100G demand era

2015-10-12 03:08:45

According to Infonetics latest report on 10G / 40G / 100G optical modules noted that the enterprise network and data center applications 10G / 40G / 100G optical module market in 2014 grew by 21% to reach $ 1.4 billion, the second half of 2014 with the entire data center 40Gbps module market grew by 81% a year ago. The company also forecast that demand for data center 100G modules for the start, in 2016 there will be a substantial increase.

Currently, the optical communication transmission rate increasing, operators continue to upgrade the backbone network to cope with the tremendous growth of data traffic. This will give the optical device manufacturers to bring a broader opportunity, the moment 100G module has become the focus of the mainstream optical module vendors layout.


from: http://www.fiberonsale.com/news/100g-demand-coming-era.html