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IBM, Google Team on OpenPOWER Consortium

 In a bid to reinvigorate its POWER processor architecture, IBM this week announced a new devel

[2013-08-17 10:23:37]

Top 8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Cloud Provider

 Sherlock Holmes and his art of deductive reasoning can be described as taking straightforward

[2013-08-16 13:22:35]

Five Factors to Consider for Your Big Data Initiative

 The four V’s. If you’re reading this post, chances are good you know what they stand for. 

[2013-08-15 14:21:42]

Google, IBM Team on Data Center Research

 Google (GOOG) and IBM are teaming up to build large data centers to power a grid computing ini

[2013-08-15 14:21:06]

SOASTA Raises $30 Million to Expand Cloud Testing

 SOASTA offers tools for cloud application performance testing. The company has received $30 mi

[2013-08-14 10:20:18]

IBM joins Pivotal in developing Cloud Foundry's open source PaaS

 IBM has thrown its weight behind Cloud Foundry, giving clout to open source PaaS.IBM disclosed

[2013-08-13 13:19:32]

3 Big Data Security Tips You Need to Know

 How to protect big data without breaking analytics The new era of computing has arrived: Organ

[2013-08-12 10:08:30]

The Structure in Next Generation Object Storage

  It’s about time to revive this blog: it has been almost 6 months since I joined 10Gtek a

[2013-08-10 10:02:43]

Cloud Exchanges Will Drive Commoditization. Why This Is a Good Thing

 Imagine you’re thinking about getting a backup data center sometime in the future. Imagine you

[2013-08-09 10:11:55]

How To Do Big Data: DIY VS. MSP?

 To say you have cloud enabled your big data usage is to say that you’ve taken the first step o

[2013-08-08 10:16:02]

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Remote Backup

 Cloud-based remote backup offers benefits in four main areas: cost, risk, flexibility and qual

[2013-08-07 10:12:52]

Nebraska, Iowa Lock Horns Again on $200 Million Project Oasis

 It looks like Nebraska and Iowa are squaring off again. The two Midwestern states have battled

[2013-08-06 10:02:59]

Top Ten Data Center Stories

 Data Center Knowledge readers in July enjoyed our stories that included numbers – the number o

[2013-08-05 11:10:03]

Savvis Announces Availability of Rebuilt Cloud Data Center

 Savvis, the cloud hosting unit of CenturyLink, announced global availability of an infrastruct

[2013-08-03 10:09:07]

How to Manage Storage in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

 Agencies are finding reduced costs and improvements in agility, data protection, management an

[2013-08-02 14:08:00]

DataStax Raises $45 million for Big Databases

 DataStax raises $45 million to expand its product development and channel growth, Cloudera add

[2013-08-01 15:07:10]

How Cloud Computing Democratizes Big Data

 Big Data, just like Cloud Computing, has become a popular phrase to describe technology and pr

[2013-07-31 11:06:10]

Number of U.S. Government IT Facilities Rises to 7,000

 The U.S. government wants its servers to come out of the closets. But first it has to figure o

[2013-07-30 10:09:02]

The State of Cloud Adoption in India

 There is no denying the fact that organizations based in India are considering the cloud more

[2013-07-29 11:03:39]

5 Tips for Designing a Private Cloud

 If an agency makes the decision to launch a private cloud, what steps must it take to pull off

[2013-07-27 10:00:19]

Cloud computing in Australia: Pros, cons and questions to ask

 The International Data Center (IDC) researchers have this week put into writing what many will

[2013-07-26 10:02:07]

Enterprise Cloud Hosting Solutions

 The scalability and rapid deployment characteristics of a cloud environment can be the perfect

[2013-07-25 13:48:06]

Stream Data Centers Building in Minnesota Market

 There has been a lot of data center news out of Minnesota this year, with several providers en

[2013-07-24 10:45:58]

Scality Gets $22 Million for Scale-Out Storage

Storage and big data companies Scality and WebAction receive funding to advance their offerings, and

[2013-07-23 16:47:52]

Microsoft has 1 Million Servers

Microsoft now has more than 1 million servers in its data centers, according to CEO Steve Ballmer, w

[2013-07-22 16:46:01]