Intune Networks touts distributed SDN optical switch

2013-02-07 11:21:38

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Hibernia Networks to supply 100-Gbps to NTT Communications
Fiber-optic network services provider Hibernia Networks (formerly Hibernia Atlantic) says it will supply 100-Gbps network capacity to NTT Communications. NTT Communications will use the capacity to support its European expansion plans as well as its Global IP Network (GIN). Hibernia Networks says it will leverage multiple terrestrial and subsea fiber-optic cable links to ensure network diversity.“As NTT Communications continues extending its global footprint to meet increasing data demand, we selected Hibernia Networks to expand our network infrastructure because of its technology, experience, and personalized support,” states Chris Lathrop, senior director, network infrastructure, NTT Communications Global IP Network for NTT America. “We required a diverse route from key European points to the West Coast of the US, and Hibernia was able to design complex solutions that would encompass multiple routes.”“By providing NTT Communications with our carefully engineered diverse network capacity, Hibernia plays a pivotal role in meeting maximum uptime for their clients along with furthering positive customer experiences,” comments Eric Gutshall, president of wholesale for Hibernia Networks. “The additional Hibernia capacity serves to link NTT Communications’ Asia, U.S., and European markets. We look forward to growing our relationship with this trusted partner.”
QualiSystems works with FiberZone to improve test lab management
QualiSystems says its TestShell enterprise software framework can be integrated with FiberZone’s Automated Fiber Management (AFM) Layer 1 optical switch to enable customers to perform lab management and provisioning remotely.QualiSystems says TestShell offers complete lab management and device provisioning that enables engineers to optimize lab performance, increase testing coverage, and expand equipment use even while working remotely. FiberZone’s AFM switches perform fast layer 1 optical switching, supporting both multimode and singlemode fibers. Together, the two companies can provide users with direct access to FiberZone hardware by adding cloud-based capabilities to the physical lab.FiberZone specializes in facilitating remote and automated end-to-end connectivity control of fiber-optic network infrastructure via automated patching.  QualiSystems says its focus on networks, storage, and cloud infrastructure provisioning complements FiberZone’s optical performance including scalability and high reliability. This new integration is both cost-effective and optimizes network testing labs, giving QualiSystems and FiberZone’s customers the ability to improve the quality of their products and services, the companies say.Layer 1 switch integration provides an increase in overall speed and scalability. The companies claim that lab set-up time and efforts will be reduced when deploying the AFM switch combined with TestShell thanks to automated connectivity, reduced cabling requirements, and speedier provisioning to complete test set-up according to the individual customers’ requirements.Beyond controlling Layer 1 switches, TestShell provides complete support for network, storage, and test equipment via a large embedded set of integrated tools including:CLI (Command Line Interface) – allows the use of common scripting languages to automate topology provisioning and configuration   Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) – including SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3  Graphical User Interface (GUI) automation – driving web, java and Microsoft based applications.“The strengths of QualiSystems’ TestShell combined with FiberZone’s Layer-1 switch will convert lab management into a cloud environment for network and storage testing” said Eitan Lavie, vice president of product and marketing at QualiSystems. “FiberZone is a trusted supplier of remote fiber connectivity solutions and this pairing brings additional benefits and capabilities to customers for setting up test environments in a cloud type self-servicing manner.”
Intune Networks touts distributed SDN optical switch
Intune Networks has designed what it claims is the world's first distributed switch, which is capable of extending software-defined networks (SDN) across hundreds of miles. The system, which uses Intune’s distributed optical packet switching fabric, will allow carriers and large IT users to extend SDN beyond the data center and to unify distributed computing resources over long distances, the company claims.The SDN capability is being added to Intune's iVX8000 system, which has the characteristics of a local switch distributed across a large area, replacing multiple switches and transport devices with a single network element (see “Intune Networks readies carrier-class optical packet switching and transport”). Intune says it will be adding an open interface to the existing iVX8000 platform that allows external standards-based controllers to populate the forwarding fabric of the system.John Dunne, Intune's chief technology officer said, “In order to distribute the switching function we have already separated the control, management, and data planes across ports that are hundreds of miles apart, so allowing them to be controlled by SDN is a logical next step. Using a distributed switching system means the deployment of SDN across the wide area becomes as simple as deploying it across a single LAN switch.”Richard Brandon, Intune's chief marketing officer added, “SDN has the potential to transform carriers' business models, turning their networks into huge unified computing resources. Current network architectures add massive amounts of complexity to SDN once it leaves the confines of a local data center. Intune has created a way of solving that problem and expanding SDN across the entire network.”Intune are a venture-backed company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in the United States and additional R&D facilities in Belfast, UK.
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