Tektronix targets 100G transceiver test with ultra-low jitter modules

2012-12-02 10:22:29

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Monaco Telecom, Gibtelecom partnership provides route diversity
Monaco Telecom, a Cable & Wireless Communications’ business, says it has recently entered into a strategic communications partnership with Gibtelecom, Gibraltar’s largest communications provider.Monaco and Gibraltar are now directly connected to each other as both are landing stations on the Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable; Monaco Telecom has selected Gibtelecom to be its preferred carrier on the EIG system. Monaco Telecom will also provide Gibtelecom with communications capacity to access the European market via Monaco which sits in a strategic position within southern Europe’s fiber-optic network.Martin Péronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, said, “EIG has turned Monaco into a key gateway between Europe and the African and Asian continents. This deal will provide direct and secure access to even more international destinations for our customers and partners. It will further increase Monaco Telecom’s presence in the international data communication market”.Richard Faucheux, Monaco Telecom’s director of carrier services, added, “This contract further cements Monaco as a popular alternative to Marseille as a landing station of choice for carriers wishing to minimize latency and maximize diversity towards key European destinations such as Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, and Zurich.”Gibtelecom’s CEO Tim Bristow said, “This mutually beneficial deal strengthens a longstanding friendship between both companies. The partnership means that, as well as Monaco Telecom leasing some capacity on the EIG cable, Gibtelecom separately acquires a diverse international route to other European destinations, transiting Monaco through the EIG landing station there. This will be the first time in over a century that a communications link from Gibraltar has headed directly east by sea from Gibraltar.”
Deutsche Telekom provides superfast transmission for superfast particles
Deutsche Telekom says it has linked research and education sites in Geneva and Budapest with a high-speed, 100G data connection. The new Ethernet link connects the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) data center in Geneva and a newly established, remote data center operated by Wigner Research Centre for Physics in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.The work was carried out by Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), part of Deutsche Telekom’s International Businesses unit, working in conjunction with the local legal entity T-Systems Switzerland. In addition to huge data rates, CERN requires high transmission reliability and connection availability. The research organization sought a telecommunications service provider able to meet these extremely demanding Gigabit Ethernet requirements.In Geneva, CERN operates the world’s biggest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This facility allows scientists to explore the structure of matter and the fundamental interactions between elementary particles. The experiments generate huge volumes of data. To process them, CERN and partner institutes have developed a distributed computing system, the so-called Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). More than 10,000 researchers around the world use CERN’s computing infrastructure for their experiments.The Wigner data center and CERN also aim to create additional IT capacity for research activities. Computer systems will be able to transmit enormous volumes of data between the Geneva and Budapest sites via the high-speed Deutsche Telekom ICSS connection.“The state-of-the-art Deutsche Telekom 100-Gbps circuit between CERN and the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest will not only expand our physics processing capabilities, but will also allow us to refine our business continuity strategy,” said David Foster, deputy head of the CERN IT department. “This new contract strengthens our existing relationship, since Deutsche Telekom has been a long-standing member of the CERN Internet Exchange Point (CIXP) and one of the regular providers of CERN's connectivity to the commodity Internet.”
Tektronix targets 100G transceiver test with ultra-low jitter modules
Tektronix, Inc. says its new phase reference module for the DSA8300 oscilloscope, the 82A04B, will provide typical instrument jitter of less than 100 femtoseconds when combined with new electrical sampling modules. This figure represents the lowest instrument jitter of any multi-channel oscilloscope on the market, sampling or real-time, the company claims. The DSA8300 thus is ideally suited to design, debug, and characterize 100G transmitters and links on up to six channels as defined in the IEEE 802.3ba and 32G Fibre Channel test specifications.For designers working on 100-Gbps communications systems based on 4x25-Gbps, a key test challenge has been acquiring high-bit-rate signals with sufficient fidelity to allow precise characterization of the device under test in the presence of real-world signals. As clock speeds continue to increase, the bit period at 25 Gbps is just 40 picoseconds, making it important to minimize instrumentation jitter and noise while providing enough bandwidth to fully characterize signals.Designed for use with the DSA8300 mainframe, the new 82A04B phase reference module supports input clock frequencies from 2 to 32 GHz with an option available to support up to 60 GHz.In addition to the phase reference module, Tektronix announced six new electrical sampling modules that support bandwidths from 20 to 70 GHz. These modules use remote sampling heads that place the measurement acquisition point at or near the device under test to minimize signal degradation due to cabling.Taken together, these capabilities provide a unique combination of low vertical noise, low intrinsic jitter, and bandwidth performance to enable engineers to fully characterize signals (to the third harmonic) to data rates up to 45 GHz, Tektronix asserts."The new phase reference module, upgraded electrical sampling modules, and other enhancements establish Tektronix as the clear leader in high-speed data communications," said Brian Reich, general manager, performance oscilloscopes at Tektronix. "We offer customers significant advantages in measurement system fidelity, versatility, and usability -- all at very competitive price points."The DSA8300 can support simultaneous acquisition of up to three differential (or six single-ended) signals with ultra-low jitter for the multi-lane system testing required in many of today's 100G electrical designs. In contrast, Tektronix claims that competitive alternatives can only acquire two single-ended signals, at a maximum 50 GHz, and lack support for remote sampling, leading to significant signal impairment.To boost designer productivity, Tektronix also released application software and firmware updates for the DSA8300 Series to improve timing analysis, setup, and test execution. Notable features include guided channel acquisition and TDR step alignment, user channel delay, and TDR deskew in time units, as well as quantitative and descriptive information on how to get the best jitter performance when using the new 82A04B Phase Reference Module.The new phase reference and electrical modules and other enhancements for the DSA8300 will be available by the end of 2012. The US manufacturer’s retail price for a two-channel version starts at $60,000.
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