Finisar offers tunable XFP-RF optical transmitter for cable access networks

2012-10-27 17:05:32

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Finisar offers tunable XFP-RF optical transmitter for cable access networks
Finisar Corp. (NASDAQ: FNSR) is bringing the benefits of tunable transceivers to cable access networks. The company has unveiled a 1-GHz RF-modulated, widely tunable XFP optical transmitter that it asserts is the first such device designed for hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.The company foresees the XFP-RF transmitter being designed into existing broadband optical platforms, where they will double density and halve power consumption, the company asserts. The optical modules also could be plugged directly into next-generation Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) and QAM modulators with optical ports.As is the case in telco networks, use of tunable transmitters reduces sparing and related inventory costs. The XFP-RF modules can be tuned to 80 different DWDM wavelengths across the entire C-band in less than 500 ms, the company asserts.The transmitters are designed to be fully loaded from 50 MHz to 1 GHz with a reach up to 40 km. They have an operational bandwidth up to 1.2 GHz to accommodate frequency expansions in the cable broadband access network. The performance also is distance-agnostic, which enables a single transmitter to be deployed for redundant paths to a node or to multiple nodes in a tapped architecture where the distance can vary. "Finisar has combined its high-volume small-form-factor module capabilities, wavelength-tunable laser technology, and its extensive experience in CATV transmitters to advance optics for the next evolution of cable access networks," stated Shawn Esser, director of product marketing for CATV products at Finisar. "As cable operators continue to deploy more optics to segment their networks, our wavelength-tunable XFP-RF transmitter saves valuable space, reduces energy requirements, and improves their operational flexibility. The XFP-RF transmitter deployed in existing optical platforms today is designed to be able to be re-deployed in next-generation infrastructure equipment designed with optical ports to future-proof cable operators' investment." 
XFP Host Test Board released by Timbercon
has announced the availability of its XFP Host Test Board. The Timbercon XFP Host Test Board facilitates the testing and programming of Timbercon's XFP Electric Loopback as well as XFP transceivers.
Timbercon launched the XFP Electric Loopback last month and says it was approached by customers with the need to program custom memory maps and test the functionality of their existing transceivers. Timbercon has been using the XFP Host Test Board during the development of the XFP Electric Loopback and has decided to produce the board for sale to customers that use XFP Electric Loopbacks and XFP transceivers. Users of XFP transceivers will be able to perform incoming inspection of devices prior to incorporation in equipment as well as analyze design changes or system modifications made to existing equipment, Timbercon says.The XFP Host Test Board comes with operation software and a user manual to enable XFP programming and testing. The board features transmit, receive, computer interface, reference clock, and power supply ports. The XFP Host Test Board is designed to simulate an ideal environment for XFP module testing using Rogers 3003 PC board material and single-ended micro-strip transmission lines. These properties make the Host Test Board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing a more accurate assessment of the XFP modules' performance, the company asserts.
"Now that the XFP Electric Loopback and XFP Host Test Board products have been successfully released we will focus our engineering efforts on the development of an SFP+ Electric Loopback and SFP+ Host Test Board," said Dr. Justin Redd, director of engineering.
Timbercon releases XFP Electrical Loopback
today announced that it has finalized the XFP Electrical Loopback that has been in the prototype testing phase with key customers for the past three months. Timbercon confirms it has completed all design and engineering phases of the XFP Electrical Loopback and has started manufacturing of production quantities for sale to all XFP users and designers.
The Timbercon EL-10-07001 XFP Electrical Loopback is used for testing XFP transceiver ports in host/system boards. By substituting for a full-featured XFP transceiver, the XFP Electrical Loopback provides a cost-effective method for XFP port testing, say company representatives. In addition to the Electrical Loopback function, the EL-10-07001 provides an MSA-standard 2-wire serial communication interface to digital diagnostics, pre-loaded EEPROM memory maps (standard and customized), and XFP power level 3 loading of all four XFP voltage supplies (+1.8V, +3.3V, +5.0V, and -5.2V).One significant feature of the XFP Electrical Loopback is that it contains two LEDs that allow for quick and visible performance indication, note Timbercon representatives. The green LED is illuminated when the module is fully plugged in and has voltage applied.The amber LED is illuminated when the module is receiving valid data traffic. Internally, this function is generated by the CDR/Signal conditioner IC. In addition to the release of the XFP Electrical Loopback, Timbercon says it is also beginning final design stages of an XFP Host Test Board that tests and programs both XFP Electrical Loopbacks and XFP transceivers.The XFP Host Test Board meets and exceeds the XFP MSA standards.Two proprietary features of the Timbercon XFP Host Test Board are LED indicators for power supply and data transfer as well as full read/write capabilities.The company says its XFP Host Test Board will come complete with operation software and a user manual to enable XFP programming and testing.
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