CommScope’s E2O cable combines fiber and coax

2013-03-10 11:32:07

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Datagroup to deploy 100-Gbps in Ukraine with Ekinops
French optical transport systems vendor Ekinops says that Ukranian telecom operator Datagroup has deployed Ekinops’ 100-Gbps coherent transmission technology in its long-haul fiber-optic network.Datagroup offers a variety of communications services to individuals and businesses in Ukraine, as well as to education and research networks. It also owns four “transition points” to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Russia. The operator needed a cost-effective upgrade path to higher capacity and faster network speeds across its national long-haul fiber cable network, which spans thousands of kilometers.Coherent 100G transport meets these needs. But before the carrier fully deploy the Ekinops 360 DWDM platform, it tested the system on a live network of 820 km between Kiev and Kharkev that also carried 10-Gbps traffic. The 100G channels proved to be no impediment to the existing traffic and were implemented without making any changes to the existing network, Ekinops says."The Ekinops equipment worked exactly as we hoped," said Aleksandr Danchenko, CEO of Datagroup. "The equipment was easy to install and operate, delivering error-free 100G transmission across our existing network."The initial official deployment covers a route that connects Lviv, Kiev, and Kharkiv, joining the western and eastern parts of the country.
MedNautilus deploys 100G undersea with Infinera DTN-X
edNautilus, the Mediterranean operations of the Telecom Italia Sparkle Group, has installed the Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) DTN-X packet-optical transport platform to support 100-Gbps service delivery across a Mediterranean submarine fiber-optic network.The protected undersea fiber cable network is the largest in the Mediterranean, Infinera says. The submarine cable network connects Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Cyprus. MedNautilus also provides connectivity to Bulgaria via terrestrial infrastructure. Overall, it operates a 7,500-km backbone and offers reach to major cities in Europe, North America, and the rest of the world via connections to Telecom Italia Sparkle’s pan-European and global backbone networks.“Mednautilus now operates the first submarine cable network in Europe able to provide up to 100 Gbps international connectivity services with a solution that ensures top quality and efficiency standards,” said Mario Pirro, Sparkle’s executive vice president, technology. “The market in the region is demanding faster and more advanced services, and with the Infinera DTN-X solution for the provision of 100-Gbps services, we are able to provide the capacity we need in order to meet the fast-growing requirements of our customers throughout the markets covered by our backbone.”“We are pleased that MedNautilus selected us to build out one of the regions fastest growing networks,” said Chris Champion, vice president, EMEA sales for Infinera. “The simplicity of the DTN-X allows us to upgrade any backbone quickly, enabling our customers to deploy services faster while offering outstanding reliability."For more information on high-speed transmission systems and suppliers, visit the Lightwave Buyer’s Guide.
CommScope’s E2O cable combines fiber and coax
After showing it off at last fall’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, CommScope has announced the commercial launch of its E2O (Electrical to Optical) hybrid cabling system. The cabling system combines optical fiber with coax to meet the needs of cable MSOs who are still relying on coax, but know they’ll need fiber deeper in their networks in the future.The cable saves space and improves installation efficiency by combining optical fiber with coax in a single sheath. The smaller resulting size means the E2O cables are compatible with CommScope’s line of microducts and microcables.CommScope believes the E2O cable particularly will benefit cable operators who plan to launch fiber-based business services branching off of their hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.“MSOs want to expand services, including high-speed Internet and video, to businesses today using coaxial cable as the final connection to the building,” said Doug Wells, vice president, Outside Plant Solutions, Broadband, CommScope. “It’s a given that those same businesses will require higher data rate services and more bandwidth in the future. Those needs will be met using optical fiber; however, the challenge for MSOs is assuring they are ready to build an optical fiber network in that area at the lowest possible incremental cost.”With the E2O cables, MSOs can install either a conduit for blown fiber and/or a fiber cable for later use when higher-bandwidth services are required. Operators also can deploy fiber to a business park and reserve the coaxial cable within the same sheath in case commercial customers later request video services.“Because of this single sheath, E2O can help mitigate current and future installation costs while ensuring future migration strategies including PON, RFoG, and other FTTx technologies,” Wells added. “Whether an operator needs to reconfigure, maintain, or replace their HFC residential services, deploying E2O helps ‘future proof’ their network for when fiber is eventually needed. If their strategy is to install coaxial cable integrated with fiber or conduit for future fiber blow-in, or both, operators can once again minimize expenses by installing all under one sheath at the same time.”
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