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2012-04-03 11:28:11

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
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Global Taps Keito Fiber to Upgrade Colombia's Network Infrastructure
Global Telecom, a provider of broadband services in Colombia, announced that it has selected Keo from China, manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic products, to provide 12,000 km of optical fiber to upgrade expand and maintain its network.According to a release, the installation will not only increase capacity for voice and data in areas already served by the company, but also enable it to offer full GEPON network services and more than 100 Mbts per customer, a lot more bandwidth than its competitors in Colombia--all while improving the customer experience."Following a competitive bidding process, we selected Keito to provide us with their fiber that exceeded our customers' demands for increased bandwidth and that also met our aggressive economical requirements," said Global CTO Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo. "This investment will not only allow our company to satisfy the quality and coverage requirements of our existing customers, but also interconnect additional 82 other municipalities in the all regions of Colombia, completing a total of 242 municipalities.""The purchase of Keito optical fiber cable gives Global an important competitive advantage over other Colombian companies that provide internet and broadband services, since GEPON provides a better cost efficient and permit offer fiber-to-the-Premises services which is more efficient as compared with standard HFC networks used by other companies," said Adela Lin, President of Keito. "This purchase demonstrates Global's commitment to constant improvement and focus on providing the last mile to corporate customers."
Andrew LLC Receives Approval for Trademark DEVICE OF BAND OF ZIGZAK FORM
Mumbai, Feb. 25 -- Andrew LLC of Hickory, USA received approval from Office of The Trade Marks Registry on the trademark DEVICE OF BAND OF ZIGZAK FORM (2013819).The description of the mark registered is "Communications cables, namely, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, twisted pair cable, and hybrids thereof, patch cables, jumper cables, trunk cables; communications cable connectors for coaxial, fiber optic and twisted pair cables and hybrids thereof, plugs, jacks, connecting blocks, face plates, adaptors, coaxial and fiber optic taps, closures, shelves and patch panels; patch panel controllers; communications cable accessories, namely, surge protectors, power strips, cable hangers, conduit, brackets, clips, clamps, grounding clamps, tool kits, namely connector terminators and crimpers; and frames, cabinets, runway and horizontal and vertical cable manager housings for supporting, organizing and protecting multiple communications cables; cabinets for housing back-up batteries, power supplies, and electronic equipment for telecommunications systems; antennas, base station antennas, dual-polarized antennas, remote electrical tilt antennas, point to point antennas, microwave antennas, radio frequency antennas, radiating radio frequency cables, broadband antennas; base station and in-building wireless equipment, namely indoor antennas, distributed antennas, fiber-based distributed antennas, radio-over-fiber distributed antennas, transmitters, receivers, transceivers, amplifiers, diplexers, triplexers, combiners, repeaters, filters, splitters, couplers, terminations, processors for repeating, reshaping and/or reformatting data signals; waveguides, elliptical waveguides, rigid and flexible waveguides, waveguide bridges; antenna mounts, antenna support brackets and clamps, sector frames, monopole t-frames, pipe mounts, cable ladders, water tower mounts, rooftop mounts, microwave dish mounts, chain mounts, ice shields; grounding kits, ground wires, ground rods, ground bars, ground clamps and connectors; pressurization equipment for use in pressurizing radio frequency transmission lines and antennas, namely dehumidifiers, pumps and compressors; electronic equipment and systems comprised of processors, transceivers and controllers, and computer systems software used to process communications signals for geo-location of devices, manage and control remote equipment and systems, and evaluate wireless voice and data transmissions." It comes under Class 9 Trademark classification.
EdgeCast selects Geo Networks to deploy CDN in London
Content delivery network operator EdgeCast Networks has chosen dark fiber from Geo Networks to deploy new infrastructure for transferring media files and applications to its ISP customers in London, says Geo.This two-year deal sees Geo provide a resilient, low-latency network directly between EdgeCast data centers in London. Three fiber pairs, one of which is a diverse route, connect the Telecity sites in Docklands, with a fourth route traveling to Telehouse East."The Geo network enables us to confidently transfer content to our customers with the knowledge that it is secure and will be delivered quickly to their end users. Geo’s historic high network availability levels were a key consideration," said Mike Kleiman, CFO at EdgeCast.Routed via the London sewer system, the Geo-managed network offers EdgeCast a cost-effective, dedicated infrastructure that guarantees its data is physically separately from other carrier routes, Geo asserts. This ensures fast content delivery and zero traffic congestion, which is essential for meeting the demanding needs of the company’s more than 4,000 customers, who require rich media content without delay, the company adds."As people continue to consume prolific media of all types, CDNs are faced with the challenge of delivering content faster than ever. Our network offers a unique solution which ensures security, reliability and speed," said Caroline Ward, group director of sales at Geo. "This is the second large CDN client we have signed in this sector and we are continuing to see demand from similar companies looking for ways to deploy London-based or national infrastructures for content delivery."
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