GTS Extend Its Fiber Network to Croatia

2012-03-30 11:14:43

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OptixSoft intros OTDR trace analyzer for iPhone and iPad
OptixSoft, a developer of custom software for fiber-optic test and measurement, has introduced Fiberizer, a mobile OTDR data analysis application for iPhone and iPad platforms.Fiberizer is probably the easiest way for fiber-optic technicians and analysts to work with OTDR traces on the go, the company says.  Being able to access and analyze data right from their mobile devices will reduce the time from fiber measurement to qualified analysis. Integration of the Fiberizer app with cloud providers such as Google Docs and DropBox provides an easy way for teams to share data, and will help to improve the response time if any problems are found.The app supports universal Telcordia GR-196 and SR-4731 *.sor formats, and is compatible with most modern OTDRs.
GTS extend its fiber network to Croatia
GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading infrastructure-based telecommunications operator and data center service provider in CEE, has extended its fiber optic network to Croatia. This investment follows continued growth of GTS's international network within Balkan region and complements previous fiber constructions towards Serbia and with Slovenia."The new network extension to Croatia offers present and future customers the opportunity to improve their connectivity and to add new services to the Southeast European market," said Ignacio Irurita, CTO at GTS Central Europe."Our plan is to continue expanding the infrastructure both geographically as well as in network depth in metropolitan areas. We are currently working on further network infrastructure expansions throughout the easternmost part of our network, creating the ultra high speed communications highway in Central and East Europe.The capacity of the system reaches 40 Gb/s per channel and a total of 96 channels, but thanks to the new generation DWDM system, can increase to as much as 100 Gb/s. The new technology facilitates a flexible response to customers' demands both in terms of network interfaces and bandwidth. The parameters of the network enable GTS to offer its full service portfolio also to customers in the newly commissioned area, and address capacity demands driven by IP traffic growth in the Balkan region.The new fiber optic network connects Budapest through Zalaegerszeg and Nagykanizsa, crosses the border at Letenye and extends to Varasdin. The new network section measures 180 km and increases the total length of GTS's backbone network in Hungary to 2300 km.
Cisco First to Deliver 100G at 3,000 km Distances Without Need for Regeneration; Successful Demonstration of Ciscoâ(EURO)(TM)s Ultra Long-Haul Coherent 100G DWDM Technology Validated by EANTC
February 22, 2012 SAN JOSE -- Cisco announced the successful demonstration and validation of its coherent 100 Gigabit (100G) dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) solution exceeding 3,000 km in reach, without the need for complex Raman optical amplification technology or signal regeneration signals. This distance is 50 percent further than any non-Raman alternative solution on the market today.By eliminating the need for Raman amplification, regeneration and dispersion compensation, carriers can add 100G services on top of existing infrastructures originally designed for 10G technology, providing better investment protection and simplifying network upgrades. The Cisco solution has been tested at a number of service providers and research networks, including US Signal . The performance was also validated by EANTC, the European Advanced Network Test Center. The Cisco optical solution also demonstrates the ability to reach transmission rates up to 400 Gbps and ultimately up to one Tbps. Networks engineered to meet 100Gbps requirements will be able to be upgraded in service without affecting existing traffic. Highlights/Key Facts The Cisco coherent DWDM solution is capable of reaching distances up to 3,000 km without the need for expensive Raman optical amplifiers or regeneration. The performance was independently validated by EANTC. The technology demonstration provides a roadmap up to 400 Gbps and up to one Tbps rates using the same advanced signal processing technology acquired in 2010 from Cisco's acquisition of CoreOptics . Networks engineered to meet 100Gbps requirements will be able to be upgraded to higher data rates without affecting existing traffic. The 100G Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP Multiservice Transport Platform (MSTP) can support 42 100G wavelengths in a single bay, nearly three times the density of competing solutions. The Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP is a key component in the industry's most comprehensive 100 gigabit solution, including the Cisco CRS-3 for the network core, the Cisco ASR 9000 Series for the network edge, and the Nexus 7000 for the data center. The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, 2010-2015 projects that global Internet traffic will increase more than fourfold to 767 exabytes, or more than 3/4 th a Zettabyte, by 2015. This amount is 100 exabytes higher than the projected level in 2013, or an increase the equivalent of 10 times all the traffic traversing IP NGNs in 2008. Light Reading, the leading online publication for the global telecom industry, recently completed the world's first publicly available test of an end-to-end cloud services infrastructure for performance, security and management . The test, conducted by EANTC, covered all aspects of Cisco's CloudVerse solution, from the data center through the access and core network, including the ability to offer high security and priority for different customers' traffic and the ability to handle and scale both business and consumer applications. Bill Gartner, VP/GM Optical Transport Business Unit, Cisco "Service providers around the globe see the need to prepare for the next-generation Internet and facilitate an increasing demand for video, collaboration, and distributed computing. These successful demonstrations are a testament to Cisco's commitment to leading the industry in optical technology, both at 100G and beyond."
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