Avago Technologies sampling 100G CFP2 SR10 optical transceiver

2013-03-26 11:01:40

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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Avago Technologies sampling 100G CFP2 SR10 optical transceiver
Avago Technologies (NASDAQ:AVGO) says it has begun delivering samples of the AFBR-8420Z, a 100-Gbps SR10 CFP2 optical transceiver. The company expects the 10-channel pluggable, multimode parallel optical transceiver module to find use in both 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Optical Transport Network (OTN) OTU-4 applications.The AFBR-8420Z supports 100-Gbps SR10 and 10x10-Gbps Ethernet interconnects per IEEE 802.3ba Clause 86 and 802.3ae Clause 52. Avago points out the following, which it considers key features:Compliance to the CFP2 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Compliance to 100GbE IEEE 802.3ba specifications such as 100GBase-SR10, CAUI, and CPPI  Compatibility with 10GBase-SR 10GbE IEEE 802.3ae specifications  Transmission over 100 m of OM3 multimode fiber and 150 m of OM4 fiber  Low power dissipation  Full diagnostic feature set accessible via MDIO   Use of proven 850-nm VCSEL arrays for transmit and PIN arrays for receive  Interoperable with 40G SR4 and Avago 10G SR optical modules."Avago is the industry leader in enabling short reach interconnects with parallel optic technologies. This CFP2 SR10 transceiver enables broad adoption of 100GE fiber links within the premise and data center," said Philip Gadd, vice president and general manager of the Fiber Optics Product Division at Avago."Even in the core of modern data centers, the introduction of 100G Ethernet has been impeded by the large, telecom-style CFP form factor. A CFP2 version of 100GBASE-SR10 will double port density and help to propel the latest generation of Ethernet moving forward," commented Dale Murray, principal analyst for LightCounting Market Research.Avago will demonstrate the AFBR-8420Z optical transceiver in Booth #1043 at OFC/NFOEC 2013 next week.
ClariPhy, Sumitomo Electric pair to demo 100G coherent CFP technology
Communications system-on-chip (SoC) developer ClariPhy Communications, Inc. and components and subsystems vendor Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. will partner at OFC/NFOEC next week in Anaheim to demonstrate what they assert is the first 100-Gbps coherent CFP technology platform. The platform combines ClariPhy’s new analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) made in 28-nm CMOS with Sumitomo Electric’s indium phosphide (InP) based integrated coherent optical engine.The demonstration will show off the platform’s capabilities to work with both QPSK and 16QAM modulation. The technologies will support the 32-W power budget for the CFP optical transceiver, as well as set the stage for CFP2 modules down the road, Dr. Paul Voois, co-founder and chief strategy officer at ClariPhy, said Monday.With the first generation of 100-Gbps optical transponders now available in the OIF MSA format, work is now underway to reduce the cost, size, and power consumption of such modules. Voois says that 28-nm CMOS technology will be an important contributor toward meeting this goal, which will not only benefit long-haul applications but make coherent transmission more economically palatable for metro networks as well. (And Voois is not alone in this thought; see “Fujitsu to display 28-nm CMOS ADCs at OFC.”)In addition to the ADC and DAC in 28-nm silicon, ClariPhy says it also has produced a phase locked loop (PLL) driven by a standard commercial reference clock source. The devices will support not only 100-Gbps transmission, but 200-Gbps data rates as well.Voois said that ClariPhy’s plans for marketing the 100G coherent chips will follow a similar strategy pursued for its previous 40G coherent devices. That means working with both development partners (see “Oclaro allies with ClariPhy for 100G coherent” and "Oclaro, OEMs behind most of ClariPhy’s $24M in Series C funding" for potential hints along these lines) as well as making the device available to systems and module developers at large.Sumitomo Electric, meanwhile, will produce its own 100G coherent CFP. Voois declined to speculate on what other plans his partner might have for the optical engine. A source at Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA revealed that the optical engine integrates an integrable tunable laser assembly (iTLA), receiver, Mach-Zehnder modulator, and driver.“2013 will be the year that metro 100G solutions are evaluated and selected by leading service providers, and pluggable coherent is near the top of their list according to our service provider surveys,” said Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst, optical, at Infonetics Research via a ClariPhy press release announcing next week’s demonstration. “This allows them to extend coherent 100G to vendor platforms without locking themselves into one equipment vendor’s coherent solution. ClariPhy and Sumitomo are clearly well positioned to meet a market need.”
Tektronix optical modulation analyzer supports superchannel testing
Test and measurement instrument developer Tektronix, Inc. has unveiled a software package for its OM4000 optical modulation analyzer series designed to support testing of superchannels. The software option, slated to be available by the end of May, will enable technicians to support an unlimited number of subcarriers, each with different optical modulation formats if they desire, according to Textronix sources.Superchannels have become a subject of study as a means to support data rates of 400 Gbps and above (see “Superchannels to the rescue!”). A superchannel contains a variety of subcarriers, each running at a subset of the 400-Gbps total. There are no standards, either official or de facto, for superchannel construction, meaning that development engineers can experiment with the number of subcarriers and modulation formats.This blank slate creates a requirement for an extremely flexible test instrument for superchannel applications, according to Rob Marsland, the product line manager for the Tektronix’s coherent instruments (and former chief at Optametra, which Tektronix acquired in xxxxx). The Option MCS software package has been designed with this flexibility in mind. The software option, which works with the Tektronix OM4106D Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer (for pairing with Tektronix DPO70000D Series 33-GHz real-time oscilloscope) and OM1106 Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer (which works with the Tektronix DSA8300 Series 70-GHz sampling oscilloscope), enables technicians to select the number of subcarriers, the subcarrier spacing, and the modulation format for each of these subcarriers. Users can specify each carrier center frequency as either absolute values (THz) or relative values (GHz).The software package then enables the optical modulation analyzer to perform the specified measurements automatically on each subcarrier and display the results. The new offering significantly speeds the process of superchannel performance measurement and makes it easy to visually compare the performance of individual subcarriers, Marsland asserts.An analyzer with Option MCS can display test results for up to 100 subcarriers simultaneously. However, Marsland says that for practical purposes (including test instrument performance), 10 subcarriers at once would be a good starting point.Textronix will sell the Option MCS for $8800 U.S. MSRP.
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