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2012-03-24 11:03:15

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: SFP,QSFP,FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Sfp Transceiver,Optic Transceiver,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

'Technology of tomorrow, delivered today'
BANGALORE, Feb. 16 -- ACT Television, a multi-service provider funded by IVFA (India Value Fund Advisors), is an in-home entertainment, education and interactive services company offering digital TV, cable TV, IPTV and broadband. Kirti Simha, business head (IPTV and Broadband), ACT Television, speaks to Vyas Sivanand about their broadband service and how it is different from prevailing broadband services in the market.Broadband services are offered by multiple service providers. How different is the service you provide to consumers?We provide home broadband service through fibres. Delivery of internet service through fibre optic technology is an optimised delivery process. This technology is designed specifically for internet delivery. Until now, all broadband services were offered either by telecom or cable companies, who used their existing infrastructure facilities to provide broadband services. However, with the growth in demand for broadband, there are new technologies which are specifically designed for it. For example, we have recently rolled out a 10Mbps broadband connection exclusively for our retail customers.How are you able to provide these speeds when others in the market are offering only 2 Mbps or 5 Mbps?We give the connection through a fibre optic cable that sends signals through light. If you are using a copper connection, especially the most prevalent technology today called Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), it enables you to download at a certain speed. But the upload happens at a very slow speed. When using a fibre optic cable, there is no difference in the download and upload speed. Furthermore, signals through copper lines have distance limitations and need to be amplified every few hundred meters or so unlike signals sent through fibre optic cables that can travel vast distances without any loss of quality.Is this cutting edge technology very expensive?This is indeed cutting edge technology. However, contrary to popular belief, the service we offer is more competitive in pricing when compared to the existing copper-based connection. Also, we give a much higher download limit, commonly referred to as Fair Usage Policy (FUP). For example, if you go to any service provider, you will have a limit of 10 GB or 15 GB a month, beyond which the speed usually drops to a 256 kbps. Our FUP is 50 GB and after you touch the FUP, you will still enjoy a speed of 512 kbps. Published by HT Syndication with permission from New Indian Express.
EXFO offers OTDR-based iOLM module for access, LAN/WAN, data center testing
At this week’s BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL, EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) announced that it will add its intelligent Optical Link Manager (iOLM) technology to the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access test module. The new FTB-720 iOLM will accelerate and simplify optical fiber testing within access, LAN/WAN, and data center networks, EXFO asserts.EXFO originally targeted the iOLM technology for use in FTTH deployments (see "EXFO offers OTDR-based intelligent Optical Link Mapper for PON test"). The company says it has now optimized iOLM to meet short-span point-to-point testing needs during construction and troubleshooting of access and LAN/WAN networks as well. Based on the company’s Link-Aware technology, the iOLM helps service providers build error-free networks using a multi-pulse approach to fully characterize events on the entire link—from the front end to the far end—via one-button operation, EXFO says.Featuring self-setting parameters and the support of intuitive interpretation of graphical results, the iOLM reduces instrument training time and repeated truck rolls, EXFO adds. It also reduces the Level 2 support required from expert technicians.“Just like in virtually all types of networks, access, LAN/WAN and data center operators are currently looking for ways to deploy more quickly, yet more simply and with greater reliability,” said Étienne Gagnon, EXFO’s vice-president of product management and marketing. “With its visual representation using icons for each link event and clear pass/fail verdicts, the iOLM enables any technician to easily perform tests that are absolutely accurate the first time.”EXFO also will release a new version of its data post-processing software at BICSI Winter. FastReporter 2 offers a more powerful, all-integrated package of advanced features to edit, analyze, and document test results performed on entire networks, EXFO sasys. This enhanced version reduces manipulations, simplifies the user’s experience, and boosts post-processing efficiency, the company concludes.
Jersey Telecom connects customers in FTTH trial
The carrier has connected 24 homes so far, with a goal of approximately 500 connections over “the next couple of weeks.” The trial of the open access FTTH network covers the La Rocque, Fauvic, and La Moye areas of the Island. JT says it will serve customers of all  broadband providers on the island.JT received more than 350 applications for service within the first 48 hours of opening the trial. The carrier offered Adrian Renouf, a freelance IT professional living in St Brelade, as an example of a happy customer. Renouf previously received a 4-Mbps broadband connection, and was one of the first to be connected to the FTTH network."It makes a considerable difference when streaming TV programs over the Internet, as the pictures come up immediately; there is no need to wait while the 'buffering' takes place,” JT quoted Renouf as saying. “I am currently getting a download speed of '50 Mbps' and an upload speed of '40 Mbps,' which makes it so much easier to work with pictures or to use more complex websites."Equally pleased is another customer, Mark Stockwell of the La Moye area of St Brelade. Stockwell has seen his download speed jump from 4 Mbps to 84 Mbps:"We are a family of four with multiple devices accessing the Internet at the same time, such as PCs and laptops, an IPod and PS3s,” Stockwell says. “The fiber connection makes it possible for the family to use those devices at the same time without noticing any drop-off in quality. I also particularly noticed the increased upload speeds, which makes sending e-mails with attachments much easier. Streaming TV was smoother, quicker, and had better picture quality. Also I sometimes work from home, and connecting into my work system was much better with fiber."JT plans to extend the fiber-optic network to every home and business on the island by 2016. The current trial will last for 3 months; participants will provide feedback on their experience, including installation. JT will use the feedback to help shape the final wholesale services that will be offered.“We have a 5 year roll out plan to connect all homes in Jersey by 2016,” said Graeme Millar, CEO of JT. “Clearly it takes time to replace the island-wide copper cable network, and we need to do that in stages to minimize disruption and gain appropriate access to the 42,000 homes. Thankfully when we laid the copper, we did it in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to replace, which will help to keep that disruption to a minimum.”
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