INNO Instrument unveils IFS-15H fusion splicer for FTTx

2012-12-12 11:02:32

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Cortina turns to 28-nm for new EDC PHY architecture
Cortina Systems, Inc. says it is the first PHY semiconductor vendor to announce an electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) PHY using 28-nm processes. Thanks to the move to a 28-nm EDC PHY architecture, the new CS4343 Octal 15G EDC device offers latency of less than 1 nsec and a power saving of 50% over previous generations in a 17x17-mm package.The CS4343 is designed to meet a wide range of high-density, high-speed requirements, including Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, CPRI, and OBSAI. The fact that it offers EDC on both the ingress and egress pathways also enables KR/KR4 to SFP+/CR4 translation for blade server applications. An integrated 2x2 switch enables support of 1+1 protection switching and broadcast applications. The CS4343 supports link quality monitoring of the inactive redundant link to enable fast switching. According to Scott Feller, director at Cortina Systems, the fact that the device integrates AC coupling capacitors also provides differentiation by significantly simplifying board layout.The device is fully autonomous, which obviates the need for external processors to control the convergence or dynamic adaption of the dispersion compensation The IC also includes real-time eye monitoring, loopbacks, PRBS generators and checkers, and hardware interrupt and GPIO pins for test and debug.The ability to produce devices such as the CS4343 in 28-nm opens the door to support of both current high-speed, high-density applications as well as emerging applications with higher-speed electrical interfaces, Feller says. For current designs based on 10 Gbps per lane, the process enables lower power and higher port density. On the drawing board are devices for 25G lanes and multi-level PAM designs, Feller says."Latency, power, density, and cost are the critical differentiators for system vendors developing 10G switches for data center, storage, and financial markets," commented Dale Murray, principal analyst at market research firm LightCounting, via a Cortina press release. "This is driving the need for high port density, low latency and power, and high feature integration in all components that go into these switches."The CS4343 EDC PHY is currently sampling.
INNO Instrument unveils IFS-15H fusion splicer for FTTx
INNO Instrument Inc. says the new IFS-15H fusion splicer is compact, fast, and easy to use. It is capable of splicing flat or round fiber-optic cables as well as splice-on fiber-optic connectors, and offers many more features, the company adds.INNO prides itself on offering top quality, high production fusion splicers for FTTx applications around the world, enabling communities and companies to increase their productivity and cut costs. Improved productivity, shorter splicing times, and more average arcs per set of electrodes are some of the reasons the IFS series splicers are taking market share, the company claims.INNO says the IFS-15H is a compact, yet more versatile unit, weighing only 1.82 kg without the battery, and performing as well as many of its heftier competitors. “Don't let the size fool you - it is waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof, making it one of the toughest splicers available, at a price that has the competitors re-thinking their profit margins,” the company wrote.The INNO IFS-15 is available through global distributor
Jersey Telecom selects FTTH home gateway from Genexis
JT Group Ltd (JT), the incumbent communications enabler based in the Channel Islands, has selected active equipment provider Genexis for the delivery of optical home gateways. They have commenced with the roll-out of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to all 42,000 premises on Jersey (see “Jersey Telecom connects customers in FTTH trial”).JT said it chose Genexis’s FiberXport product family for its ability to deliver high-quality services up to a gigabit speed. The flexible character of this product enables JT to operate a superfast FTTH network with a range of service offerings to all homes and businesses on the island of Jersey. The first JT Global customers are already experiencing subscriptions ranging from 2 Mbps through 100 Mbps to a full 1 Gbps.“The Genexis FiberXport home gateway has enabled JT to deploy a wide range of services to our end-customers, including gigabit internet and high-quality telephony services,” said Simon Vivian, head of the gigabit program, JT. “Genexis’ dedicated knowledge of FTTH technology, intelligent support, and a worldwide proven track record, makes them a reliable active equipment partner for our broadband deployments.”Currently, JT is activating connections using the FiberXport product family. The gigabit home gateway is equipped with four Ethernet ports and integrated voice-over-IP.“JT has a hands-on and forward-thinking approach on FTTH rollout, which fits well with Genexis’ vision on next-gen broadband deployment,” said Ron van Os, director of sales and marketing at Genexis. “JT shows a dedicated belief in fiber, by directly removing all installed copper cables during the fiber roll-out. This, combined with a long-term ambition reaching further than just the island of Jersey, makes JT a strong partner for Genexis.”Genexis is working alongside technology partners Cisco, NetAdmin, and Dimension Data on this project.For more information on FTTx/access systems and suppliers, visit the Lightwave Buyer’s Guide.
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