New Maxim SFP+ optical module controller with analog LDD interface is SFF-8472 compatible

2012-10-24 16:52:48
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New Maxim SFP+ optical module controller with analog LDD interface is SFF-8472 compatible
Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) has introduced the DS1873 SFP+ controller with analog LDD interface. Combined with the MAX3736 laser driver, the DS1873 is designed to control and monitor all functions for SFF, SFP, and SFP+ optical modules, while fully supporting the SFF-8472 standard.The company introduced an SFP+ controller with a digital LDD interface in December.Maxim says that, using 0.35-micrometer technology, the DS1873 implements a high level of integration, which is key to APC loop, modulation current control, and eye safety functionality.Laser modulation is controlled by a temperature driven LUT. Two additional 9-bit DAC outputs with 36-entry LUTs are provided. The DS1873 monitors six analog channels: temperature, Vcc, and MON1-MON4. MON3 is a fully differential input.Measuring 5x5 mm, the DS1873 is fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +95 degrees Celsius temperature range, and is available in a 28-pin TQFN package with exposed pad, Maxim says. Pricing begins at $1.39 (1000-up, FOB USA).
OE Solutions packages APD into bidirectional SFP
Integrating APD into BIDI SFP package has been a challenge for SFP manufacturers because of limited space for APD and the required circuitry. This family of BIDI SFP with APD receiver enables the support of longer-reach applications for the metro WDM market.Wavelengths options are available for both TDM and CWDM applications. As with most of OE Solutions' transceivers, the new product line satisfies industrial temperature requirements, i.e., -40~85°C."We are excited with this new BIDI SFP solution which enables the use of single-fiber solution in metro applications," says John Kwak, director of business development at OE Solutions. "Bidirectional single-fiber solutions are currently considered one of the most practical, cost-effective solutions for easier fiber management and cost savings. This will pave the way for further penetration of BIDI SFP transceivers in both access and metro applications."
OE Solutions debuts 10-GbE, 40-km SFP+ transceivers
The 1550-nm SFP+ has a typical data rate of 10.3 Gbits/sec with a link budget of greater than 15 dB. According to the company, the new transceiver is compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBaseE; SFP+ MSA; SFF 8432 Rev3.2 (Mechanical Dimension); and Digital diagnostic SFF 8472 Rev10.2. This RoHS-compliant transceiver consumes less than 1.5 watts in the standard temperature operation range (0 to 70 ° C).The RSPX0SER-ST5 10-Gbit/sec 40-km-reach SFP+ is a new addition to OE Solutions' SFP+ series, which includes the RSPX0SLR-ST3 10-Gbit/sec 1310-nm 10-km reach, the RSPX0SSR-ST1 10-Gbit/sec 850-nm 200-300-m reach, and the RSP85SV2-ST1 8.5- Gbit/sec (for Fiber Channel applications)."Our customers constantly demand smaller form factor, lower power consumption, and lower cost transceivers for their high density, 10-Gbit/sec deployment," explains Dr. MoonSoo Park, CTO and head of engineering at OE Solutions. "The transceiver suppliers have responded to this customer demand by migrating from the initial 300-pin transponders to XFP transceivers, and then finally to SFP+ transceivers. At OE Solutions, leveraging our leadership of the Small Form Pluggable technology, we strive to exceed customer expectations," he asserts."We have pushed the SFP+ to extend its transmission reach as far as possible, resulting in one of the industry's first 40-km reach SFP+. In addition, our mature Optical Sub-Assembly (OSA) technology should lead us to succeed in our ongoing SFP+ work to reach a transmission distance of 80 m with less than a half size of its XFP counterpart in the near future," adds Park.OE Solutions will be exhibiting at the upcoming OFC/NFOEC Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA, on February 26-28, in booth #321, where it will present a live demonstration of its new 10-Gbit/sec SFP+ 40-km-reach transceiver.
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