FiberLight to expand dark fiber network in Texas

2013-01-21 10:16:38

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FiberLight to expand dark fiber network in Texas
Fiber-optic network services provider FiberLight LLC says it has begun has begun construction of new “super metro” and regional fiber infrastructure through Central and Eastern Texas. The new network includes the cities of Austin, San Antonio, Schertz, Corpus Christi, Waco, and Laredo among a total list of 64 cities.These new fiber-optic cables will link these cities with FiberLight’s existing regional networks, including previously announced build out in western Texas. That roll out is more than half completed, FiberLight asserts. When both projects reach completion, FiberLight will own just over 9,000 route miles in the state.“We at FiberLight continue to focus our efforts around three growth areas: wholesale, tower backhaul, and enterprise. This large win is in the tower backhaul space which will catapult our wholesale and enterprise initiatives in Texas,” said Michael P. Miller, FiberLight’s CEO and Founder.“This is an enormous boost to the entire state of Texas as we install high fiber count cables. This will allow FiberLight to service all large and small businesses, government, educational institutions, and carriers for many years to come. This will also immediately improve LTE rollouts throughout the state,” said Texas native and FiberLight Chief Development Officer Ron Kormos.
Marvell chips power Teleconnect POF home network gear
Semiconductor developer Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) says that Germany’s Teleconnect has based the design of its omniPOF plastic optical fiber (POF) home networking modules on Marvell’s is an ITU-T standard for the support of 1-Gbps data rates in home networks via a variety of media. The ITU-T added POF to the support list in January 2012.Marvell says Teleconnect's omniPOF protoype modules are based on the chip vendor’s GE-DW360F reference design. The reference design includes the Marvell 88LX3142 digital baseband processor, the Marvell 88LX2718 analog front end, and the Marvell 88E1512 Gigabit PHY with  a complete TCP/IP protocol stack."By incorporating Marvell's silicon into omniPOF modules, Teleconnect ensures the highest level of performance for delivery of high-bandwidth multimedia content over any physical medium in the home," said Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bluschke, managing director for Teleconnect. "We are very pleased to be partnering with a market leader like Marvell, on delivering innovative solutions that drive the connected lifestyle.""Marvell is excited to collaborate with Teleconnect, an expert in the field of plastic optical fiber applications. Their omniPOF modules are innovative products that showcase the flexibility of our chipset," said Winston Chen, vice president of the Smart Home Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. "Teleconnect's product enables consumers and service providers to combine the flexibility and high speed of technology with the reliability of optical fiber, adding another dimension to our chipset's any wire, anywhere capabilities. With Marvell's silicon at the core of Teleconnect's modules, they can offer the best performance connectivity over any wire--distributing bandwidth-intensive and real-time applications anywhere in the connected home."
FiberQA launches FastMT for efficient cable assembly inspection and test
FiberQA LLC, an independent company derived from a joint venture that combines the cleaning technology of AEFOS and the inspection expertise of PVI Systems, has introduced the FastMT inspection and test system for cable assemblies. The FastMT can display simultaneously on a PC screen all of the fiber endfaces of an MT, MTP, or PRIZM fiber-optic connector.The move toward greater transmission speeds has increased the use of high-density fiber-optic cable assemblies for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and high-performance computing applications. Both developers and users face a growing challenge when either testing cable assemblies on the production floor or inspecting them for acceptance and troubleshooting after they arrive at the network location, say FiberQA CEO Jan Endresen and CTO/COO Doug Wilson. The FastMT addresses this challenge by offering the ability to quickly examine all of the endfaces in a multi-fiber connector and determine pass/fail status.The FastMT consists of a small inspection unit connected to a PC for display. The user inserts the connector into the inspection unit’s Zero Insertion Force Fixture and the unit automatically adjusts the display to accommodate the number of fiber endfaces. The system can accommodate standard MTs with up to 72 endfaces; the FastMT can be customized for non-standard MTs, Wilson says, as long as the fiber region is no larger than that used by current 72-fiber MT connectors.
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