Total WDM market to reach $13B in 2017, says Dell'Oro

2013-02-17 09:52:55

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Total WDM market to reach $13B in 2017, says Dell'Oro
In a newly released market report by Dell'Oro Group, total worldwide wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) market revenue is forecast to grow at a 10% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years, reaching $13 billion in 2017. And much of that growth will be driven by high-speed optical transmission."Forty and 100 gigabit is really where the growth is going forward," said Jimmy Yu, vice president of optical transport market research at Dell'Oro Group.  "Demand for 40- and 100-Gbps WDM wavelengths will drive the optical market's growth for the next five-years. We are finding that the demand for 100-Gbps wavelengths is especially strong as service providers continue to expand their network capacity. We currently predict 100-Gbps wavelength shipments to grow at a 75% CAGR over the next five years, and that by 2017 approximately 60% of the WDM capacity shipments will be with 100-Gbps wavelengths."The Dell'Oro Group “Optical Transport 5-Year Forecast Report” offers an overview of the optical transport industry, covering manufacturers' revenue, average selling prices, unit shipments, tributary/line or wavelength shipments (by speed up to 100 Gbps). The report tracks DWDM long-haul terrestrial, WDM metro, multiservice multiplexers, and optical switch equipment. 
European hosting giant OVH deploys superchannel technology from Infinera
Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ: INFN) says European Web-hosting company OVH will deploy the Infinera DTN-X platform featuring 500-Gbps superchannels in its pan-European network. OVH is the largest web hosting company in Europe, supporting both public and private cloud services. The DTN-X platform will enable OVH to increase its network capacity by up to 10X what was previously offered, connecting data centers throughout 10 major European cities in seven countries.With the Infinera DTN-X platform, OVH will deploy multi-terabit optical transmission capacity across its fiber-optic network to support the growing and dynamic capacity demands of cloud services. The DTN-X delivers the industry's first commercially available 500-Gbps long-haul optical superchannels, which OVH will deploy to provide services to its consumers and enterprise customers with its data centers, across 10,000 km of optical fiber.OVH's customers require large amounts of bandwidth very quickly, and a key factor in its selection of the DTN-X was the combination of integrated Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching with the delivery of 500-Gbps long-haul superchannels. Integrated OTN switching enables efficient use of long-haul capacity while 500-Gbps long-haul superchannels (based on the vendor’s 500-Gbps photonic integrated circuit technology and second-generation FlexCoherent processor) enable OVH to rapidly deploy large amounts of optical bandwidth for customer services.The Infinera DTN-X platform will be deployed across long-haul routes on OVH's fiber-optic network, such as the 1,200-km Roubaix-Paris-Strasbourg-Frankfurt route, scaling the capacity of the network while lowering operational costs."We've chosen an innovative technology leader, offering the best solution on the market to meet our capacity, flexibility, and service lead-time requirements," said Octave Klaba, CEO at OVH. "We continue to be impressed by Infinera's PIC technology and the DTN-X platform -- from significantly simplifying our operations and reducing the time to deploy bandwidth to fundamentally lowering our total cost of ownership."OVH first selected Infinera's products in 2007, deploying the DTN platform for an international expansion across Europe.
Huawei tests 2Tbps superchannels over Vodafone’s network
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. and mobile operator Vodafone have announced the successful trial of 2-Tbps superchannel optical transmission technologies on Vodafone’s live network. The field trial achieved 2-Tbps transmission over 3,325 km – a capacity 20X higher than current commercially deployed 100-Gbps systems and over an ultra-long-haul distance. The companies believe this marks an important step forward for optical transport technology advances beyond 100G.In fact, there were two separate experiments. In the first, Huawei employed flex oDSP, super SD-FEC, and flex modulation format, to achieve a transmission distance of 1500 km using a superchannel PDM-16QAM-based high spectral efficiency technology.The second transmission, over 3325 km, was achieved with a superchannel Nyquist PDM-QPSK-based ultra-long-haul system.Both experiments took place over a link with G.652 fibers and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) without electrical regeneration. The links used in the trial were on Vodafone's backbone fiber-optic network, passing through a few cities across middle and south Germany."We are at the forefront of global 100G deployments, and have taken the lead in delivering key breakthroughs in technologies beyond 100G. Through collaboration with Vodafone and other leading international operators and customer-centric R&D, Huawei is always ready to build advanced optical networks for customers," said Jack Wang, president of Huawei's transport network product line.Last year Huawei announced that it had developed flexible grid WDM prototype, a 2-Tbps WDM optical system and a 400G European field trial (see “Huawei touts prototype flexible grid WDM” “Huawei unveils programmable 2-Tbps WDM prototype” and “Huawei flexes high-speed transport muscles in Monaco”). According to Ovum, Huawei ranks No.1 in the WDM/OTN, 40G, 100G, and global optical network markets, as of Q3 2012.
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