Transmode emphasizes synchronization capabilities

2012-07-01 18:08:46

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Transmode emphasizes synchronization capabilities
Transmode Systems AB has collected its network synchronization and timing capabilities under the brand Intelligent Sync (iSync), announced today at the WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking event in Monaco. As the company's portfolio and capabilities have expanded and as network synchronization continues to become increasingly important in many networks, the company has responded by introducing new synchronization management and monitoring functionality.iSync covers three main areas within the Transmode portfolio: Sync monitoring and management: Transmode's iSync now provides users with new sync management maps and full sync source protection switching. In addition, Transmode has unveiled a new partnership with Chronos Technology, a provider of sync monitoring and management. This partnership adds industry-independent SyncWatch probes with the associated SyncWatch NetSMART software fully integrated into Transmode's Enlighten multi-layer management suite.Layer 2 Sync performance: Through the design of Transmode's Layer 2 Ethernet Muxponder (EMXP) family, Transmode's customers are able to deploy networks with what the company claims is industry-leading SyncE performance. These networks also provide the ideal foundation for 1588v2 deployments due to their extremely low latency and low jitter, the company adds. Using these capabilities, Transmode's customers have been able to deploy mobile backhaul networks with sync performance that are an order of magnitude or more better than SDH/SONET synchronized networks, the company claims. Patented Layer 1 Sync with multiple sync domains per wavelength: Transporting transparent synchronization within a framed WDM wavelength, i.e., once a header is added for management, is not easy and not all WDM vendors can do this. Transmode takes things one stage further using muxponders, with patent-protected sync functionality, that support multiple independent sync signals over a single wavelength. Transmode says this will be particularly useful in a wholesale environment where an operator may need to support multiple wireless operators with differing sync strategies and clocks.Sten Nordell, Transmode's CTO commented, "The founders of the company have a deep understanding and experience of the issues and the subtleties required to make sync work well in a real network environments. iSync captures this depth of knowledge with hardware and management capabilities coming together to create networks that enable our customers to build the best performing networks."In an associated announcement, Transmode unveiled the company's Enlighten multi-layer network management suite and related Ecosystem. As packet-optical networks increase in complexity, particularly with deployments of ROADM-based flexible optical networks ranging from Layer 1 transport to Layer 2 Ethernet and recently even Layer 2.5 MPLS-TP services, management capabilities also need to become more sophisticated. Transmode’s new Enlighten network management system addresses this need.Enlighten enables simple point and click provisioning across all layers coupled with a powerful multi-layer graphical user interface to ensure full visibility of all necessary network and service parameters. Transmode has also extended the management capabilities to include integrated network planning and design tools, to enable operators to move seamlessly between the network planning, deployment, and operation phases of the life cycle, via the Enlighten management suite.To further enhance Enlighten, Transmode has developed an ecosystem of third-party software. The first publicly announced partner within the Enlighten Ecosystem is Chronos Technology, a UK-based provider of network synchronization software and services. This brings network synchronization monitoring and management capabilities via the integration of Chronos' SyncWatch network probes and SyncWatch NetSMART software into the Enlighten management suite.
Cyan touts CyPortal advances as steps toward software-defined networks
Against a backdrop of increasing interest in software-defined networks, Cyan has announced expanded capabilities for the CyPortal element within its Cyan 360 software suite.Cyan introduced the CyPortal in May of last year (see “Cyan makes software move with CyPortal, Service Level Aware Network framework”) as part of a move into the provision of software tools and services that complement the company’s packet-optical transport systems. The cloud-based software-as-a-service offering enables carriers to provide their customers with a view into service performance for SLA assurance and verification. The tool has proven popular; approximately two dozen carriers are using CyPortal in connection with more than 20,000 wireless backhaul and business service endpoints, Cyan Vice President of Marketing Frank Wiener tells Lightwave.To improve CyPortal’s utility, Cyan designed the tool to work not only with its own packet-optical transport platforms, but with network elements from other vendors. The list of vendors other than Cyan with products (27 in all) compatible with CyPortal has grown from 2 to 11, including:Accedian  ADVA Optical Networking   Ciena  Cisco   MRV   Omnitron Systems Technology  Overture   RAD   Telco Systems  Transition Networks Transmode Cyan has also expanded CyPortal’s capabilities. Users can now not only use the service to monitor the performance of the network services for which they’ve contracted, but launch operator-approved tests on these services (for example, RFC 2544). And the range of services CyPortal will accommodate now includes not only Ethernet, but IP and ATM as well.In the future, CyPortal also will enable operator customers to provision services and bandwidth, Wiener says. He declined to reveal when this capability will roll out. Meanwhile, Cyan customers are using open APIs to customize CyPortal for their networks. Billing-related programs have proven popular, Wiener said by way of example.
Lightower targets low latency network connection to Mahwah financial exchange
Lightower Fiber Networks has announced its intention to build a new low-latency connection into the primary financial exchange data center in Mahwah, NJ. The fiber-optic network services provider already has dense network infrastructure in the Mahwah facility, and therefore asserts it will be ready to build to the facility as soon as access to the facility is available to service providers.Lightower says it also will offer points-of-entry, geographically diverse laterals, and geographically diverse routes to the facility. Overall, the company plans to offer dark fiber, Ethernet and wavelengths up to 100 Gbps, ultra low latency connections, and private networking. It says it expects the Mahwah financial hub to open to service providers later this year.The fiber network services provider already offers connections to financial services firms and other clients via a low-latency financial services network that includes hubs at 15 strategic data centers and liquidity centers in the region. Locations in New York City, Clifton, Newark, Piscataway, Carteret, Jersey City, and Weehawken are among the end points covered.
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