Fiber series eleventh week news Abstract 5

2012-03-15 11:48:34

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

China faces two major opportunities for optical fiber and cable industry
After years of development, China has become the world's largest optical fiber manufacturer and the country needs, but also the largest importer of optical fiber preform. Analysis of future market conditions,  optical fiber and cable industry that China is facing two major opportunities.On the one hand, continued strong demand worldwide. In China, the next three years is still the peak of China's Internet development, including telecommunications, electricity, railways and highways and so there is a huge demand. In other countries, the current imbalance in regional development, suggesting a greater market space. The main market is Asia-Pacific distribution of dense population, the potential market outside of China are mainly the "BRICS" the other four countries, in addition to South America and some African countries and regions.On the other hand, Chinese enterprises have technical strength and production capacity available to support the implementation of international strategy. Chinese companies have to manufacture a full range of optical fiber and cable products, along with manufacturing equipment, independent design and manufacturing capabilities. Dan Zhuang said China's optical fiber preform ups and downs will eventually succeed, through the latest round of development, is expected to solve the problem of self-sufficiency of China's optical fiber preform.
Optical fiber and cable industry challenges
First, the over-reliance on the domestic market, international expansion fatigue. The international fiber-optic cable giants have been completed globally, in China, established a good brand influence, and China optical fiber and cable industry in the overseas market, rely mainly on price competition.Secondly, the strong domestic demand stimulus, disorderly expansion ultimately lead to excess capacity, optical fiber and cable industry, China will not red from the "Red Sea" to the "sea of ??blood."Again, the lack of core competitiveness. China optical fiber and cable industry's technological competitiveness needs to be improved, the need to solve the preform, optical fiber, optical cable technologies and products based on the whole the situation is still to follow. "In the revisedinternational standards, we lack even the right to speak; Again, the need to raise brand competitiveness, low-cost Chinese-made low-quality image must be changed." Zhuang saidDan, in the past the industry only relatively low labor cost advantage gained about to lose.Finally, the product homogeneous competition, competition is increasingly fierce, industryenvironment to be improved.Faced with these challenges, Zhuang Dan suggested that China's optical fiber and cableindustry should be from a global manufacturing center to the "center of global R & D +manufacturing + marketing + business consulting center and service center" in transition, should strengthen the company's upstream and downstream optical fiber and cable and fiber opticcable business cooperation co-operation. He called for the healthy development of the industryneeds to be done "and different", each company has its own expertise to international competitiveness.
Fiber loss--Scattering loss
In the night, with flashlights in the air exposure, you can see a bunch of light beam. People have to see the night sky thick beam searchlight issue. Why, then, we will see these light beam it? This is because there are many smoke, dust and other tiny particles floating in the atmosphere, the light shines on these particles, resulting in a scattering, it fired up in all directions. This phenomenon was first discovered by Rayleigh, so the people of this scattering called "Rayleigh scattering."Scattering is how is it? The original composition of the material molecules, atoms, electrons and other small particles are some of the natural frequency of vibration, and can release the corresponding wavelength and the frequency of light. Particle vibration frequency determined by the particle size. Larger particles, the lower the frequency, the release of the longer wavelength of light; the smaller the particle, the higher the frequency, the release of the shorter wavelengths of light. This vibration frequency is called the natural vibration frequency of the particle. However, this vibration is not self-generated, it needs some energy. Once the particle has a certain wavelength of light exposure, and exposure to light with the frequency of natural vibration frequency of the same particle, it will cause resonance. The electronic particle will begin to vibrate with that frequency, the result is that the particles scatter the light in all directions, the energy of the incident light is absorbed and converted into particle energy, particle energy re-turn injection in the form of light energy to go. Therefore, the external observation of the people, to see if the light hit the particles after flying out in all directions.Fired in all directions so that light scattering, part of which the scattered light along the optical propagation in the opposite direction and reflected back in the incident-side optical fiber can receive this part of the scattered light. Makes part of the scattering of light by the loss of light energy, which is that people do not want. However, this phenomenon can also be used by us, because if we are sending the received light intensity of this part of the analysis, you can check out this fibers break, the size of defects and wear and tear. In this way, through human ingenuity, put a bad thing into something good.
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