AppliedMicro unveils CMOS transmitter ICs for 100G networks

2012-08-06 18:06:25

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aQuestora selects LG-Ericsson and Genexis as broadband suppliers
Dutch network connectivity provider aQuestora is planning to deliver optical fiber-based broadband infrastructure utilizing LG-Ericsson’s Ethernet Access 1100 universal fiber platform and Genexis’ Hybrid series customer premises equipment (CPE).aQuestora provides connectivity services to service providers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and end users in communities across The Netherlands. As an open neutral access provider, the company is building open access broadband networks that grow business and accelerate public access to next-generation high-speed services.aQuestora says LG-Ericsson’s EA 1100 platform is an ideal fit for its needs. The EA 1100 supports gigabit-bandwidth point-to-point symmetrical services per user over a flexible arrangement of fiber distribution technologies. The system guarantees secure separation of user traffic and provides robust quality of service capabilities that support stringent SLA requirements. This will enable aQuestora to provide secure services to both business and residential customers, and the flexibility to support multiple service providers.Genexis’s open-access CPE portfolio is becoming a popular choice for many FTTH deployments worldwide, the company says. aQuestora selected the Hybrid product line because it is a fully modular home gateway offering a cost-effective and flexible service platform. From investment and installation through to operation, Genexis’s products deliver the lowest total lifecycle cost of ownership. Genexis’ long-lasting partnership with LG-Ericsson is a solid proof point for end-to-end interoperability.“aQuestora has succeeded in finding reliable partners to achieve the set goals positioning itself as a neutral open active operator,” said Jan Herps, co-founder and director aQuestora. “Our customers are service providers in the widest range, including the rapidly upcoming services in healthcare. They accept only the highest reliability, and we have the same criteria in the selection of our business partners, as we did with LG- Ericsson and Genexis.”aQuestora’s projects are moving from planning and customer sign-up phase to implementation, with intention to roll out municipal, school and healthcare networks starting in the second half of 2012.
fSONA adds power over Ethernet option to optical wireless system
Free-space optical (FSO) systems vendor fSONA Networks Corp. has added a new power option for its SONAbeam free space optical wireless links. The SONAbeam Z and E series can now be ordered with or upgraded to Power over Ethernet (PoE). This new option will save operators time and money during installation by eliminating need for separate cabling, the vendor says.A SONAbeam Z or E system adapted with the PoE kit can be connected to any standard network port using the PoE kit, via the included injector. The company says SONAbeam with PoE saves time and money during installation by eliminating the need for separate cabling and, in some instances, separate contractors to run both power and Ethernet. There will be three versions of the SONAbeam PoE kit – one each for North American, European and Universal power cord types.“Power over Ethernet simplifies installation by running both power and connectivity over the same type of cable,” said fSONA President and CEO, Andrew Grieve. “This reduces time to deployment and increases ROI for our customers who want to avoid delays and get connected quickly.”The SONAbeam E series connects locations up to 1000 m apart at speeds up to 2.5 Gbps (OC-48/STM-16). The SONAbeam Z series is optimized for links up to 500 m and also operates at speeds up to 2.5 Gbps.fSONA says the main benefit of its SONAbeam is to eliminate the substantial costs of digging up streets and sidewalks required to install fiber. Unlike other wireless solutions, the SONAbeam is immune to electro-magnetic (EM) and radio-frequency (RF) interference which means no licensing is required. The SONAbeam’s high-powered laser transmitters are able to penetrate heavy rain, snow and fog far more effectively and consistently than any other available FSO technology.
AppliedMicro unveils CMOS transmitter ICs for 100G networks
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (NASDAQ: AMCC), has unveiled what it claims is the world’s fastest CMOS transmitter ICs for DWDM line-side applications. With line rates up to 31.8 Gbps per channel, AppliedMicro says its S28032 DQPSK Mux chips pave the way for wide-scale deployment in 100G DWDM Optical Transport Network (OTN) applications as operators increasingly seek higher bandwidth solutions and greater network density.CMOS ICs provide a scalable high-volume, low-power approach for ramping 100G deployments. AppliedMicro’s S28032 provides a flexible interface to connect either FPGAs or ASICs running hard- or soft-decision Forward-Error Correction (FEC) on a 10 or 20-lane SFI-S bus to optical drivers for DP-QPSK and other DWDM optical systems. The S28032 supports line rates from 27 Gbps through 31.8 Gbps for applications with 7%, 15%, or 20% FEC overhead.This flexibility should open the door to use of the device by both system houses looking to improve their in-house designs and transponder vendors working with DSP technology from NEL, says Tim Warland, product marketing manager, connectivity solutions, at AppliedMicro. In fact, the company has two lead customers for the S28032, one from each camp, he says.Warland say these early access partners have already demonstrated error-free transmission in their labs in preparation for field trials. Carriers and network operators will see next generation DWDM systems featuring the S28032 early in 2013.“Our previously announced Gearbox product set the bar for performance in 100GBASE-LR4 applications, supporting ODB (optical duo-binary) pre-coding for metro networks,” said George Jones, vice president of connectivity solutions at AppliedMicro, via a press release. “Our new S28032 extends AppliedMicro’s leadership position in 100G CMOS PHY products to the DWDM network for metro, regional and long-haul 100Gbps applications.”Evaluation boards and AppliedMicro’s S28032 are sampling now. Production quantities are expected in the second half of this year.
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