PV price analysis: 2012 fifty-second period

2013-01-08 16:59:21

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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Heilongjiang Chinese film solar base first product line
Heilongjiang Chinese film solar R & D and manufacturing base for a 300MW first product gets offline ceremony is held in Shuangyashan. At present, its holdings in Sichuan, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places to invest in the construction of thin-film solar industry R & D and manufacturing base, the total production capacity has reached 3GW ( 3000000 KW ). Through mergers and acquisitions and technology independent innovation, Chinese film photovoltaic technology has reached the international leading level, in which the copper indium gallium selenide ( CIGS ) component production conversion rate has reached 15.5%.On April 30, 2010, Chinese holdings group in Heilongjiang province and Shuangyashan Municipal People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in the Heilongjiang province Shuangyashan City Economic Development Zone set up " thin film solar battery R & D and manufacturing base ", the project is Heilongjiang Province, Shuangyashan city " 12th Five-Year Plan" key project, with its own intellectual property rights of three stacked amorphous silicon and germanium thin film solar cell technology.Reportedly, Heilongjiang Han thin film solar cell projects annual production capacity of 1000MW, the project is divided into three phases, the first phase of construction of production capacity of 300MW. Project at formal on August 10, 2011 start; in September 30, 2012, the first production line equipment installation, commissioning, moving into November 30, 2012; the first product line. The completion of the project, boosting its capacity is 3GW pattern formation.Its holdings group board chairman Li Hejun said, with the hope that the Heilongjiang province to jointly promote the application of photovoltaic industry development in Heilongjiang Province, to achieve "the whole people do report ", " domestic home use new energy " target, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the solar energy industry parity online.He thinks, its construction in Shuangyashan thin film solar cell production project, can not only promote the traditional industries in Heilongjiang restructuring, but also promote the northeast region of the photovoltaic application, in this black soil construction of photovoltaic industry " blue ocean ". Since this year, countries are frequently introduced policies, to start the domestic photovoltaic application market, especially encourage distributed generation.Li Hejun introduces, film component due to its low cost, no pollution, energy recovery period is short, good flexibility, low light power and good characteristics, in a distributed application on the obvious advantages. Northeast high latitude, but plenty of sunshine, the summer temperature is high, suitable for photovoltaic applications. Its thin film solar energy production base located there, and in the northeast area construction and building integrated photovoltaic PV power station project, stimulative northeast energy industry in the clean, healthy, sustainable development of high-tech, the change of mode of economic development.
PV price analysis: 2012 fifty-second period
According to PVInsights12 month 26 days of photovoltaic products spot price data, this period the polysilicon product price and on the same period, still maintained at 15.35Kg/$; silicon, polycrystalline silicon films continued to show slipped slightly, fall 0.12%, silicon prices stabilized, 156mm and 125mm silicon for nearly a month prices were stable at 1.11 $/ piece and $0.627; 156mm polycrystalline silicon solar cell prices fell 0.28%, monocrystalline silicon solar cell prices remain stable, still were $1.778 and $1.071 / piece / slice. Crystalline silicon module price is $0.654 / W, the period of fall 0.15%.Since the beginning, the polysilicon prices fell the most, achieve 49%, silicon, solar cell, solar module prices by about 30%, excess capacity, demand growth is slow is the main reason. The short term, prices will remain slightly down trend, mainly due to due to supply-demand relations, at the same time, the industry chain profitability has been to the bottom, a line of enterprise to the inventory has tends reasonable, plunge are less likely to; look for a long time, product efficiency and reduced material consumption will inevitably bring costs down, the future price cuts will be more source on the cost side, therefore, if the problem of excess production capacity continue to exist, prices and the cost difference exist from beginning to end the downward pressure, cell components of corporate profits will be maintained at the bottom.
ZTE Zhao Jingbo: experiential value to lead the transformation of
In yesterday's China Communication on congress, ZTE Zhao Jingbo said, in the communications industry, experience of ascension brings about loyalty, brand reputation, the respect such as competition ability value. On the experience and the experience value of attention and focus, no doubt is to lead the future development of communication industry leader.In the face of communication industry present a number of challenges, some digital shocking, for example, a telecommunications operator of wide 2010 income is 4.6 times that of 2004, flow rate is 41 times that of 2004, make income increased by 10 times. 2011 social media to telecom operators lost SMS revenues of $13900000000, from the perspective of communication industry development, also be imperative transformation.The experiential value can lead the communication industry transition, around improvement, promotion and attention to experience and to fusion, intelligent and open train of thought, a leading communications industry to provide data and information service user experience, to driving, steering the open service platform. ZTE Zhao Jingbo said, in the communications industry, experience of ascension brings about loyalty, brand reputation, the respect such as competition ability value. On the experience and the experience value of attention and focus, no doubt is to lead the future development of communication industry leader.So, how do we perceive experience? Zhao Jingbo puts forward, through the intelligent pipeline to perceptual experience. Through the sense terminal to sense the user; through the perception of network state, to perceive the network business pulse and flow; through the perception data quantity sensing business rich connotation. Multidimensional perception is the understanding and interpretation of experience, interpretation of experience value is the basis for intelligent pipeline foundation.Zhao Jingbo expresses, ZTE product R & D from market drive R & D further developed into experience driven development. Operators of industrial transformation, but also from the pursuit of superior user experience, experience value to lead the transformation of.
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