Oclaro touts InP components for 100G coherent CFP2

2013-03-24 10:58:30

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ECI Telecom transmits coherent 100G over 4600 km of submarine cable
Optical transport equipment vendor ECI Telecom reveals that its Apollo OMLT packet-optical transport platform successfully transmitted 100-Gbps coherent traffic between Tel Aviv and Bari, Italy, a round-trip distance of 4600 km. The coherent transmission, part of a trial executed in conjunction with the Tera Santa Consortium, used Bezeq International’s Jonah submarine fiber cable network.The Tera Santa Consortium, with financial support from the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) through its Magnet program, aims to develop the world’s first terabit orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) based fiber-optic network. The trial was part of the consortium’s research into long-distance adaptive coherent channel behavior. It also demonstrated the robustness of the soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) technology the Apollo OMLT employs, ECI asserts.“ECI once again demonstrated the powerful performance of our innovative coherent technology with SD-FEC algorithms by transmitting 100G link over Bezeq International's submarine cable for 4,600 km with no regeneration,” says Eran Dariel, general manager, portfolio business, at ECI Telecom. “The 100G channels from the Apollo OMLT allow submarine cable operators to increase significantly the network capacity over expensive links with minimal network adjustment. ECI already deployed and trialed 100G solutions in various customer networks and now we also displayed our capability over submarine cables.”ECI is a founding member of the Tera Santa Consortium. Other members include Finisar Corp.’s Israeli subsidiary, Orckit-Corrigent, MultiPhy, Optiway, Civcom, Bezeq International, the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Ben-Gurion University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Bar-Ilan University, and Tel-Aviv University.
Oclaro touts InP components for 100G coherent CFP2
Optical component and subsystem developer Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR) will use next week’s OFC/NFOEC in Anaheim, CA, to highlight its efforts to develop a CFP2 pluggable module for 100-Gbps coherent-transmission applications in fiber-optic networks. The module will leverage several optical component building blocks using Oclaro’s indium phosphide (InP) expertise, including a tunable transmitter.Oclaro is qualifying the transmit optical subassembly (TOSA) and receive optical subassembly (ROSA) for the module now, company sources told Lightwave. When completed, the integrated 100G transmitter will replace two discrete narrow-linewidth tunable lasers (typically external cavity iTLAs), and an external Mach-Zehnder modulator with a single component. That component will double as both the transmitter and as the local oscillator for the coherent receiver. The micro coherent receiver, meanwhile, integrates InP optical hybrids, dual balanced waveguide photodetectors, and transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs).The company will begin sampling the components to customers this year.Oclaro expects to sample a tunable 100G CFP2 optical transceiver early next year, perhaps even very late this year, the sources said. The Oclaro sources noted that deployment of 100-Gbps coherent CFP2 modules awaits the development of companion DSPs. The sources said they expect the DSPs to be available in time for production ramp of the CFP2 transceivers in mid-2014.
SEACOM boosts African Internet with submarine network upgrade
Privately owned service provider SEACOM has selected the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and OneControl Unified Management System from Ciena Corp. (NASDAQ: CIEN) for the upgrade of its submarine fiber-optic cable network across the Southern and Eastern African coastlines. This falls in line with SEACOM’s focus on driving the development of the African Internet and opening the broadband tap for African consumers.Ciena says its technology will allow SEACOM to meet the growing capacity requirements of its customers and enable affordable Internet access to East Africa with a fiber-optic network that offers a better cost point and a smoother evolution path for the future.The upgrade includes key countries in SEACOM’s 17,000-km undersea fiber cable network, including India, Egypt, Dijbouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa. The deployment will initially use Ciena’s 40G coherent transmission technologies, with ultra-long distance 100G wavelengths planned for future upgrades.“Connectivity services in Africa are booming due to the growing needs of business IT users, the rise of cloud-based services, and growing requirements for the processing and storing of personal data,” said Claes Segelberg, chief technology officer at SEACOM. “Ciena’s technology will enable us to cost-effectively scale our capacity to address this growing demand for connectivity throughout the continent. The company’s future-proof network design has mitigated the risks associated with the upgrade project, ensuring a seamless transition for SEACOM’s carrier customers and end users.”Ed McCormack, vice-president and general manager, submarine systems at Ciena, adds, “In the last couple of years, bandwidth penetration in several African countries has increased tenfold with the support of SEACOM’s submarine network. Ciena’s coherent technology will enable SEACOM to evolve and grow its network cost-effectively. It will lay the foundations for a unified terrestrial and submarine network and evolution path to a ‘GeoMesh’ network architecture.”
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