OE Solutions showcases 10Gb/s single-fiber, bi-directional SFP+ transceiver at OFC 2010

2012-11-06 15:31:35

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OE Solutions showcases 10Gb/s single-fiber, bi-directional SFP+ transceiver at OFC 2010
The transceivers on exhibit exemplify OE Solutions’ core competency in integrating Bi-Directional optical sub-assembly (BOSA) into MSA-compliant SFP+ packaging. The specification will conform to the 10km 10GBASE-LR interface, but will employ 1270nm and 1330nm wavelengths. OE Solutions will further extend the reach to 40km by using cooled BOSA technology developed in-house.“Our customer base relies on OE Solutions to continue to push the envelope for single-fiber, Bi-Directional transceivers, enabling a simple upgrade that offers an attractive cost savings and ease of fiber management compared to installing more fiber. OE Solutions is answering customers’ call by first releasing the 10Gb/s single-fiber, BIDI using uncooled BOSA technology that will enable up to a 10km reach. Furthermore, we are already looking ahead and will be offering up to 40km reach shortly using cooled BOSA technology,” says Richard Burroughs, director of sales at OE Solutions.
Gigalight debuts SFP modules
The new multi-rate SFP module is aimed at 100-GHz C-Band DWDM networks. The module features built-in temperature control and an APD-based receiver. It supports transmission distances up to 120 km and data rates from 100 Mbits/sec to 2.7 Gbits/sec. It's fully compliant with the SFP MSA and the SFF-8472 MSA standard.The second module is a bi-directional hot pluggable SFP with digital diagnostics and LC connector, designed for 1.0625-GBd Fibre Channel and 1.25-GBd Ethernet applications. It features digital diagnostics and is also compliant with the SFF-8472 MSA standard. The digital diagnostics enable real-time monitoring of temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, and transmitter and receiver input power. It can also enable quick location of errors in the fiber link to simplify maintenance and improve system reliability. Wavelengths supported include 1310/1550 nm, 1310/1490 nm, 1550/1310 nm, and 1490/1310nm.
AOI's SFP transceivers support 4G Fibre Channel
AOI's SFP MSA-compliant transceivers are designed for Fibre Channel links for data rates up to the 400-MByte/4.25-Gbit rate meeting the 4G Fibre Channel OMA requirement for 80-km links. WDM technology maximizes fiber-optic bandwidth for high traffic storage area network (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), metropolitan area network (MAN), and access and transport Networks.Transmission, switching equipment, and network appliance manufacturers use high-speed Fibre Channel SFPs as a flexible fiber optic port offering. According to the company, 4G pluggable transceivers help the OEM customer meet the demand for high-volume, high-reliability mainframe data storage (i.e., off-site storage mirroring), video, and/or mixed media content storage and service delivery via core or edge topologies.Both hot-pluggable devices feature data rates up to 4.25 Gbits/sec, an APD detector for 80-km reach,serial ID functionality support, low power dissipation, and an operating temperature range from -10° to +75°C. The transceivers are also digital diagnostic SFF-8472 compliant.The A5CL-ZDxx-FDAA DWDM 4G FC SFP features receiver variable decision threshold control, a temperature-stabilized distributed-feedback (DFB) laser transmitter, and a C-band ITU Grid (100-GHz) source. Wavelength is controlled within +/-0.1 nm over life and temperature.The FC-PI 13.0 compliant A5CL-xCxx-FDAA CWDM 4G FC SFP integrates a high-speed, low-dispersion-penalty, uncooled CWDM DFB, multiquantum-well (MQW) laser. The transceiver also meets GR 468 reliability specifications.
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