ColorChip launches 2.5G bidirectional SFP transceiver

2012-11-04 15:19:54

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ColorChip launches 2.5G bidirectional SFP transceiver
The transceiver is a single-fiber diplexer optical transceiver with an upstream 1,310-nm DFB laser and a downstream 1,490-nm PIN/TIA receiver. The product is based on the company's SystemOnGlass (SOG) technology. The system comprises a mountable glass chip that integrates commercial laser diodes, photodiodes, and electronic and electro-optic components using no free-space elements.CEO Moshe Price says the pluggable transceiver will first enable the PLC chip-based technology for high-speed datacom applications, paving the way for the company to provide more pluggable products for datacom centers and metro applications.ColorChip's new wafer-scale photonics packaging approach uses the company's Ion-Exchange PLC waveguides technology. ColorChip says the technology, which enables simplified photonic integration circuitry (PIC) into optical network terminals/optical network units (ONTs/ONUs), offers a reliable small-form-pluggable (SFP) transceiver with high yield and scalability due to fully automated manufacturing.
Avago Technologies expands SFP+ transceiver line
Both the AFCT-701SDDZ and AFBR-703SDDZ SPF+ transceivers are Halogen-free and in compliance with the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) 61249-2-21 specifications aimed at protecting the environment, as well as by applications with enhanced fire safety needs. These transceivers are also compliant with the Halogen-free specifications as defined by industry organizations such as JPCA, IPC, and iNEMI. Avago is one of the first optical transceiver vendors to announce the shift to delivering Halogen-free transceiver products to its customers.The AFCT-701SDDZ is a 10/1-Gbps LR transceiver for operation in singlemode fiber link applications for distances of up to 10 km and complies with the optical interface specification per IEEE 802.3ae 10GBase-LR standards. It features transmitter extinction ratio and receiver sensitivity specifications at 1.25 Gbps per 1000Base-LX. This transceiver is manufactured with Avago’s 1310-nm DFB laser and PIN detector technology. Avago describes the AFCT-701SDDZ as an addition to the previously released 10-Gbps ACFT-701SDZ which operates at case temperatures in the commercial range from 0 to 70-degrees Celsius while maintaining maximum power dissipation of less than 1 W.The AFBR-703SDDZ is a 10/1-Gbps SR transceiver for operation in OM3 multimode fiber link applications for distances of up to 300 m. This transceiver incorporates Avago’s 850-nm VCSEL and PIN detector technology to provide an IEEE 10-Gbps Ethernet design that is compliant with the 10GBase-SR standard, and with the transmitter extinction ratio and receiver sensitivity specifications at 1.25 Gbps per 1000Base-SX. The AFBR-703SDDZ transceiver is an addition to the previously released 10-bps AFBR-703SDZ and is also designed to operate in case temperatures ranging from 0 to 70-degrees Celsius to enable 10-bps Ethernet equipment designs with high port density.
Vitesse unveils multi-rate SFP reference design
The VSC5600EV-01 reference design incorporates the VSC7964 (a monolithic laser driver and post amplifier) and the VSC7977 (a bandwidth-selectable transimpedance amplifier), both announced in August of this year. The devices are designed to work seamlessly together, reducing the number of components needed by 50%, as well as minimizing the total PCB layer count. As a result, the SFP PRO reference design contains only four PCB layers (signal/ground/power/signal) and limits the component assembly to the top of the board, significantly reducing overall manufacturing costs.According to iSuppli, an analyst firm, 7 million SFP transceivers will be used in the network storage market next year, and 1.4 million OC-48 SFP transceivers in the metro and telecommunications SONET/SDH market during the same time period This Vitesse design incorporates 1-Gbit/sec, 2-Gbit/sec, and 4-Gbit/sec rate-selection capability to support the bandwidth adjustment requirements of 4-Gbit/sec INCITS/T11 Fibre Channel standards. Measured results exhibit 40% margin to the 4G Fibre Channel eye mask and greater than 50% margin to the 1G/2G eye mask. The optical sensitivity at the 4-Gbit/sec data rate adds over 6 dB of margin to the standard. This bandwidth-selection capability provides module manufacturers with up to 2.5 dBm of additional receiver sensitivity at 1G data rates.Unlike some existing solutions, the Vitesse design uses a standard, off-the-shelf microcontroller from Atmel (the SL828), which allows customers the flexibility of taking the Vitesse-supplied code and modifying it to differentiate their products or to incorporate end-customer-specific features. Other advantages include lower cost, fault isolation, as well as enhanced calibration capabilities such as LOS threshold calibration, peaking adjustment, and bias current adjustment.SFP PRO reference design is complete with SFP-compatible housing as well as ROSA, TOSA, and Vitesse-designed flex circuits for interfacing the optical components to the PCB. A "bent lead" version of the design is available for customers interested in eliminating the need for flex circuits.The VSC5600EV-01 design package includes schematic, layout, fabrication files, firmware, and performance data, allowing customers to copy the design "as-is" or to customize it as required for a specific application. The design targets 850-nm VCSEL applications up to 4 Gbits/sec, and can be expanded to cover 1310-nm Fabry-Perot and DFB laser applications. The VSC7964 has also been shown to have excellent performance up to 8.5-Gbit/sec, opening the door to emerging 8G Fibre Channel applications.
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