Level 3, XO Communications reach peering agreement

2013-01-18 11:11:04

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Libyan undersea fiber-optic cable system Silphium launches
Silphium, the first wholly owned submarine cable system targeted at the Libyan telecommunications market, is now operational. Libyan International Telecom Co. (LITC), the system owner, made the announcement in conjunction with its build partner, Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd.At 425 km, the undersea fiber-optic network is one of the longest unrepeatered submarine cable systems in the world, LITC and Huawei Marine assert. It connects Darnah in Libya with Chania in Greece. The system has a total design capacity of 1.2 Tbps. It initially will support 10 Gbps per wavelength, but can be enhanced to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps as traffic demands warrant.Silphium connects traffic from Libya to many European Internet hubs via the landing point in Chania, which OTEGLOBE will operate. It is the third undersea fiber-optic cable to serve the Libyan market."As the owner of the system, we trust that this cable will play a major role in the process of rebuilding Libya and will contribute to its economical [sic] and social development. Silphium will provide the country with a diverse route to the internet and help create business and employment opportunities in the eastern region of the country," said Kamal Farhat, CEO of LITC. "The challenging but successful delivery relied on Huawei Marine’s solid sense of cooperation, advanced technical solutions, and professional delivery and installation capabilities, all of which has now provided us access to great bandwidth, evidence that Huawei Marine’s status as a trusted partner is well-deserved.""This is the second time Huawei Marine has contributed to the communications infrastructure in Libya. Throughout such a critical period of change for Libya, we were committed to managing continued cooperation with our customer colleagues." said Nigel Bayliff, CEO of Huawei Marine. "With quick response to customer requirements, Huawei Marine is committed to offering high-performance and reliable submarine cable systems that maximize benefits for customers."
Level 3, XO Communications reach peering agreement
Communications services providers Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) and XO Communications say they have reached a long-term settlement-free Internet traffic exchange agreement. The peering agreement is based on the bit-mile balance approach and will ensure that the companies’ respective customers can exchange data with each other.The bit-mile peering approach measures both the volume of traffic exchanged and the distance over which that traffic is carried by each fiber-optic network. The two companies say that each network will carry about the same bit-miles of traffic, which will promote the “settlement-free” part of the agreement and make the cost of sharing networks approximately the same for each service provider.The agreement also includes provisions to add capacity and new interconnection locations as traffic growth warrants."Level 3's primary focus is on providing quality service for Internet consumers," said Jack Waters, Level 3's chief technology officer. "We look forward to working with our peering partners to drive broader adoption of this bit-mile model to ensure fair and equitable interconnection. We are also working with providers of traffic-flow monitoring systems to make the measurement process straightforward and consistent across the industry.""XO Communications supports equitable settlement-free peering to ensure fair and unconstrained interconnection," said Randy Nicklas, senior vice president and chief technology officer at XO Communications. "This agreement will ensure a balanced backbone cost burden between our two networks as we continue to grow while providing high-quality service for our respective customers."
3SAE Technologies offers optical fiber Linear Tensile Tester
3SAE Technologies has introduced a new Linear Tensile Tester, an automated proof tester designed for optical fibers with cladding diameters from 80 to 400 ?m. The unit’s fiber clamps will accommodate coatings up to 1000 ?m in diameter as well.The compact linear-style proof tester offers single-button fiber-loading and an automated tension test process for both laboratory and production applications. The built-in LCD reports "pass" results and the maximum tension (in Newtons or Kpsi) applied to the fiber during the tension test. The Linear Tensile Tester also can perform destructive testing by pulling up to 50 N while displaying the maximum achieved tension.The portable Linear Tensile Tester is designed for stand-alone operation and supports up to 10 user-selectable and customizable tension programs. Each program can feature discreet settings to control such process variables as:   clamp pressure   maximum tension   tension rate    proof test hold times.The Linear Tensile Tester includes a universal AC-12V DC power supply and requires no additional external connections, including air for operation or a PC for configuration. Its RS-232 port provides the ability to update the firmware and supports data collection from any appropriately configured computer.
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