Sumitomo Electric intros 10G CWDM SFP+ with Internal CWDM DFB LD chip

2012-11-07 15:37:15

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Sumitomo Electric intros 10G CWDM SFP+ with Internal CWDM DFB LD chip
The new module uses Sumitomo Electric's 10-Gbit/sec CWDM DFB LD chip and supports 80-Gbit/sec (eight channels from 1470 to 1610 nm) parallel transmission.This 10-Gbit/sec CWDM SFP+ module is MSA compatible and allows up to 48 ports per line card, thereby reducing cost per bit. The internal DFB LD chip manufactured through enhanced processes achieves lower reduced parasitic capacitance than the existing one, according to the company. The module covers a center wavelength from 1470 to 1610 nm with a 20-nm spacing. Since transmission distance is less than 10 km, power penalty due to chromatic dispersion can be negligible, so competitive direct modulation can be used for this CWDM SFP+ module, the company concludes.
IMC Networks debuts IE-iMcV-2xLIM, TX/SFP 100-Mbps dual media converter
IMC Networks has unveiled the IE-iMcV-2xLIM, TX/SFP, 100-Mbps Ethernet-based media converter module. The new media converter module offers twice the port density of the company’s standard 100 TX-based module.Features of the IE-iMcV-2xLIM, TX/SFP dual media converter module include:
two independent fixed rate 100 Mbps copper-to-fiber conversions on a single-wide card
double the capacity with up to 40 separate lines when using the iMcV-MediaChassis/20 chassis
full bandwidth frame with no frame size limitation remote management troubleshooting features through a managed chassis or with additional DDMI SFP support auto MDI/MDIX operation Configuration Controllow latency extended temperature range -40º C to +80º C transparent to Layer 2 and 3 protocolssupports multiple fiber-optic wavelengths using industry standard MSA-or Cisco-compliant SFP modules.“The core feature of the IE-iMcV-2xLIM is its ability to double the capacity of any IMC Networks chassis. Additionally, low latency is achieved via internal architecture that does not require a ‘store and forward’ switch chip, which in turn lowers the final cost of the product,” states David Zaveski, Senior Sales Engineer at IMC Networks. 
Avago touts 8G Fibre Channel SFP
The AFBR-57D5APZ doubles the bandwidth of previous Fibre Channel SFP optical transceivers. The new transceiver is also compliant with SFP+ multi-service agreements and enables the production of standards-based 8-Gbit/sec SAN switches, storage arrays, host bus adapters, and tape drives.
"Our high-performance 8-Gbit/sec Fibre Channel optical transceivers are already in 8G storage products shipping today," said David D'Andrea, director of marketing for Avago Technologies' fiber-optic products division. "With high-quality products and superior service, we've aggressively increased our share in the storage market with nearly two million 4-Gbit/sec transceivers sold in the last 12 months. The introduction of our 8-Gbit/sec transceiver and work on 16-Gbit/sec technologies demonstrates Avago's continued leadership in the storage industry. Further, our internal VCSEL source supports a steady and reliable supply of SAN products."Avago's new AFBR-57D5APZ is designed to be compliant with FC-PI-4 standards over multimode optical fiber at signaling rates from 8.5 to 2.125 Gbits/sec without the need for external rate select inputs. It provides real-time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power, and received input power diagnostic information. The AFBR-57D5APZ's digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable the transmitter, monitor for transmitter faults, and monitor for receiver loss of signal.Avago's AFBR-57D5APZ is available in link lengths up to 150 m for 8.5 Gbis/sec; up to 300 m at 4.25 Gbits/sec.; and up to 500 m at 2.125 Gbits/sec. It leverages all standard features and capabilities of Avago's 4G SFP modules, including DMI and RoHS compliance.
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