hellas online tests Cisco 100-Gbps technology

2012-07-29 18:09:19

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hellas online tests Cisco 100-Gbps technology
The Greek economy may be stagnant, but its bandwidth demands are not, judging from a recent blog post on Cisco’s website. According to the blog, written by Senior Manager of Service Provider Marketing for Routing and Switching Stephen Liu, Greek competitive carrier hellas online has trialed the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform equipped with 100-Gbps line cards.hellas online chose the Cisco ONS 15454 for its fiber-optic network, which now runs 4166 km nationwide, in 2009 (see “hellas online selects Cisco for national fiber network”). Rising bandwidth demands, spurred in part by a new interactive video services offering called “hol video club,” has led the carrier to begin planning for increased network capacity, according to Liu.Therefore, hellas online tested Cisco’s coherent-based 100-Gbps transmission technology on a route within Athens. Responding to questions from Lightwave, Sultan Dawood, a solutions marketing manager at Cisco, said the bidirectional link ran 38 km and carried live 10-Gbps traffic alongside the trial 100-Gbps wavelengths. The 100-Gbps transmissions included both 10-Gbps streams multiplexed into a single 100-Gbps wavelength as well as 100-Gigabit Ethernet traffic from Cisco routers.The blog states that the test successfully demonstrated that hellas online can run 100-Gbps wavelengths over its existing multi-wavelength 10-Gbps network. Dawood declined to discuss specific plans hellas online may have for 100-Gbps deployments, but noted that the operator put significant effort into the test.
TeliSwitch Solutions unveils PON Automated Optical Distribution Frame
Israeli optical switch developer TeliSwitch Solutions says it is ready to begin shipments of its new PON Automated Optical Distribution Frame (PON-AODF). The PON-AODF, which combines the company’s patented opto-mechatronic switching architecture with embedded splitters, enables operators to flexibly adjust PON splits as subscriber counts and bandwidth service demands require. Use of the PON-AODF can save up to 50% on OLT port allocations, according to company sources.Typical PON architectures are inflexible and inefficient, asserts TeliSwitch Solutions co-founder and CEO Rafi Ben-Atar. Operators must balance expected take rates and offerings across multiple service areas with initial requirements. This can lead to stranded OLT port bandwidth as carriers devote ports to different service areas based on expected requirements rather than current needs.By connecting the PON-AODF to OLT platforms in the central office, operators can ensure optimal use of each OLT port’s capacity, Ben-Atar says. As subscriber counts change or operators roll out new, higher-speed services, the PON-AODF can adjust accordingly, switching the OLT port to the appropriate splitter within the PON-AODF, which in turn is switched to the appropriate distribution fibers. This concept is illustrated in the diagram below (image courtesy TeliSwitch Solutions Ltd.):Use of the PON-AODF can dramatically improve port use efficiency, Ben-Atar says. The company provided Lightwave with the following table to illustrate this claim (image courtesy TeliSwitch Solutions Ltd.):Field trials of the PON-AODF have not yet been conducted, Ben-Atar states. But carriers such as French operator Free have conducted successful trials of the AODF technology at the heart of the product, he says. The switching mechanism will maintain its position during power outages, and the price of an AODF is “in the range” of passive optical distribution frames, Ben-Atar adds.The company has international ambitions for the PON-AODF and therefore is open to partnerships, Ben-Atar adds. Distribution agreements and OEM arrangements are among the options the company would consider, he says.
Ovum: Global service provider switching and routing sales to hit $15.4B this year
The global service provider switching and routing (SPSR) market may not have gotten off to a good start this year, but should right itself by the end of this year, according to market research and consulting firm Ovum. SPSR sales should grow 4.4% to $15.4 billion this year, according to Ovum’s “Market Share Alert: 1Q12 SP Switching & Routing.”Global SPSR revenue dropped 16.4% sequentially and 0.2% versus 1Q11 in the first half of 2012, Ovum reports. This is the first time SPSR quarterly revenue has declined from the year-earlier period since 4Q09.David Krozier, principal analyst, network infrastructure, at Ovum explains, “In 1Q12, annualized revenue growth paused. Declines in the IP/MPLS core and access switch and router segments were nearly balanced out by gains in the IP/MPLS edge and IP/Ethernet product segments.“The strongest performance in 1Q12 was in the smallest geographic segment, South & Central America (SCA), with sales up 25% from the year-ago quarter. North America (NA) produced 13% growth, while the Asia-Pacific market declined by 0.7% and the EMEA markets fell sharply, by 18.5%,” notes Krozier.Regional differences proved significant, according to Ovum. Vendors with significant exposure in South & Central America and North America bucked the overall trend in 1Q12 as both markets grew by double digits.Krozier adds, “Alcatel-Lucent turned in a particularly strong performance in South & Central America in the quarter, while Cisco produced record revenues in North America, and both vendors managed double-digit revenue growth in the Asia-Pacific region to outpace global growth.“SPSR carrier spending in NA and SCA will remain healthy, and the Asia-Pacific market will pick up as 2012 progresses. While the Southern European economies are a concern, Eastern Europe and MEA provide reasons for optimism in carrier spending in the EMEA region,“ concludes Krozier.
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