What is QSFP?

2012-05-16 14:04:28

QSFP (or quad SFP) is widely used in Technical Computing for InfiniBand interconnect. QSFP is the standard connect for 40Gbps IB also known as Quad Data Rate (QDR). QSFP is also the IEEE standard connector for the emerging 40GbE standard. The 10Gtek using a QSFP as a pre-standard, but fully compliant interconnect for 4 x 10GbE. The 10Gtek leverages the density of QSFP to effectively quadruple available front panel bandwidth in a space only marginally larger than SFP+. Like SFP+, QSFP supports both copper and optical cabling solutions. Copper cables, known as "Direct Attach" or "TwinX", are terminated with special electrically coupled fittings that snap directly into the QSFP "cage" obviating the need for costly transceivers. For applications that require optical interconnect, 10Gtek provides a 10Gbps QSFP Short Wavelength Transceiver Pluggable, Parallel-Fiber-Optics Transceiver. Optical cables are available from 10Gtek as a 3rd party suppliers. Complianta Optical cables must be terminated with a MTP/MPO connector. 10Gtek supplies optical Sputter cables with MTP/MPO (for attachment to the QSFP transceiver) and 4 LC connectors applicable to any compliant 10GbE NIC or switch port.