New Broadcom GPON home gateway SoC targets China

2013-01-22 10:18:22

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Finland's Funet trials 100-Gbps technology
Finland’s state-owned CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd. says it has successfully tested 100-Gbps line speeds on the country’s Finnish University and Research Network (Funet). The trial ran between Espoo and Oulu, a distance of approximately 1000 km, and was conducted in November 2012.Nokia Siemens Networks and Ekinops provided the 100-Gbps optical transport technology used in the trial, which also included routers from Juniper Networks. The optical transmission connections used Nokia Siemens Networks’ 1+1 backup via two light paths.“With the new channel capacity, the Funet Network can transmit data at a speed of 4 Tbps per one link connection. Funet member organizations can use the 100-Gbps services by means of a light path. CSC is also preparing to gradually update the Funet IP Network for the speed of 100 gigabits. The service will probably be first used in the data infrastructures of international research projects,” explains Juha Oinonen, development manager at CSC.“K&K Active Oy and Ekinops are proud to be able to take part in the tests and assist CSC in its work to update its network for future needs. K&K has supplied Ekinops DWDM systems for data center and transport network environments for many years. However, this is the first time when we are able to test our 100-Gbps product in a real production environment in Finland. Our belief is that 100-Gbps connections will already be in use in Finland in 2013,’ says Harri Räty, product area manager at K&K Active Oy.
New Broadcom GPON home gateway SoC targets China
Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ: BRCM) has announced a GPON Home Gateway Unit (HGU) system-on-a-chip (SoC) for development of optical network terminals (ONTs) that comply to China Telecom's E8C specification. The new BCM68571 GPON home gateway device is part of Broadcom's family of BCM685xx GPON products for China and features carrier-grade residential gateway software.The new GPON semiconductor features line-rate packet processing, a quad port Fast Ethernet switch, support for PCI Express and USB 2.0, and a SIM card controller.Broadcom appears to have lined up support for the new device quickly. "The Chinese market continues to grow and is poised to be a leading GPON region worldwide," said Li Changchun, Fiberhome R&D General Manager, Service & CPE Business Unit. "With E8C-optimized technology, Broadcom's industry-proven and highly integrated solutions deliver the performance, price, and power requirements demanded by the rket.""Broadcom's BCM68571/68531 turnkey solution supports our need to develop and deploy quickly, which is especially critical as China's demand for GPON technology continues to increase," added C.L. Chang, MitraStar Technology Corp. president. "With interoperability at the heart of Broadcom's integrated solutions, we are seamlessly meeting customer demands and building the foundation for higher bandwidth services such as IPTV, HDTV, and streaming video."
Candarave becomes connected rural community via Peruvian fiber network project
Ten thousand residents in Candarave, a community in the Tacna region of Peru, are now able to connect to the rest of the world through a fiber-optic network that provides comprehensive Internet and telephony services – the first rural community in the country to benefit from such a project.The project was financed and organized by the Telecommunications Investment Fund (Fondo de Inversión en Telecomunicaciones). The bid was won by a consortium of local optical networking companies. Cisco was also involved in this project to facilitate access to Cisco TelePresence services to allow communications between Candarave with the rest of the country.This project’s investment, $3.6 million, includes the provision of 300 km (186 miles) of fiber-optic cable and connectivity equipment to provide telephony and broadband Internet to the inhabitants of the area, which registers one of the highest indexes of poverty in the country.The districts benefiting from this project are Cairani, Camilaca, Candarave, Curibaya, Huanuara, and Quilahuani from the province of Candavare, Tacna region.The project is expected to considerably improve the inhabitants’ quality of life, in social, economic, educational, and health terms. Thanks to the contribution of the government, two dozen locations will have access to the Internet, public and fixed telephony with affordable fees, intranets, web portals, and unlimited communication between locations. The fiber-optic cable will enable six local governments, 12 health centers and two police stations in the region to be interconnected with each other and with the rest of the country.“Cisco’s participation in the Candarave project … represents a milestone and a huge responsibility, as we are helping the state to meet its goal of developing rural areas and improving Peru’s connectivity. The current government is committed to connecting locations regardless of distance, trying to link them with the rest of the country and the world, thereby increasing their productive activities and family welfare,” said Alba San Martín, country manager for Peru and Bolivia, Cisco.Twenty-three schools will be linked via the new network, which will help them access and deliver instructional materials.The technological investment in Candarave also integrates health services via an intranet (a private network of connected computers). In a second stage, with Cisco’s direct participation, the high-definition Cisco TelePresence platform will be launched. Using this technology, it will be possible to hold a meeting in the south of the country with someone in Miami or London. People will also have access to IP television, which allows them to watch their favorite programs via the Internet. 
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