Source Photonics launches dual-rate 10-/1-Gbps SFP+ transceivers

2012-10-30 14:21:08


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Source Photonics launches dual-rate 10-/1-Gbps SFP+ transceivers

The dual rate SFP+ family of products includes an 850-nm multimode transceiver that is fully compliant with both IEEE 802.3 10GBASE-SR and 1000BASE-SX Ethernet standards. Also included in the family is a 1310-nm singlemode transceiver, which is fully compliant with both the 10GBASE-LR and 1000BASE-LX Ethernet Physical Medium Dependants or PMDs. The modules are SFF-8431 SFP+ MSA-compliant and provide selectable rate capability via the MSA rate-select pins."As data centers and enterprises strive to future proof their infrastructures while maximizing their current networks, the flexibility of true dual-rate compliant interfaces eases the transition to 10-Gbps systems," reports Tripper Huang, director of product development at Source Photonics. "Our cost-effective PMD allows equipment to connect to legacy 1-Gbps infrastructure as well as 10-Gbps systems, giving the end-customer full forward and backward compatibility," he says.The dual-rate SFP+ transceivers complement Source Photonics' existing portfolio of 10-Gbps products that includes SFP+ and XFP transceivers, and 300-pin transponders. The dual-rate SFP+ products are currently in sampling stage and will be available in volume in the first quarter of calendar year 2009.


MEL plans mechanically locked tunable SFP optical transceiver

MEL, a startup founded in 2009, announced plans for a low-power, tunable DWDM SFP transceiver (TRx) that will leverage its patent-protected chirped fiber Bragg grating and its athermal structure technology. The transceiver, which MEL has dubbed MLT (for “Mechanically Locked Tunable”), will consume half the power of existing EML-based transceivers and one third of the new tunable transceivers, the company asserts.The company did not say when the MLT optical transceiver would be available.The transceiver will offer a tuning range of 40 wavelengths with 100-GHz spacing over the C- or L-Band. Technicians will tune the MLT SFP transceiver by typing in a wavelength number on the panel of an electro-mechanic tuner. Although the wavelength is mechanically locked for the end of transceiver life, if necessary, the wavelength can be re-tuned at different wavelengths repeatedly.According to Dr. B.W. Kim, the CEO of MEL, "Today's tunable transceivers are the products of lab engineers who had a fixation of changing wavelengths as many [times] as possible, but in reality and practice, you need to seldom change wavelength while in operation for broadband data transport and access networks."


Teknovus and Furukawa announce SFP ONU

Furukawa's SFP ONU facilitates the expansion of the traditional switch and router equipment manufacturers into the fiber access market. These manufacturers can now use Furkawa's FITELwave AG1600 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) based on Teknovus's TK3721 for their central office equipment and Furukawa's SFP ONU based on Teknovus's TK3713 for their CPE, enabling high-performance, low-cost fiber access. The FITELwave AG9 offers all of the associated operating cost savings and ease of upgrades associated with SFPs, the company asserts."We chose Teknovus's TK3713 ONU as the basis for our SFP based on its highly integrated design, low-power consumption, and superb management software" stated Mr. Nakamura, senior general manager, Broadband Products Division of Furukawa. "Last year we announced our FITELwave AG8 GBIC with Teknovus inside. We look forward to further supporting the switch and router manufacturers as they move into the growing fiber access market. The SFP fits seamlessly into existing communications equipment, providing service providers with a smooth upgrade to fiber and the associated new revenue streams through the deployment of advanced video services."Greg Caltabiano, president and CEO of Teknovus, added, "The switch and router vendors have been watching the growing pace of fiber access deployments around the world. Now they can take immediate advantage of their extensive installations worldwide. The SFP solution vastly decreases the installation costs of deploying fiber access in MDUs and enables service providers to improve their revenue streams while decreasing OPEX."


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