Getting Dynamic With VoD Ads

2012-11-16 14:43:32

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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Customer Experience Management: Real demand. Real experiences. Real solutions.
A lot has been said about Customer Experience Management (CEM). Some claim that it's a 'flavor of the month' technology invented by vendors. But is it?In today's challenging marketplace, the experience you provide IS the product. Innovations and intelligence built into today's networks have brought forth new tools that can help service providers as they look to provide a superior experience and maximize the "lifetime value" of their customers. Customer Experience is much more than QoS and QoE, Customer Experience Management is about using "Big Data" and leveraging the flexibility of the network to understand the full spectrum of your customers' needs, then creating innovative solutions that put that intelligence into action. In this webinar:• Hear from Heavy Reading Analyst Caroline Chappell, who will explain what's driving the rush of new services and solutions to address CEM. • We will share real-world challenges from some of today's most innovative operators. Which CEM strategies are paying off? • Learn about the new network innovations that are bringing CEM capabilities to fruition and making them available to a wider market of providers. • We will address the critical factors that should be considered when you choose a CEM solution, as well as different approaches to tackling the overall CEM challenge.
Getting Dynamic With VoD Ads
Following years of fits and starts, dynamic ad insertion for cable video-on-demand (VoD) services is finally becoming a reality in the U.S., enabling American MSOs to compete against advertising systems that power Web-fed video services. Most recently, Comcast announced that it has begun a scaled deployment covering 17 markets, encompassing 7 million homes. The MSO expects to complete this deployment by the end of the year. At the same time, such leading European cable providers as Liberty Media, UPC, KDG and Unity Media are dynamically inserting ads in VoD content as well.This webinar will look at what the Europeans, Comcast, other major U.S. MSOs, and the cross-industry Canoe Ventures consortium are doing with dynamic VoD ads, the technical, operational and competitive challenges that they must overcome, and the opportunities that lie ahead. The webinar will also address the Internet video ad market, which is already a multibillion-dollar industry with a worldwide presence.   
CALIENT plugs S320 optical switch into SDN with OpenFlow support
CALIENT Technologies, Inc. now offers an application programming interface (API) for OpenFlow for its S320 optical circuit switch (see “Calient debuts high-density photonic switch for data centers”). The API enables the S320 optical switch to be used in data center networks based on OpenFlow-enabled software-defined network (SDN) principles.The OpenFlow API runs on the S320’s MEMS Switching Module (MSM). When combined with an OpenFlow controller, the API enables the S320 to reconfigure data center networks to optimize high-capacity data flows at the optical layer and to function as part of an integrated packet-circuit switched SDN.The 320-port (full duplex) S320 is designed to create any-to-any high-speed fiber-optic fabrics that connect top-of-rack switches to each other and to core routers for connectivity to the Internet. An OpenFlow controller now can reconfigure S320 connections based on time of day, real-time application flows, or predictive algorithms. This improves efficiency by obviating the need to overprovision connections for peak traffic because they can be reconfigured on demand.“Now is the right time for SDN-controlled optical circuit switches in the data center because they dramatically lower latency and can provide the instant bandwidth necessary for moving big data,” said Atiq Raza, Chairman and CEO of CALIENT. “The potential impact on data center is so great that it is already accelerating the virtualization of these networks.”The S320 OpenFlow API will be available for interoperability testing late this year.
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