Transport Trio on India Shortlist

2012-09-16 15:14:08

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Transport Trio on India Shortlist
That's what we have in India currently, where Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) -- the only company to hold Long Term Evolution (LTE) licenses that cover the whole of the country -- appears to be in the final stages of choosing its transport infrastructure equipment suppliers for a US$400 million-plus investment. (See Reliance Fleshes Out Its LTE TDD Plans and Reliance Gives Impetus to LTE TDD in India.)The 4G operator has reportedly shortlisted three vendors. Find out who they are by checking out this Light Reading India article: Optical Crunch Time at RIL.
Euronews: iPhone 5 Spells Euro 4G Mayhem
Although the launch of the iPhone 5 may not have set the fanboy world alight, it has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons as far as European carriers are concerned. Reason is, as Bloomberg reports, the iPhone 5's much-heralded 4G will not run on the 4G networks of Vodafone or Telefónica in Germany and -- once the networks arrive -- in the U.K., but it will run on the 1800MHz band being used by Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile units for 4G in both countries. This makes the 4G head start given to Everything Everywhere Ltd. (EE) -- the newly re-branded joint venture between Orange UK and T-Mobile (UK) -- look all the more advantageous. iPhone 5 or no iPhone 5, Telefónica UK Ltd. (O2) has told the BBC that it is "in discussions" to speed up the rollout of its 4G services, with a spokeswoman saying: "We are hopeful we can come to some agreement to bring the current time line forward." (See Euronews: EE 4G Plan Gets Thumbs-Up and iPhone 5: Which 4G Carrier to Pick?)Fastweb SpA (Milan: FWB), Swisscom's Italian fixed-line broadband unit, is to invest €400 million (US$523 million) over four years to expand its fiber-to-the-cabinet network. As part of this program, it has also signed a cooperation agreement with Telecom Italia SpA (NYSE: TI), which should enable the pair to share existing infrastructure and better coordinate their efforts to accelerate the fiber access broadband rollout. (See Fastweb Plans €400M FTTx Investment and T Italia, Fastweb Team Up on FTTX.)Talking of Swisscom, the operator is hoping to strengthen its management team with a few changes: Mario Rossi is the new CFO, Andreas König becomes CEO of Swisscom IT Services, while Urs Schaeppi will take over management of Swisscom Switzerland from Jan. 1 2013. (See Swisscom Revamps Management Team.)Further details of Telefónica's planned initial public offering for its German unit have emerged, reports Reuters, with between 10 and 20 percent of the company up for grabs, valued by Telefónica at €10 billion ($12.9 billion). The Spanish giant announced its IPO intentions earlier this year. The operator has also signed what it calls a "jumbo credit facility" with two Chinese banks, giving it access to an additional $1.2 billion. (See Telefónica Plans Regional IPOs.)Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH claims that the European Commission is not happy with the operator's proposed $1.7 billion takeover of rival Orange Austria Telecommunication GmbH. and will investigate the deal further, according to Reuters. (See EC Looks Again at Orange Austria Takeover.)BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA) has had to turn to Humax Co. Ltd. , the South Korean vendor, for additional set-top boxes after those from its regular supplier, U.K.-based Pace plc , did not come up to scratch, reports the Financial Times (subscription required). The carrier is in the process of launching its YouView IPTV service and needs all the set-top boxes it can get.Italy's antitrust authority has launched an investigation into an alleged cartel between Telecom Italia, Vodafone and Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA aiming at preventing startup MVNO Bip Mobile from gaining a foothold in the market, reports Reuters.Staff at British Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) specialist Tribold are set to raise £15,000 ($25,360) for two children's charities by taking part in a 24-hour cycle relay stretching 200 miles between south Wales and London, ending today. Good on 'em... Find out more about the company's Cycle Challenge by clicking here.
Huawei, ZTE Get Grilled in US
The documents from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) proceedings, which can all be found at the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) website, are worth a look.Chairman Mike Rogers laid out the concerns at the heart of the "investigation into the threat posed to the United States by telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies with believed ties to the Chinese government."You can read his opening statement here.He was followed by Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, who helped set the tone: "The fact that both companies, Huawei and ZTE, were created and headquartered in China, a country known to aggressively conducts [sic] cyber espionage, raises issues."You can read his opening gambit here.Charles Ding, Corporate Senior Vice President, spoke on behalf of Huawei, while Zhu Jinyun, Senior Vice President for North America and Europe, represented ZTE.As you'd expect, both companies argued that they are not doing anything that anyone need worry about. Here are a few extracts from Huawei's testimony, which you can read in full here:"Huawei is entirely owned by its employees. No third party -- including government institutions -- has any ownership interest in Huawei. Huawei’s success has not been based on favoritism or subsidization by the Chinese government… As a global company that earns a large part of its revenue from markets outside of China, we know that any improper behavior would blemish our reputation, would have an adverse effect in the global market, and ultimately would strike a fatal blow to the company’s business operations. Our customers throughout the world trust Huawei. We will never do anything that undermines that trust. It would be immensely foolish for Huawei to risk involvement in national security or economic espionage. Let me be clear -- Huawei has not and will not jeopardize our global commercial success nor the integrity of our customers’networks for any third party, government or otherwise. Ever."Although we want to expand our presence in the U.S. and thus create more employment and growth opportunities, we have been hindered by unsubstantiated, non-specific concerns that Huawei poses a security threat. We have respectfully asked HPSCI to provide us with any allegations it has that Huawei has engaged in national security or economic espionage. HPSCI has not responded to this request. If HPSCI has specific allegations that Huawei has engaged in cyber espionage, we ask it again to tell us, so that we will have the opportunity to respond and specifically address any concerns the Committee may have."And here are some extracts from ZTE's presentation, which you can read in full here. One could argue that it's a little over-enthusiastic at some points…"Because most of ZTE’s business is mostly international, ZTE must comply with laws in countries throughout the world. While ZTE appreciates its position in China’s expanding telecom market, ZTE is focused on its success as a multinational company. ZTE is not an SOE [state-owned-enterprise] or government controlled. Indeed, ZTE is China’s most independent, transparent, globally focused, publicly traded telecom company."Being a global publicly traded company naturally imposes a set of broadly recognized responsibilities and business norms. ZTE’s cooperation with this Committee’s investigation is one example. In our view, ZTE has set a new precedent for cooperation by any Chinese company with a US congressional investigation."ZTE’s ultimate success depends on our ability to serve as a trusted partner for US telecom carriers. No company has a greater stake in promoting effective US cyber security than ZTE."
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