Does 10Gtek 10GBase-T SFP+ transceiver support jumbo frame?

2020-06-12 10:30:44
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To answer the question convincingly, we decide to make a jumbo frame test using a 10Gtek 10GBase-T transceiver(ASF-10G-T).


Before we do the test, here are some terms needed to be cleared.


1.What is Jumbo Frame?

Jumbo frames are the frames that are bigger than the standard Ethernet(IEEE 802.3) frame size, which is 1518 bytes (including Layer 2 (L2) header and FCS). But the definition of frame size is vendor-dependent.



2.What are the benefits of Jumbo Frame?

Typically, jumbo frame can increase throughput and reduced number of CPU cycles and instructions for packet processing.


3.What is MTU?

MTU means Maximum Transmission Unit. The default MTU of a normal switch is 1500 Bytes.




Does 10Gtek 10GBase-T SFP+ transceiver(ASF-10G-T) support jumbo frame?


We decide to make a test.


Before test

  1. Before doing jumbo frame test, the MTU of switch should be configured.
  2. The defalut MTU of a general switch is 1500 Bytes.
  3. Here are the switches 10Gtek reserve in the testing lab:
  • Cisco 92160
  • Arista 7050
  • Dell S4810
  • HP 5900
  • Huawei CE6855
  • Juniper 5100
  • H3C 5120
  • Edgecore 5712
  1. If we configure the MTU of switch, we may get higher test data, but different switch has different MTU requirement. So we didn’t  set up the MTU of all switches.



Under Testing

We connect two switches with 10Gtek 10GBase-T SFP+ transceivers(ASF-10G-T) and Cat7 Cable running 10G Ethernet. For each link we test, we pass “ping” packets between two switches for a few seconds and see the log.



Here is one of switches display:


Arista 7050:


localhost# ping 192. 188.1.216 size 1501 df-bit


P|NG1921881216(1921881216)1473(1501) bytes of data


From 192.188.. icmp_seq=l Frag needed and dF set(mtu=1500From 192.. 7 icmp_seq =l Frag needed and dF set(mtu=1500From 192.. 7 icmp_seq=l Frag needed and dF set(mtu= 1500)From 192.. 7 icmp_seq=l Frag needed and dF set(mtu=150


From 192. 188. 1. 7 icmp_seq=1 Frag needed and dF set(mtu= 1500)




The overall results are as listed below:


Switch Brand


Display MTU


Nexus 92160YC-X



Arista 7050



Dell S4810



HP 5900



Huawei CE6855



Juniper 5100



H3C 5120



Edgecore 5712




So let’s answer the titled question now. Dose 10Gtek 10GBase-T SFP+ transceiver support jumbo frame?


But it is varied from one switch to another.




  • The ability of the various switches to support various frame sizes depends on many factors, including the hardware and software.
  • The same transceiver have different performance on different switches.
  • Different transceivers have different large frame size support, even on same switch.
  • The maximum frame size support can also change depending on the software version that you use.



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