Cisco Delivers Full Solution Portfolio for SAP HANA

2012-10-10 09:51:13

Cisco Unified Computing System Running SAP HANA Delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Drives Real-Time Business Intelligence
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today introduced a full suite of solutions for the SAP HANA® platform built on the Cisco Unified Computing System™  (Cisco UCS®).  The Cisco UCS family of servers for SAP HANA allows customers to experience benefits – real-time data analytics and data warehousing – in seconds instead of hours, while laying the foundation to run SAP's other core enterprise applications on SAP HANA in the future.

In selecting Cisco UCS to power servers running SAP HANA, customers can utilize the advanced capabilities of the Cisco UCS platform, including unified fabric, hardware abstraction and central management, to lower operational costs at the system level. SAP's in-memory computing technology, coupled with Cisco UCS, provides customers with solutions that have been architected to provide high-availability and multisite disaster tolerance, both of which are vital for mission-critical adoption.


Cisco's portfolio of solutions for SAP HANA meets the needs of early adopters testing SAP HANA for the first time, as well as experienced customers managing large-scale deployments.

All-in-one rack mount solutions: The Cisco UCS portfolio for SAP HANA includes extra-small, small and medium-sized rack-mount solutions that support up to one-half terabyte (TB) of compressed user data. Each of these fits inside a single Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Mount Server with internal storage.

Scale-out blade server solutions: The portfolio also includes scale-out blade server solutions, which support up to eight terabytes of memory.  This solution is based on Cisco's UCS B-Series Blade Servers with best-of-breed external storage.  The architecture enables high-availability and disaster tolerance across multiple data centers.

Cisco offers customers the flexibility and choice of either EMC or NetApp storage in a scale-out solution for SAP HANA. Each of these world-class storage partners provides unique and critical multisite data replication capabilities that are necessary to deploy SAP HANA across a wide range of critical applications.

SAP® IT Process Automation by Cisco provides a special feature set for SAP HANA.

Together with its partners, Cisco offers a comprehensive suite of technical and professional services to help customers plan, build, and manage a Cisco®  solution for SAP HANA.  These include the Cisco Solution Support Service for SAP solutions, which provides a single point of contact to initiate and manage support, includes support for third-party products in support of SAP HANA.

Avnet Technology Solutions, a Cisco Data Center Specialized Distribution Partner, provides solution integration capabilities, allowing customers across the U.S., Canada and Europe to order the Cisco UCS servers for SAP HANA as a single, pre-integrated solution that is pre-assembled and configured at the Avnet Global Solutions Center. (Targeting October 31st order-ability)

Early adopters across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific are testing and deploying UCS for SAP HANA scale-out solution including customers in the transportation, oil and gas, food and beverage, and high-tech industries.

Several strategic partners, including technology partners, channel and service integrator partners, have provided their perspectives on Cisco UCS for SAP HANA.

Executive Quotes:

Nicola Morini Bianzino, Senior Executive and SAP Database & Technology lead, Accenture

"As clients look for ways to take advantage of real-time analytics and business intelligence to drive better decision-making, we are leveraging Cisco UCS technology to deliver flexible and scalable solutions on our SAP HANA implementations."

Satinder Sethi, Vice President, Cisco

"As data continues to grow exponentially, the ability to deliver real-time business intelligence is helping customers move more quickly to address issues and capture opportunities.  Together SAP HANA and Cisco UCS are delivering a winning combination of innovative technologies to reduce operational costs and enhance application performance."

Parmeet Chaddha, Vice President, Solutions, EMC Corporation

"SAP HANA is defining a new architecture for business applications. With over 20,000 joint EMC-SAP customers, and an extensive Cisco-EMC market presence, EMC and Cisco together are best positioned to help our customers transform their IT. The Cisco-EMC offering for SAP HANA provides a best-of-breed solution for customers to deploy SAP analytics solutions today and deploy the broader SAP landscape in the future. EMC is proud to bring its leadership in storage and strength in high availability, scalability, lower cost of ownership, and remarkable performance to the solution."

Patrick Rogers, Vice President, Data Center Platforms, NetApp

"NetApp provides a powerful scale-out storage foundation for organizations looking to deploy mission-critical, high-availability applications on the SAP HANA platform. Our plug-and-play approach to storage complements the SAP HANA building block architecture, allowing organizations to scale out storage infinitely and easily, while still providing high availability. As data processing requirements increase and more SAP HANA compute nodes are added to the environment, our storage solutions will meet the needs of applications delivery, innovation and anticipated business growth."

Rayn Veerubhotla, Vice President, Ecosystem & Channels, SAP

"Our customers are constantly on the lookout for solutions that move the needle, providing the competitive advantage that truly transforms their business. SAP HANA running on Cisco UCS architecture represents the kind of game-changing partner collaboration that can result in such solutions. These solutions deliver real-time analysis and reporting, coupled with dramatically accelerated business processes on an optimized infrastructure platform -- a new platform for real-time business. Customers know and expect this kind of innovation from global technology leaders and, once again, SAP and Cisco have teamed up to meet that challenge."
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