SFP Series forty-ninth Week News Abstract 10

2011-12-01 17:55:24

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Allied Telesis announces SwitchBlade x3112, new iMAP cards for FTTX
NOVEMBER 11, 2010 -- Allied Telesis Inc. has introduced a new line of 1- and 10-Gbps fiber-to-the-home/premise/node (FTTX) products at TelcoTV 2010. Allied Telesis is featuring the SwitchBlade x3112 FTTX switch platform along with a new 24-port fixed-optics gigabit service module and six-port 10G service module for the iMAP 9810 intelligent Multiservice Access Platform.The SwitchBlade x3112 combines Ethernet switching, carrier access, and IP triple-play capabilities to deliver the first in a new series of access chassis targeting the FTTx market. The next-generation service provider FTTX platform uses Allied Telesis’s iMAP operating system. The SwitchBlade x3112 is a chassis-based Ethernet switch with 12 slots designed to support any combination of 100/1000 optical Ethernet, 10 Gigabit optical Ethernet, or Power over Ethernet (PoE) service modules. For FTTX services, 24-port 100/1000 SFP-based modules provide full bandwidth customer connectivity. Four-port 10G modules are typically used in a redundant configuration for high-throughput connectivity to the core of the network.Support for Ethernet Protected Switched Rings (EPSR) combined with redundant management fabric controllers provides high network availability. The SwitchBlade x3112 also features an 800-Gigabit switching fabric providing non-blocking wire-speed performance to every port, while redundant hot-swap power supplies ensure true carrier-class reliability, Allied Telesis says."Recent stimulus awards are driving demand for 1G fiber-to-the-home and 10G mid-mile solutions," said Dael Bartlett, director of product marketing at Allied Telesis. "Customer reaction to the SwitchBlade x3112 has been extremely positive and we see this product delivering the performance service providers are asking for with FTTX deployments."The SwitchBlade x3112 is currently in controlled release with trials commencing with key customers. Rural Utility Services (RUS) listing is pending the completion of the trials, with general availability beginning in January 2011.At TelcoTV, Allied Telesis unveiled new GE-24 and XE-6 line cards for the iMAP 9810 intelligent Multiservice Access Platform. The GE-24 is a 24-port, fixed-optic bi-directional (BiDi) 1G card using a single slot, and the XE-6 is a six-port 10G aggregation card intended for FTTX applications.
Zhone Technologies unveils multi-subscriber FTTX ONTs
NOVEMBER 11, 2010 -- Zhone Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZHNE) has introduced the Zhone network interface device (zNID) 9108 Multiple Dwelling Unit Optical Network Terminal (MDU ONT). The zNID 9108 is available in both outdoor Gigabit Active Ethernet and GPON versions.All zNID 9108 ONTs are environmentally hardened. The weatherproof enclosure can be installed in two stages for carriers that want to terminate the fiber before installing the active components.Other feature of the zNID 9108 ONT include:Eight voice ports.Eight Gigabit Ethernet ports.Power over Ethernet (PoE) support on all eight Gigabit Ethernet ports.One supplementary Gigabit Ethernet accessory port with PoE.1 Gbps throughput bridging or routing.VoIP service capabilities with CLASS features.Automatic software upgrades and configuration backups using Zhone EZ Touch Provisioning.Both of the 9108 models are based on the same wire-speed router architecture used in Zhone’s 42xx zNID product line. All models are designed to be fully interoperable with a broad array of softswitches and provide support for legacy TDM architectures when combined with Zhone's Packet Voice Gateway.
Calix launches E7-20 platform for multi-terabit fiber access speeds
NOVEMBER 9, 2010 -- Calix, Inc (NYSE: CALX) has upgraded its Unified Access portfolio with the launch of the E7-20 multi-terabit Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP). The E7-20 is designed to provide a very high capacity, low latency, all-fiber access concentrator.The 20-slot E7-20 is a 2-Tbps access concentrator with the ability to deliver gigabits of content-carrying bandwidth to individual residential and business subscribers. In its first release -- which will trial in early 2011 and be ready for deployment mid-year -- the E7-20 will support GPON, Active Ethernet, and point-to-point Gigabit Ethernet services on the subscriber side and multiple 10-Gigabit Ethernet transport services on the network side. The E7-20 can deliver 100 Gbps to each of its 20 universal line card slots. This enables the platform to fully support emerging technologies such as 10G GPON, 10-Gigabit Ethernet aggregation, and 100-Gbps Ethernet uplinks.“The E7-20 is a great example of a new generation of fiber access delivery vehicles,” says Matt Davis, Consumer and SMB Broadband director at IDC. “The bandwidth requirements of the access network are accelerating exponentially as video proliferates. Service Providers will ultimately be required to move beyond existing copper or hybrid infrastructure to fiber-based platforms in order to deliver the advanced services of tomorrow.”Each E7-20 is designed to serve up to 480 dedicated Active Ethernet subscribers or 5,120 GPON subscribers, with headroom to accommodate more than 20,000 subscribers through the introduction of future higher density and higher capacity line cards. Initially, the platform will come to market with three line cards:SCP-10GE: A switch control processor, this card has four Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports that support both SFP+ and XFP, as well as a 100-Gbps switching capacity.GE-24x: Focused on Active Ethernet and point-to-point Ethernet services, this card provides 12 SFP ports, supporting 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports.GPON-4x: Focused on GPON, this card has four GPON ports, which in turn can support up to 256 subscribers with a 64:1 split.
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