BTI shows virtual broadband gateway at SDN & Openflow Assembly

2015-10-14 02:27:30

Canada recently for optical transmission manufacturers BTI 7800 Packet Optical Transport equipment increased for central office applications, virtual networking features. BTI7800 virtual network edge functionality to support application server-based boards, supports third-party applications. BTI will exhibit this product at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany on. BTI in the field will use 7800 platform to support software-defined virtual gateway SDN-vNG software applications based on Active broadband network card, showing virtual broadband gateway functions. Site of the exhibition will also use a OpenDaylight SDN controller to manage the entire NFV optical platform.


BTI global market VP Sally Bament said that the development of this product has been driven by a number of leading operators. They are eager to promote the strategic cloud computing and virtual networks. He also noted that, BTI is building a NFV industry ecosystem. Active broadband network is one of them. Other applications may also include a virtual router, another BTI will also develop some of their own SDN applications.