-08-31 10:00:00

 Virtualization, cloud computing, and a distribute infrastructure has greatly increased the demand for data center bandwidth. More information and data is being passed through high-density servers and there has become a direct need for 10GbE network bandwidth capabilities. Why is this important? In 5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center we learn how the growing number of factors have change the data center infrastructure. An environment can have the most powerful servers, a great storage array, but without the core networking capabilities, even the well-designed data center may become throttled by user and information demands.

In working to design an efficient data center, administrators have to start the core. This is where Juniper’s QFabric infrastructure can really help out. The diverse and scalable system is able to support a growing number of users and can facilitate greater amounts of bandwidth. In turn, this will create a efficient platform capable of direct efficiency and – very importantly – agility.

In “5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center.” we learn the important 5 questions to ask when it comes to working with a 10Gbe infrastructure. For example:


·          What is your level of virtualization?

·          What type of storage is your infrastructure using?

·          What does your data center look like and what is the size?

By understanding base metrics around a data center environment, the user and the workloads running within the infrastructure, administrators can get a good idea to what their bandwidth needs will be. Current trends point to more usage of the cloud and high-density computing systems. This will, undoubtedly, place a greater strain on any data center networking environment core. And see how the growing trend in 10Gbe network designs has helped many data centers become more scalable and support a larger number of users.