Vecima to explore strategic alternatives

2012-08-31 14:52:22

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Vecima to explore strategic alternatives
Vecima Networks Inc., which offers products for hybrid fiber/coax and wireless broadband applications, has hired Stifel Nicolaus & Co. as its financial advisor as it explores strategic alternatives that will boost its value to the company shareholders.The company says that, despite what it asserts is a strong balance sheet, its current share price is lower than it should be. Potential moves that will be explored include partnerships, alternative strategic business models, a sale of assets, or other transactions."During this process, we will remain focused on managing our growth in revenue and profitability which is driven by our investment in research and development and introduction of new products," stated Dr. Surinder Kumar, chairman and CEO.The company declined to predict how long this review will take. It also said it will not comment on the effort’s progress until it either ends or there is an action to announce.
Tamares Telecom deploys Xtera 100-Gbps SLTE
Israeli communications services provider Tamares Telecom has begun operations on a new network that combines undersea and terrestrial links. The network, which connects Israel to hubs in Europe, uses the Nu-Wave Optima platform from Xtera Communications Inc. in a submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) configuration.The Nu-Wave Optima platform offers 70x100-Gbps capacity per fiber pair on the network, which includes a new submarine cable that connects Israel to Marseille. From Marseille, the network continues to Frankfurt and London.Xtera partnered with IT International Telecom (IT), a subsea network integrator, to provide Tamares Telecom with a turnkey package including supply and installation of both transmission equipment and cable."This region has experienced explosive growth in traffic from the local high-tech boom as well as R&D centers of global giants including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, and Motorola," said Amir Goldstein, executive vice chairman of Tamares Telecom. "We are happy to work with Xtera and IT's cutting-edge technology that enables our network to provide carriers and enterprises with confidence in the quality and security of their international connections."
Lumish new CEO and chairman of optical comb company Pilot Photonics
Dr. Stan Lumish, former CTO of JDSU (and member of Lightwave’s Editorial Advisory Board), has been named CEO and chairman of Pilot Photonics Ltd., a company focused on optical comb subsystems development based in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Lumish replaces Dr. Philip Perry, the founding CEO of the privately held company.Dr. Perry will remain on Pilot Photonics’ board while he returns to Dublin City University and optical transmission research.Pilot Photonics develops optical comb source subsystems targeted at next-generation optical communications networks. The subsystems can be used with a variety of multicarrier optical transmission technologies, such as coherent optical OFDM, coherent WDM, and Nyquist WDM.“We are extremely excited to have Dr. Lumish join the company,” said Dr. Frank Smyth, Pilot Photonics CTO, via a company press release. “He brings an invaluable wealth of experience, industry connections, and business acumen at an important time in the company’s development. Stan will help us take the business to the next level.”Dr. Lumish has spent more than 25 years in optical networking, with stints at AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies as well as JDSU. He most recently spent 18 months in Iraq and Afghanistan working for the United States Department of Defense on economic stabilization efforts.“I’ve been working with Pilot Photonics for several months now; they have a solid technology, a committed team, and are poised for growth,” commented Dr. Lumish in the same release. "As highlighted by recent flex-grid deployments, even 100G per channel is not enough to satisfy the insatiable demand for bandwidth. Pilot Photonics has optical comb source technology to deliver the capacity expansion offered by flex-grid and multicarrier systems. We’re looking forward to this year’s ECOC in Amsterdam where we plan to demonstrate our comb product line.”
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