Telefonica adds 100-Gbps to SAm-1 submarine cable network via Infinera DTN-X

2012-09-28 15:10:04

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Telefonica adds 100-Gbps to SAm-1 submarine cable network via Infinera DTN-X
Telefonica International Wholesale Services (TIWS), part of Telefonica Global Solutions, has upgraded its SAm-1 submarine cable network to support 100-Gbps data rates using the DTN-X platform from Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN).SAm-1 connects North and South America via 20,000 km of cable. The DTN-X will be installed at landing sites throughout South America and the U.S. The submarine cable network has landing sites in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Florida. TIWS has used Infinera’s DTN platform, based on 100-Gbps PICs and 40-Gbps coherent modulation, for upgrades since 2009.“Building our network with Infinera’s solutions has enabled us to seamlessly upgrade to higher data-rates and provision services quickly and easily,” said Jose Ramon Vela, CEO of Telefonica Global Solutions. “Our positive experience with Infinera’s solutions assures us that our investment in the DTN-X will enable us to scale into the future and continue to turn up services more quickly for our customers. Infinera’s 500-Gbps long-haul superchannels allow us to continue delivering quality and reliability of service throughout our entire network, and allows us to extend the productive life of our submarine cable.” added Jose Ramon Vela.
Finisar building flexible-grid ROADM line card for Cisco
Finisar (NASDAQ:FNSR) and Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) are showing off at ECOC the capabilities of a 2x1x17 flexible-grid ROADM line card the former is building for the latter. The two-slot line card will feature Finisar’s Flexgrid Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) and high-speed parallel scanning Flexgrid Optical Channel Monitor (OCM).The two companies are using a private meeting room in the Finisar booth to demo the line card’s expected performance to their respective customers. The demo includes the card’s ability to accommodate superchannels by adapting channel bandwidth. The ROADM line card is designed to work via a route-and-select architecture.Finisar Vice President of Marketing Rafik Ward admitted the card isn’t quite ready for fielding. He declined to reveal when development would be sufficiently advanced to meet this goal, citing concerns about releasing Cisco product availability information. While Cisco and Finisar are conducting joint demonstrations at the Finisar booth, the Cisco rep usually steps away when Finisar wants to impress other systems houses. Finisar was hosting just such a delegation in the demo room when Lightwave visited, so Cisco input on the availability of this functionality wasn’t available. However, it appears that Cisco plans to be able to ship the line card by the second half of next year, according to other sources who have spoken to Cisco at the show.Finisar touts the ROADM card as an example of its ability to deliver products at the line card level. Ward said the company expects there to be demand for both full flexible-grid ROADM line cards as well as just the subsystem components for in-house development, and the company expects to be positioned to meet both preferences.
Teledyne LeCroy returns to optical modulation analyzer market thanks to Southern Photonics
Teledyne LeCroy, which lost a partner for addressing coherent modulation analysis requirements when Tektronix bought Optametra, is back in the game with the help of Southern Photonics. Both companies are displaying the Southern Photonics-developed IQScope-RT coherent optical receiver paired with the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscope at their respective booths at ECOC in Amsterdam this week.Optical coherent modulation analysis typically requires an oscilloscope and a coherent optical receiver. Test vendors such as Agilent and EXFO have developed both instruments, while other oscilloscope vendors, such as Tektronix and Teledyne LeCroy, originally partnered with independent coherent optical receiver developer Optametra to address this market. However, Tektronix acquired Optametra in July 2011, which left Teledyne LeCroy without a dance partner.Enter Southern Photonics. The New Zealand-based company developed its IQScope to work with equivalent-time oscilloscopes and launched it late last year (see “Southern Photonics launches optical modulation analyzer based on equivalent-time oscilloscopes”). The company now has developed a version of the IQScope that works with real-time oscilloscopes (hence the “RT”) specifically for Teledyne LeCroy, according to Southern Photonics’ Iannick Monfils in a conversation at his company’s ECOC booth. In fact, the IQScope-RT carries the Teledyne LeCroy brand.The result is that Teledyne LeCroy can offer an optical modulation analyzer in which the coherent optical receiver accepts a single optical input and demodulates a DP-QPSK or 16-QAM signal into two I-Q electrical signal output pairs with bandwidth up to 45 GHz. It then passes these output pairs to the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscope. The real-time scope, which offers a sampling speed of 160 GS/s and a bandwidth of up to 65 GHz, provides real-time analog-to-digital acquisition capabilities for the four electrical signal inputs. Optical Modulation Analysis software handles post-processing of the acquired data to perform clock recovery, correct for chromatic dispersion, apply receiver equalization, and display a variety of eye and constellation diagrams and measurement parameters.List price for the full set up is expected to start at $495,000. The IQScope-RT Optical Modulation Analyzer with analysis software alone will list for approximately $200,000. Monfil says he expects shipments to start in either December this year or January 2013.
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