Cortina updates 10G EPON, EPON/GPON chips

2012-06-08 12:18:35

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Enablence Technologies management warns of insolvency
Management at optical component and subsystems vendor Enablence Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ENA) warned yesterday as they reported results for the company’s fiscal third quarter that the company’s cash reserves are almost gone. Should a last-minute source of funds not present itself, the company faces insolvency.The company’s fiscal woes cost CEO and board member Tim Thorsteinson his job, as his contract was not renewed. Board members John Roland and Peter Dey will manage an executive committee that will include four management employees that will run the company until a successor is found.However, the company may not be solvent by that time. "We are working diligently to secure additional financing and pursue other strategic alternatives. However with the current levels of operating losses and resulting cash outflows, it has proven much more challenging than we had hoped," said Dey, who is chair of the board of directors. "While we continue to work with potential investors, there is no assurance that our efforts will be successful, and that we will be able to renegotiate our existing obligations. If we are not successful, we will be forced to pursue formal insolvency proceedings."Enablence has stopped making payments on its $3.0 million convertible debenture, and is in violation of bank covenants for a $2.8 million secured note payable.The cash shortfall comes despite the company’s plan to sell off its systems businesses and return to its roots as a component and subsystems company (see "Enablence leaving FTTH systems market"). Enablence sold its PON equipment business to Aurora Networks (see “Aurora Networks buys Trident7 PON line from Enablence Technologies”) and completed the sale of its Teledata Networks Ltd. to Godan Ventures LP, established by Taldan Capital Partners LLP, during the just concluded quarter. However, management described proceeds from this second sale as “nominal,” although Enablence reported a $13.4 million gain on the deal because of the excess of liabilities over assets at the time of the transaction.For the quarter, Enablence reported revenues declined $5.5 million (66%) year-on-year. Management says a downturn in demand for arrayed waveguide grating and multiplexer and demultiplexer (VMUX) optical components was to blame. Pricing pressures continue to increase as well, management says.
PMC offers second generation of HyPHY metro OTN devices
PMC (NASDAQ:PMCS) has announced sampling of the second generation of the company’s HyPHY Optical Transport Network (OTN) processor family for designs targeted at metro applications. The new chips include the HyPHY 20Gflex and the HyPHY 10Gflex.Both devices are ODU0-channelized metro OTN processors that support the newly approved OIF-compliant OTN-over-Packet Fabric system interface. The PM5450 HyPHY 20Gflex delivers what PMC asserts is the industry’s highest density with 16xSFP and 2x10G XFP/SFP+ interfaces along with what the company describes as “Any-Port, Any-Rate, and Any-Service” flexibility for the transport of Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, SONET/SDH, SAN, and video over an OTN infrastructure. This flexibility derives from the use of an independent, rate-agile SERDES with integrated PLLs that enables operation from a single reference. This design eliminates external timing components and thus reduces cost, power, and footprint, PMC says.The PM5456 HyPHY 10Gflex offers similar capabilities for lower-density applications.Common features of the two devices include:Transparent, semi-transparent, and MAC-terminated transport of Ethernet, with onboard Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCS/MACs, including support for Timing over Packet (IEEE 1588v2), Synchronous Ethernet, and Ethernet Link OAM (IEEE 802.3ah). Interoperability with OIF OTN-over-packet-fabric standard via PMC’s OTN Phase Signaling Algorithm and Constant Bit Rate Interface ology.  Integrated ODU0/ODUflex-granular framing, mapping, and switching. This includes up to 40G of OTN framing and 100G of OTN switching in a single chip, with the industry’s first on-board support for PTP (IEEE 1588v2) over OTN. Single-chip for DWDM muxponder and transponder, as well as OTN switching modes of operation. Integration of supplementary OTN framers, monitoring, and alarm insertion points to enable flexible protection switching schemes, such as Sub-Network Connection Protection (SNCP) for point-to-point, ring, or mesh topologies.  Flexible Interlaken and XAUI packet interface.PMC is confident that the market is ready for chips with these capabilities and densities.“With commitment to mass deployment of OTN-switched networks in critical geographies like China, it’s evident that OTN solves the industry’s need to profitably build out scalable metro transport networks,” said Babak Samimi, vice president of marketing and applications for PMC’s Communications Products Division. “With our purpose-built HyPHY Flex ASSPs, PMC is enabling our customers to consolidate their line cards and bring a new class of OTN products to market that is optimized for transporting a multitude of packet services at the lowest total cost of ownership.”Metro transport networks are quickly evolving towards scalable OTN architectures in order to handle the growth in packet services,” confirmed Zhang Chengliang, deputy chief engineer, Beijing Research Institute, China Telecom. “Network operators need multiservice metro OTN equipment that can address the wide range of OTN-switched and lambda-switched network deployments that are ongoing globally.”
Cortina updates 10G EPON, EPON/GPON chips
Communications semiconductor developer Cortina Systems, Inc. has unveiled several new PON silicon devices. They include the CS8124 Quad 10G EPON OLT with integrated advance traffic management, the CS8160 10G EPON ONU for multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) applications, and the CS8232 Dual Mode EPON/GPON ONU with home gateway capabilities.Cortina touts the CS8124 10G EPON OLT as the first quad 10G EPON OLT on the market. It supports both SIEPON and Version 1 of the DOCSIS Provisioning of EPON (DPoE) standards. It offers four ports of 10G EPON MACs, SerDes, and an IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON-compliant power saving engine. It also features a traffic management core based Cortina’s fielded CS8022 1G EPON OLT design that supports Layer 2 switch and VLAN processing. For mobile backhaul applications, it also supports IEEE 1588v2, IEEE 802.1AS, and 1PPS+ToD timing synchronization.The CS8160 10G EPON ONU system on a chip (SoC) device pairs with the CS8124 to support 10G EPON services to MDUs. It supports 2048 queues and 256 subscribers. It offers the same support for IEEE P1904.1 SIEPON sleep modes, DPoE, and mobile backhaul synchronization schemes as the CS8124.The CS8232 EPON/GPON device enables ONU vendors to develop either home gateways or bridging ONUs that would be equally at home in EPON and GPON networks. Cortina expects this capability to prove popular in markets, such as China, where both EPON and GPON are being deployed. The device supports such OAM schemes as IEEE 802.1ag and Y.1731 CFM. It also offers a variety of integrated power saving modes, including IEEE 802.3az EEE, IEEE 1904.1 SIEPON, and G.supp45.The CS8232 EPON/GPON ONU device is currently sampling; the other chips should reach the sampling stage in June. The chips’ arrivals should be well timed. "Global PON equipment revenue shot up 27% in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter, led by healthy increases in EPON and GPON shipments with 10G EPON growth expected to start in 2012 and increasing over 2013-2016," said Jeff Heynen, directing analyst for broadband access and video at Infonetics Research. "This growth requires chip and system vendors to supply operators with a diverse range of products, such as bridge to gateway ONUs and in the central office an upgrade pathway to high density solutions. Cortina is releasing products targeted at the sweet spot of the market growth."
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