FCIA plugfest demos 16GFC, FCoE

2012-07-24 16:34:46

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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FCIA plugfest demos 16GFC, FCoE
The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) announced completion of its second 16 Gb Fibre Channel Plugfest and the eighth FCoE Plugfest. Hosted by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL), the events took place the week of May 14, 2012.As was the case in most plugfest, event provided vendors with the opportunity to demonstrate interoperability and otherwise collaborate on their respective Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and 16GFC products. Points of emphasis during the plugfests included: Advanced infrastructure connectivity, including FCoE multi-hop  Multihop configurations between switches, initiators, and targets, including DCB switches Interoperability between 10G FCoE products and 16GFC switches, initiators, and targets Fibre Channel 16GFC testing of the physical layer connectivity between initiators, targets, switches including 16Gb FC 5M and 1M passive copper; 8Gb FC 5M active copper; and OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode optical fiber with the maximum lengths specified in the standard   In addition to the physical layer testing, 16GFC direct connect between initiator and target and speed negotiation between 16GFC and 8GFC were demonstrated.“As Fibre Channel continues its predominance as the storage network infrastructure interconnect and protocol in the enterprise data center, users are assured by our plugfests that native FC and FCoE products from different vendors will perform as advertised with solid plug-and-play interoperability,” said Skip Jones, FCIA chairman, QLogic. “From 1GFC to our most recent 16GFC and 10GFCoE plugfests at UNH, FCIA is delighted to continue our 20 year partnership with UNH.”Ten companies participated in the events: Amphenol   Broadcom  Brocade  Cisco  DCS JDSU  HP LeCroy  QLogic  SanBlaze Bill Martin, FC Plugfest Chair, Emulex, added, “As products are being released that support 10G FCoE and 16GFC, the plugfest continues to demonstrate interoperability of FCoE and FC products and backward compatibility of FC products at 4GFC, 8GCF, and 16GFC. This interoperability and backward compatibility allows customers to continue to grow their storage infrastructure taking advantage of the speed and functional improvements while leveraging their current investment.”The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) is a non-profit international organization that aims to serve as the independent technology and marketing voice of the Fibre Channel industry. The group helps member organizations promote and position Fibre Channel and provides a focal point for Fibre Channel information, standards advocacy, and education.
ZTE wins majority share in China Telecom IP procurement
ZTE Corp. (H: 0763.HK / A: 000063.SZ) says it has won another major contract with China Telecom.Already in the frame to supply the largest share of the broadband equipment to the major Chinese vendor (see “ZTE to supply 40% of China Telecom's 2012 broadband equipment”), ZTE has now won the largest share of the IP procurement contract with China Telecom.China Telecom is running a large-scale IP centralized purchase that aims to provide fiber-optic telecommunications capabilities to over 100 million customers. The IP procurement involves the use of several technologies, including broadband remote access servers, service routers, multi-service edge, aggregation switches, and high-end routing switches.As part of the contract, ZTE will deliver its M6000 high-end router to China Telecom for use in the infrastructure project. ZTE says its M6000 product has already been put into use in more than 110 cities in 21 provinces across China to date.ZTE notes that its T8000/M6000 products have been put into commercial use by China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and by operators in several countries in across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
LeCroy intros SDAII-CompleteLinq for multi-lane serial data analysis
LeCroy Corp. claims that its new SDAIII-CompleteLinQ is the only serial data analysis package that performs eye, jitter, vertical noise, and crosstalk analysis on up to four lanes of data simultaneously, with quick and easy lane-to-lane comparisons.Mobile and cloud computing is driving demand for higher data throughput, the company explains. Existing and emerging standards, such as PCIe Gen3, 40/100GBase-R, and InfiniBand, are meeting these needs by utilizing multiple serial data lanes, as well as increasing data rates on each lane – up to 28 Gbps – to achieve very high data throughput.Even on a single lane of serial data, the higher-speed data rates increase the characterization, debug, and compliance test challenges. Determining the root cause of eye closure in the channel between the transmitter and receiver is the primary challenge. Simulating where engineers cannot place a probe or otherwise access the signal becomes critical. Moreover, the need to analyze high-speed serial data transmissions across parallel channels adds further complexity. Crosstalk between lanes, or coupled from other sources, and other signal integrity issues can be significant problems.The key to understanding the root cause of poor system performance is to view the performance of multiple lanes simultaneously, measuring vertical noise, and determining pattern dependency of the jitter and the noise, according to LeCroy. The company claims it is the only vendor with the combination of real-time signal acquisition and serial data analysis capabilities that make it possible to quickly and successfully design high-speed and/or multi-lane serial data systems.The SDAIII-CompleteLinQ extends LeCroy’s serial data analysis toolsets to include the simultaneous analysis of up to four lanes of serial data traffic. With multi-lane analysis, engineers can view eye diagrams on all lanes, or use the multi-lane capability to analyze a single lane at multiple points using LeCroy differential probes or the VirtualProbe option. The SDAIII-CompleteLinQ can also show multiple analyses of a single serial data signal, which is ideal for comparing different equalization schemes with the Eye Doctor II option.LeCroy's SDAIII-CompleteLinQ The SDAIII-CompleteLinQ also solves the problem of lane-to-lane-comparisons with LaneScape Comparison Mode and the new Reference Lane. Users can store and display the complete analysis of a lane into the Reference Lane and use a LaneScape display mode to compare the analysis of one, two, or all lanes simultaneously.
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