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2012-05-31 11:57:35

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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Huawei touts prototype flexible grid WDM
Huawei says it has developed a flexible-grid WDM prototype with a minimum granularity of 12.5 GHz. The prototype aims to address emerging requirements for multi-carrier technologies and bandwidth-flexible optical networks that will support data rates beyond 100 Gbps.Flexible grid wavelength-selective switches (WSS) have reached the market over the past year or so, starting with Finisar (see “Finisar unveils Flexgrid wavelength-selective switches for next-gen ROADMs”) and most recently from the likes of JDSU (see “ROADM advances: An OFC/NFOEC 2012 Reporter's Notebook”). The WSS modules come in anticipation that future 400-Gbps and 1-Tbps transmission will require moving off of the ITU-specified 50-GHz spectrum grid to accommodate multi-carrier-based superchannels.Huawei’s prototype appears to follow this lead. The WDM prototype supports 40G, 100G, 400G, and 1-Tbps hybrid transmissions and is compatible with legacy 50-GHz and even 25-GHz systems, the company says. Meanwhile, it will support a smooth evolution from 40G and 100G systems to 400G and 1-Tbps platforms and networks.According to Jack Wang, president of Huawei Transport Network Product Line, "After releasing the world’s first 10 petabit all-optical switch prototype and the 400G DWDM prototype, Huawei has provided a preview of next-generation optical networks by unveiling the highest efficiency spectrum WDM prototype. Huawei is committed to providing innovative solutions in the field of optical networks and to making significant contributions in broadband network construction to further develop next-generation optical transmission technologies."The company did not reveal when the technology would achieve commercial availability.
JT selects Telcordia OSS for roll out of Gigabit Jersey
Telcordia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC), says its network planning, engineering, and design platform has been selected by JT Group (formerly Jersey Telecom) to support the rollout of a comprehensive fiber telecom network on the island.JT Group, the telecommunications provider for the UK's Channel Islands, has selected Telcordia’s Plan-to-Provision for Fixed Broadband product to support the replacement of its existing copper network with a new FTTH infrastructure (see "Jersey Telecom connects customers in FTTH trial").The FTTH project, known as "Gigabit Jersey," aims to provide all 90,000 people on the island with access to the fastest broadband speeds available by 2016, from their home or their business.Telcordia says its OSS offering, featuring Telcordia Network Engineer, will provide JT with a map-based tool to accelerate and optimize their FTTH planning, designing, documenting, and inventory management. By streamlining of the network planning processes and eliminating its manual system, the operator can reduce the time and cost of their fiber build out program, and allow for better tracking of the FTTH architectures needed to accommodate variations in housing density."The ability to automate what is a new and complex design process is critical to the business case and ultimately the success of this exciting broadband rollout," said Dave Newbold, chief operations and technology Officer at JT. "The Telcordia solution proved to be uniquely capable in providing the necessary detail, design automation, and ability to handle the complexity of this process to the level we require. The designs will conform to our standards, thereby saving us costs with more consistency for our newly hired field engineers, and we also expect efficiency gains as we continue our FTTH deployments across our operating markets."JT will also use Telcordia's Total Perspective Planning business analysis software, which will enable JT decision-makers to correlate all of their geographically referenced information in the form of interactive maps, reports, and charts. Using these tools will help enable JT to identify crucial and sometimes hidden relationships, patterns, and trends that can help improve network performance, accelerate service deployment, and speed service restoration.
Forsyth County Schools selects Comcast Ethernet services
Comcast Corp. says that Forsyth County Schools, one of the largest school systems in Georgia, is using Comcast Ethernet Services to enhance education for its students in 35 elementary, middle, and high schools across 181 districts.The connectivity will support streaming video, interactive whiteboards, mobile devices, and other digital education tools, as part of the Forsyth County Schools’ technology initiatives to enhance teaching, expand learning and reduce costs. Forsyth County Schools believes that to compete globally, schools should expand access to content. To improve this access, Forsyth ensures that every student uses high-speed connectivity from Comcast.Such initiatives can be bandwidth-intensive and require a high-performance network to be effective. Using Comcast’s Ethernet Services, Forsyth County Schools’ administrative offices and operations centers can now benefit from secure, point-to-point connectivity to ensure fast and efficient data transmission, as well as file sharing and document storage via the district’s central server.The district is implementing technology-based learning plans to match each student’s specific needs, preferences, and performance. The customized delivery of learning resources takes into account learning interests and learning style in order to increase student engagement and academic performance. Students can learn at home on their own, or at school, using a high-speed Internet connection.By investing in a flexible, scalable and high-capacity network infrastructure, Forsyth County Schools can ensure the adoption, use and effectiveness of digital learning. Initiatives such as “Bring Your Own Technology” (BYOT) and the NOBLE Virtual World project at Forsyth County Schools help facilitate collaboration and provide immersive learning environments that engage students in more authentic ways.With BYOT growing at a rate of 80 percent at Forsyth County Schools, students are able to use their individual Internet-capable tablets, laptops, netbooks, and cell phones to work in classrooms in the way they like best.The NOBLE Virtual World project allows students to interact with each other in a digitally created world, where anything they imagine can be created. As a result, students develop higher-order thinking skills such as creativity, data analysis and problem-solving by working in teams and coming up with plans and solutions for the project at hand.“Bandwidth is the key. The only way to have access to all that digital content is to connect the technology and infrastructure in support of it,” said Bailey Mitchell, chief technology and information officer for Forsyth County Schools. “Our network infrastructure investment is a “return on learning” and Comcast gives me the ability to scale bandwidth as the demand presents itself. My view is that every time you increase the speed of the network, you are enabling incredible educational opportunities.”
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