SFP Series fiftieth Week News Abstract 1

2011-12-04 10:05:55

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Ovum: 10G EPON equipment ready, but market is not
Despite the availability of 10G EPON components and equipment, market demand outside of China will remain low until 2013, according to the latest report from independent telecoms analyst firm Ovum.“10G PON Deployment Plans: An Update” looks at the market prospects for both 10G EPON and XG-PON.  It states that components companies have been under pressure by equipment vendors and service providers to develop 10G PON components quickly.Julie Kunstler, Ovum analyst and author of the report commented, “The pressure has worked. Multiple vendors have commercial-ready 10G EPON components, and testing has been carried out by service providers. However, while several provinces in China have begun deployments, 10G EPON equipment deployments will remain negligible until late 2012 in China, and 2013 for other global regions. Demand for XG-PON will also remain low, although the readiness of XG-PON components and equipment is lagging that of 10G EPON.”According to the report, demand for 10G EPON and XG-PON has slackened for several reasons. First, China’s service providers now favor the deployment of FTTH over FTTB due to the higher operational costs of FTTB and increased competition around bandwidth. Second, although there is a significant market opportunity around the use of 10G PON for wireless backhaul traffic, commercial deployments are still few and far between. In addition, the price of current PON equipment, for both 1G EPON and 2.5G GPON, has dropped significantly, widening the cost gap between 10G PON and the earlier versions of the technology.Kunstler concedes that price is a hindrance, but she does not believe it will remain a long-term problem. “The costs of 10G PON optics and equipment will decline rapidly once purchase orders are signed and deployments begin,” she said. “A bigger problem is the lack of applications for 10G PON.”
Grand River chooses Zhone MXK for FTTx network
Zhone Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ZHNE) says it is working with Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp., Missouri’s second largest independent operator, on a greenfield fiber-optic network that will provide gigabit-speed Internet access, VoIP, and high-definition video services to residential and business subscribers.Grand River Mutual Telephone has selected Zhone’s MXK multi-service access platform to power and manage an FTTx network across its entire customer base. The MXK is a carrier-grade, IP-based platform that can support a mix of access technologies, including Active Ethernet, GPON, and VDSL2. The local operator also plans to install Zhone’s zNID optical network terminals at individual residential and business customer sites.“With more than 15,000 access lines spanning Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa, we needed a fiber access vendor with superior scale and effective network management capabilities,” said Wendel Myers, general manager of Grand River Mutual Telephone. “The increased density, scale, and performance provided by the Zhone MXK and zNID ONTs address our network complexity and challenges. The benefit for service providers like us is that a full range of delivery mediums can be deployed side by side in the MXK which limits the cost of network upgrades and ongoing broadband deployments.”
FiberTower toppling?
Wireless backhaul services provider FiberTower Corp. (NASDAQ: FTWR) is displaying all the signs of a company in financial distress. It has missed an interest payment, had members of its senior management team resign, delayed filing its Form 10-Q, received a notice of delisting from NASDAQ, and laid off employees. FiberTower’s problems came to light last week, beginning on November 16 when it announced it “had elected” not to fork over a $1.3 million semi-annual interest payment due the day before. The interest was on 9.00% Convertible Senior Secured Notes Due 2012. The notes carry a 30-day cure period, which gives FiberTower a little more than four weeks to come up with the payment. FiberTower says it will “evaluate different options to manage its debt load” during this time period.Simultaneously with announcing that it would miss its interest payment, the company also announced that Chairman of the Board John Kelly and board members Phil Kelley and Randall Hack had stepped down from the board of directors. While asserting the resignations “were not the result of a disagreement with FiberTower on any matter relating to FiberTower's operations, policies, or practices,” the company did not offer further explanation.But these were not the only items on FiberTower’s list of bad news. The company says it has seen a rash of customers terminate their service agreements early. Combining this fact with its decision to limit investment in its legacy network, it estimates that future cash flows it expects to generate by the network compared to its carrying value will require a material impairment charge relating to its long-lived assets and FCC licenses under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). While it’s still calculating the final figures, FiberTower says it estimates the charges for the quarter ended September 30, 2011, will range from $150 million to $170 million for the long-lived assets and from $158 million to $170 million for the FCC licenses.With all this activity, FiberTower had received a Notification of Late Filing, or Form 12b-25, from the Securities and Exchange Commission for its third quarter 2011 Form 10-Q report. The notification gave FiberTower five additional days to file the form – which expired November 14. FiberTower admits it still hasn’t filed the form.To put a cherry on the sundae, FiberTower received a letter from NASDAQ November 15, saying that the company was on 60-day notice of delisting because of the failure to file the Form 10-Q.Finally, and perhaps inevitably, FiberTower revealed in a separate announcement that it would release approximately 40% of its workforce and stopped all capital and project related spending. The remaining 60% will focus on daily operations while the company figures out what to do next.
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