What’s New with Cloud Computing?

2014-05-16 19:47:14

Cloud computing has seen some advancements in the recent years, and it is for the benefit of the people—both individuals and commercial users. Today, it continues to expand and improve at a fast rate with the hopes of addressing the needs of the individuals who use it. Providers of cloud services along with big names in the technological industry have been making positive changes to the cloud and here are some of the latest advancements in cloud computing that you may have missed:

The cloud-powered vending machine
– A touchscreen vending machine developed by SAP Hana makes use of cloud software to give customers a more personalized experience. Inside the vending machine is a smart phone that does all the work with the cloud and sends feedback from every transaction a person makes. In turn, it is able to gather information to help meet the needs of the users of the vending machine.

Free cloud service for Amazon startups – Amazon is now helping smaller businesses to move their infrastructure to the cloud. They are allowing smaller businesses to have free access to the Amazon Web Services. This way, businesses are more accessible when it comes to computing resources which they can adjust based on the demand. However, they will also become more dependent to the Amazon Web Services.

Better encryption – Cloud computing, since it cannot be seen nor felt by the users, gives the people who use it peace of mind by imposing good security measures. The cloud now has encrypted files which make it impossible for other individuals to search contents even if the person searching is an authorized user. Because of such technology, businesses are able to parse their data without really compromising their security.

Access from different devices – There is an increased emphasis on being able to access files from different kinds of devices—not just office computers and laptops, but mobile phones, tablets, and just about any other device which can be connected to the Internet. Today, most cloud service providers have the option for users to use their services as they would be able to if they are using a PC but at cheaper and more convenient rates. This makes working with a mobile workforce possible and also makes updating and sharing files easier for the people involved as long as they have access to the Internet.

IBM’s $8-million investment on a Spanish cloud center – This technological giant is eager to be up to par with Google and Amazon when it comes to cloud services. IBM opened its 26thcloud center which is in Spain and it cost them $8 million. This implies that they are improving their cloud services and would have a more global reach to those who are in need of it. It also presents more competition for the leading providers which would mean a change in the current rates offered by the leading cloud providers.

Cloud computing has indeed seen recent advancements and because of this, it is becoming more accessible to people who would like to try it.