SFP Series forty-sixth Week News Abstract 7

2011-11-09 10:49:18

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Sigma Systems Telco Service Accelerator OSS targets FTTH triple play
Sigma Systems has introduced the Telco Services Accelerator, a residential service fulfillment system designed to enable telcos to create service bundles and seamlessly provision, activate, and manage residential Internet, SIP-based VoIP, and IPTV services over a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network.The company also has announced that Italian communications service provider Tiscali will use the Telco Services Accelerator to help provide services over its FTTH and ADSL networks. Bell Aliant is also a customer, according to the company.Sigma Systems’ Telco Services Accelerator is a SOA-based service fulfillment platform. Telco Services Accelerator enables telcos to create FTTH service bundles and manage all aspects of service fulfillment -- including order management; network, service and device provisioning; and service activation -- from a single platform. The OSS is designed to work over any FTTH architecture, as well as fiber to the node (FTTN) infrastructures. "Fiber to the home is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for telcos around the globe,” said Alan Breznick, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. “With this new network infrastructure, there is a whole new series of challenges and complexities when telcos deploy services, especially service bundles. Sigma Systems is seeking to eliminate many of these challenges and complexities associated with FTTH networks and help telcos deploy service bundles both more efficiently and quicker."According to the company, telcos can use the Telco Services Accelerator to provision OLTs and configure related ports for multi-service access by consumers. The platform also manages the subscriber connection, sets up voice and data lines, configures all services, and establishes ONT parameters to communicate back into the network. Fully integrated with Sigma Systems' Device Provisioning Manager, the Telco Services Accelerator also can enable telcos to efficiently provision customer premises equipment, including ONTs, IADs, home IP gateways, SIP devices, and set-top boxes.
Extron Electronics releases fiber-optic cabling system for audio/video transmission
FEBRUARY 3, 2011 -- Extron Electronics' line of fiber-optic cabling products--including cable, connectors, termination tools, and test equipment--extends the company's line of fiber-optic products. The cabling system joins Extron's existing line of extenders, matrix switchers, and distribution amplifiers for audio/video (A/V) and control signaling.Plenum-rated, bend-insensitive fiber-optic cable as well as factory-terminated cable assemblies in various lengths are available in OM4 multimode and singlemode versions. The Fiber Optic Termination Kit and LC connectors enable fast and reliable termination in the field, an Extron representative says. "To ensure system-wide reliability, use the FPM 101 fiber-optic power meter in conjunction with either the FLS 850 fiber-optic light source for multimode cabling or the FLS 1310 fiber optic light source for singlemode tools to measure optical power and loss throughout the fiber-optic infrastructure."The new additions to Extron's fiber-optic product line address several challenges often encountered in AV environments. Extron says its bend-insensitive fiber-optic cable is the first to be introduced to the A/V industry. "These duplex, plenum-rated cables enable pixel-perfect transmission of A/V signals in any intrabuilding environment and can be order preterminated in a variety of lengths, or as 2-kilometer bulk spools," a company representative notes. "The Quick LC connectors, termination kit and test equipment provide further installation convenience while ensuring optimal performance throughout the entire fiber infrastructure."The company's vice president of sales and marketing Casey Hall says, "Integrators have traditionally been required to use an assortment of brands when sourcing fiber-optic cabling and termination equipment to complete an installation. With the latest additions to our fiber-optics line, they have the convenience of getting the entire range of fiber products from a single manufacturer, from extenders and matrix switchers to fiber cables and termination tools.
Zhone Technologies increases FTTx traction in Nordics with FIKAS broadband AS fiber project
FEBRUARY 2, 2011 --  FIKAS Broadband AS (FIKAS), a community access television (CATV) and fiber operator in Norway, is deploying the MXK multi-service access node (MSAN) system from Zhone Technologies Inc., a provider of FTTx network access tools, in the Nordics.The MXK is serving as the groundwork of FIKAS’s fiber build out in the Hammerfest region of Norway, which will provide local consumers and businesses in northern Norway access to high-speed IP-based services over fiber. The region’s challenging terrain and climate conditions have hindered service delivery in the past. “Given our region’s tough atmospheric conditions of Arctic cold temperatures, strong winds and high humidity, FIKAS requires a highly reliable and weather-resistant access infrastructure solution,” explains Espen Hansen, CEO of FIKAS. “Zhone’s MXK platform is ideal for these conditions, as well as our bandwidth needs. It provides an extensively redundant, temperature-hardened and scalable solution in our customer communities and we’re excited to have Zhone as a trusted partner that helps us achieve high-quality deployments in a cost-efficient manner.”The MXK enables FIKAS to build and transition a fiber network with zero downtime of existing services, a key factor in FIKAS’s decision to deploy with Zhone, says a representative. Specifically, the MXK’s high-capacity design provides legacy and advanced service support and maximum service differentiation while ensuring system redundancy and high reliability.“As noted by FIKAS, the MXK aligns well with the unique needs for their network and their customers, especially given its demand for high reliability, fast uptime and impressive redundancy features,” says Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer of Zhone. “Despite the challenges posed by the climatic conditions in the northern parts of Norway, Zhone is committed to providing FIKAS with an extremely reliable and high performance advanced broadband access network. The consequences of interrupted service are critical; consumers expect continuous delivery of their voice, video and data. FIKAS is a key customer for Zhone as it continues to expand its presence in the Nordics and other parts of Western Europe.”Zhone’s MXK platform is a fully redundant, carrier-grade all-IP platform and the industry’s first terabit access concentrator. Featuring industry-leading density, scalability and switching capacity, the MXK provides non-blocking capacity of up to 3,600 100 Mbps  GPON subscribers or 360 1G Active Ethernet subscribers. In addition, the MXK’s ability to support for Active Ethernet and GPON on the same system enables FIKAS to configure its networks with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Zhone’s future-proof MXK platform also offers FIKAS multi-access points at highly efficient capacities and costs and enables the utility to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate additional broadband technologies such as10G GPON as consumer demand dictate in the future and technologies evolve to support higher bandwidth.LOS Bynett and Tussa Kraft in the Nordic region also announced in late 2010 that they are using the MXK to expand their fiber networks and deliver advanced triple-play services.  
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