China Telecom Jiangsu to deploy ASSIA DSL Expresse

2012-08-01 18:16:41

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Sidera Networks upgrades NY/NJ Xtreme Ultra Low Latency Network
Network services provider Sidera Networks says it has completed a major upgrade to its Xtreme Ultra Low Latency Network that will lower transmission latency between financial data centers and exchanges in the New York/New Jersey Metro area. As part of the upgrade, Sidera Networks now offers connections to NYSE Euronext’s Mahwah, NJ, data center.The latency reductions cover connections to the following data centers:1400 Federal Boulevard, Carteret, NJ 755 Secaucus Road, NJ  300 Boulevard East, Weehawken, NJ   Mahwah Financial Data Center, NJ   165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ  111 8th Avenue, NY "Network connectivity is key to any company's ability to transact and access information," comments Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of the Tabb Group. "The New York/New Jersey market is an important region for the financial services market. There are exchanges, market data hubs, and other key data housed in these data centers throughout the region. Network redundancy, reliability, and accessibility to these information hubs are key concerns for companies as they architect their networks for more efficient communications."Sidera asserts it meets the requirements Tabb describes. Its seven Manhattan river crossings and unique conduit system in the metro area offer diversity, while Sidera’s Transcom route from New York to Washington, DC, offers redundancy. The company also says it offers the lowest latency routes from the New York/New Jersey metro area to other financial centers such as Chicago, Toronto, and London.“Since the development and launch of the Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network in 2010, Sidera Networks has proudly served the low-latency requirements of financial services market,” said Clint Heiden, president, Sidera Networks. “We have committed to customers that we will maintain our low-latency edge so that they can meet their application requirements, including electronic trading. When completed, this upgrade will deliver on that commitment.”
Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro simplifies MPO testing
Fluke Networks has introduced the MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Light Source, which the company asserts is the first Multi-Fiber Push On (MPO) fiber trunk tester that can validate the performance of all 12 trunk fibers simultaneously. The ability to validate all the fibers in a single test reduces MPO test time by nearly 95%, the company asserts.Few MPO fiber trunks are tested in the field, Fluke Networks asserts, because it takes an average of 6.5 minutes to set up and test each of the 12 fibers in an MPO trunk. The MultiFiber Pro can shrink MPO test time to approximately 20 seconds (14 seconds for set up, 6 seconds for testing), Fluke says. If a typical data center has 1,600 MPO trunks, Fluke estimates the MultiFiber Pro tester would save more than 155 hours of labor and $17,000 in costs, assuming an average burdened labor rate of $55.Features of the MultiFiber Pro include: a single “Scan All” test function that automatically tests all 12 fibers in an MPO connector  built-in polarity verification for end-to-end connectivity of MPO trunk cables  a user interface to display all 12 fiber test results   an onboard MPO connector that eliminates the need, cost, and complexity associated with a fan out cord  a “Select Individual Fiber” function that enables the user to troubleshoot a single fiber with more precision  a shuttered fiber connector that eliminates the need for dust caps and increases reliability by reducing contamination  integration with LinkWare 7 for results management and reporting.“With growth rates of 40 Gbps in data centers expected to grow by more than 175 percent by 2016, it’s critical that we provide our customers with a solution that makes the MPO testing process both easy and cost efficient,” said Jason Wilbur, vice president of datacom cabling and installation tools at Fluke Networks. “That need is compounded by the fact that pre-terminated MPO cables can be damaged or contaminated during transport and installation, and industry best practices dictate that validating performance is a critical step in ensuring data center performance.
China Telecom Jiangsu to deploy ASSIA DSL Expresse
DSL software tool supplier ASSIA, Inc. says it has reached an agreement with China Telecom Jiangsu, its first customer in China, to deploy ASSIA DSL Expresse to manage several million DSL links.China Telecom Jiangsu, one of the provincial telephone companies under the China Telecom umbrella, will use DSL Expresse in a variety of ways, ASSIA says. These include:Gain detailed visibility into its DSL network to how it can improve its broadband infrastructure Implement line-by-line diagnostics to ensure issues are resolved quickly and effectively  Offer reliable data-rate upgrades on existing DSL lines  Prioritize areas for fiber deployment via the DSL Expresse Service Recommender module  Streamline and improve customer support by integration of DSL Expresse with its existing network management software Implement a unified management platform with a consolidated, centralized view to manage all lines in all regions from provincial headquarters."ASSIA is proud to welcome China Telecom Jiangsu to its global customer community," said Dr. John Cioffi, CEO and chairman of ASSIA. "The broadband market in China is the largest in the world and growing quickly. ASSIA is pleased to serve this central role in helping China Telecom Jiangsu improve their DSL networks' performance and broadband service delivery to their customers.""The demand for high-speed broadband is exploding in Asia, and this demand is fueling the need for cutting-edge technologies such as ASSIA's to help service providers optimize their broadband services," said Jeff Heynen, directing analyst, broadband access and video, Infonetics. "The initial purchase of ASSIA in China exemplifies the emerging trend of increasing broadband performance and service offerings throughout Asia."
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