OTDR Manufacturing Principles

2012-12-08 11:25:35

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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The Repair Method of the Optical Fiber Outer Layer
Shrink tube encapsulation method?Heat shrink tubing can wear in the cable case, the damage to the fiber optic plastic outer sheath can use the tube type heat shrink sleeve repair. Fiber optic cable lines running on the plastic outer sheath damage, only coated heat shrink sleeve repair. Generally use shrink tube can be for all plastic cable connection, determine the selection of specifications based on the outer diameter of the fiber optic cable. When the length of the fiber optic plastic outer sheath damage is not the heat shrink tubing cut into short segments.Binder bonding method?When the fiber optic plastic outer sheath injury occurred at an incision or a small hole, the damage range is very small, binder bonding method can be used to repair. This repair method is simple, economical and practical. Usually can be made ??"795" bonding agent or epoxy adhesives. Simple to use, at room temperature, cleaning, playing the gross plastic outer sheath damage at and around, then smear the binder quickly wound PVC with, let it fast curing is completed.
OTDR Manufacturing Principles
OTDR manufacturing principles:It is made based the light backscattering and Fresnel reflection principleBackscatter method (1): the starting end in the optical fiber cable within the numerical aperture of the measurement of the Rayleigh scattering of light reflected back a non-destructive measurement method of the fiber loss;Backscatter method (2): The high-power narrow pulse light injected into the fiber under test, and then detecting the scattered light power is returned back along the fiber at the same end;Rayleigh scattering: it is the material molecular scattering of light waves produce a physical phenomenon;Rayleigh scattering light: it can only be within the numerical aperture along the optical fiber transmission, and because the fiber exists loss, so the scattered light is gradually reduced along the propagation direction, and the degree of reduction depends on the attenuation coefficient and length of the fiber.Based on the above reasons, the starting end in the optical fiber to accept the return of scattered light within the numerical aperture, the same having a fiber loss of the information. Which is facing away from the principles of the measured fiber loss of the scattering method. Works made ??using this instrument, called optical time domain reflectometer, also known as the OTDR.
The Main Features of the Central Tube Cable
The main features of the central tube cable:1 The peculiar spiral groove loose tube design is conducive to precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber cable, to ensure that the cable has excellent mechanical properties and temperature characteristics.2 Loose tube material itself has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength tube filled with a special ointment Fibre critical protection.3 Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength.4 Small diameter, light weight, easy to be laid.
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