ADVA data center interconnect platform adds new features new rate

2015-10-08 21:29:34

Germany ADVA Optical transmission equipment manufacturers for data center interconnect platform recently FSP 3000 CloudConnect two additional client rate and multiplexing, amplification, and other new features. UE rate.


ADVA launched in June this year for the first time data center interconnect platform power consumption per Gigabit and comprehensive features 0.5 watts, unique 1RU / 4RU / 12RU size. This time, ADVA added two new 10Gbps and 40Gbps rate beyond the initial launch of the 100G rate. In addition, ADVA new 48-channel multiplexer board, and ADVA known as the first data center interconnect with optical amplifier boards, which allows CloudConnect platform supports transmission distance farther, to achieve 1200 kilometers of transmission at 200Gbps.