Tektronix Introduces 100G module automatically test program

2015-10-16 01:52:41

Measuring and monitoring global leader Tektronix introduced the automatic TDEC measurement and 100G-SR4 conformance testing program.


New programs to ensure that new products designed to meet the IEEE 802.3bm Ethernet fiber agreement.


Tektronix represents 802.3bm Ethernet protocol standards and interoperability, to broaden the 100G optical modules and systems market. Therefore, conformance testing becomes very important, and needs reliable validation tool.


In addition to TDEC measurement program and 100G-SR4 conformance test support, Tektronix also provides turnkey and automated optical solution. The program is based DSA8300? Equivalent time oscilloscopes with 80C15 optical module.


Optical conformance test requirements are low noise. Tektronix 80C15 module noise performance level, and now the new TDEC and SR4 compliance measurement program to meet the requirements of the optical industry, a series of tests.


"With 100G networks become mainstream, Tektronix by providing validation tools play an increasingly important role, since so engineers do not have complex IEEE product conformance testing knowledge." Brian Reich, general manager of Tektronix performance oscilloscope.


"Our TDEC and 100G-SR4 turnkey tools to make up for the lack of knowledge, and promotes designers more confident consistency test problem solving."


Tektronix has been held in 2015 September 28 to 30 in Valencia, Spain on ECOC 2015 exhibition, showcasing its 100G-LR4,100G-SR4,400G-LR and other standard 100G and 400G test solutions.