SK Telecom increases optical network capacity to 100G

2013-01-17 11:09:25

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MRV intros 40G Fiber Driver for data center applications
MRV Communications, Inc. (OTCQB: MRVC) has unveiled the EM316-2QSFP-40G, a 40G Fiber Driver module. As its name implies, the new module adds 40-Gbps media conversion and distance extension capabilities to MRV’s Fiber Driver DWDM platform.The 40G Fiber Driver module offers media conversion, particularly between multimode fiber and singlemode fiber, as well as related reach extension up to 10-15 km. The company expects to increase that reach to 40 km in another quarter with the addition of 40GBase-ER4 optical transceivers.The module also will mux four 10-Gbps inputs into a 40-Gbps optical channel.The on slot module is a response to the demand for higher data rates in the data center, as well as the need to link data centers together, said Sergiu Rotenstein, director of product line management at MRV. The one-slot module is based on QSFP optical transceivers for high density – about twice the density of competing offerings, according to Rotenstein. The module offers power consumption of about 6.5 W per transceiver, which can be 25% to 75% less than alternatives, he added.Like other MRV systems, the modules include a variety of built-in test capabilities; in this case, this includes the ability to provide pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) transmissions. Rotenstein acknowledged that such built-in test capabilities are becoming an industry trend, but he said that MRV has been providing these features for some time and therefore sees them as a point of competitive differentiation. Other management features include digital diagnostics, link integrity notification, and loopback management. The last of these are available with either the command line interface or through a GUI with MRV’s management software.The module has been delivered to customers for evaluation, Rotenstein revealed, and the company’s production lines are ready to roll.
Aegis Lightwave merges into Photop Technologies
Aegis Lightwave Inc. has merged with fellow II-VI Inc. (NASDAQ: IIVI) subsidiary Photop Technologies. The merged companies will operate under the Photop brand, with Aegis Lightwave now doing business as Photop Aegis Inc. Aegis’s AOFR Pty. Ltd. subsidiary has in turn been renamed Photop AOFR Pty Ltd.Photop Aegis offers a range optical channel monitors designed for ROADM applications in fiber-optic networks, while Photop Technologies designs and manufactures crystals and advanced optics, optical components, and photonic products for a range of applications. Photop Technologies became a subsidiary of II-VI in 2010, and Aegis Lightwave came onboard in 2011.Photop Aegis and Photop AOFR have transferred their main manufacturing operations to Photop Technologies’ facilities in Fuzhou, China. II-VI expects the merger will enable its affiliates to better serve its global customer base with coordinated sales, marketing, applications engineering, and product development. The joint product portfolio will be marketed as one Photop product portfolio, with each product carrying the same brand identity.“We are excited about the ability to leverage Photop’s strong brand identity to accelerate the sales of our market leading optical channel monitors and fused fiber devices in the global market,” said Chris Koeppen, general manager, Photop Aegis.“We look forward to partnering with Aegis and AOFR to further develop our product portfolios and market penetration worldwide where Photop is rapidly becoming a leading player of optical components and photonic products dedicated to the markets of communications, industrial applications, and life sciences,” said John Ling, CEO of Photop Technologies.
SK Telecom increases optical network capacity to 100G
Korea’s SK Telecom is upgrading its 40-Gbps fiber-optic network to 100-Gbps capabilities via technology from Nokia Siemens Networks. With 80 wavelengths per fiber, each strand will now be capable of carrying 8 Tbps.Nokia Siemens Networks is supplying the 100-Gbps capabilities via its hiT 7300 DWDM platform, which SK Telecom was using for the 40-Gbps links (see “SK Telecom quadruples network capacity to 40G, prepares for 100G”). The system uses coherent polarization-multiplexed quadrature phase-shift keying (CP-QPSK), the company’s version of DP-QPSK (see "TeliaSonera International Carrier taps Nokia Siemens Networks for 100-Gbps technology").The company recently announced that it would sell its optical networks business, including the hiT 7300, to Marlin Equity Partners (see "Nokia Siemens Networks to sell optical network hardware business to Marlin Equity Partners"). Nevertheless, deployment activity continues.“With increasing smartphone adoption in Korea, there is a surging demand for higher-capacity networks. Operators such as SK Telecom need to expand their network capacity multifold, and they need to do so cost efficiently by optimizing the use of existing fiber,” said Tapani Sairanen, head of Asia and Middle East cluster, customer sales support, Optical Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our scalable and flexible optical products help SK Telecom transition to a 100G network cost efficiently, as our technology eliminates the need for costly installation of more fiber. This ultra-fast data transmission allows SK Telecom to continue to ensure a superior mobile broadband customer experience.”In addition to the optical transport systems, Nokia Siemens Networks will provide its network management system as well as network planning, optimization, implementation and hardware and software maintenance services for the project.
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