100-Gbps Coherent Optical Equipment Designs

2012-03-28 11:12:03

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Southern Photonics, Micram launch 34GS/s arbitrary waveform generator
Southern Photonics Ltd, a New Zealand-based specialist in high-speed optical test and measurement, in collaboration with Micram Microelectronic GmbH, has launched a 34-GS/s (giga-samples per second) arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). The instrument will be demonstrated for the first time at OFC/NFOEC 2012 in Los Angeles, California on March 6-8, 2012.Co-developed by Southern Photonics and Micram, the AWG-34G is a fully integrated fast AWG system that enables researchers and engineers to generate high-order complex modulation formats, such as 16QAM, at speeds of up to 136 Gbps. The AWG-34G leverages the power of Micram’s VEGA DACII ultrafast signal converter to deliver what the partners claim is the world’s fastest AWG performance of up to 34 GS/s."Currently available bench-top AWGs simply do not have the bandwidth necessary to meet the needs of future communications systems development," said Dr. John Harvey, CEO of Southern Photonics. "By leveraging Micram’s unique ultrafast VEGA signal converter technology, we are enabling researchers to generate any high-speed multi-level electronic signal they require, and convert them into complex modulated optical signals using our IQ Transmitter, which we are also demonstrating at OFC.  We can then fully characterize the optical performance with the IQScope, our new Complex Modulation Analysis tool."By offering a complete suite of tools, Southern Photonics says its customers and partners can focus their efforts on their R&D priorities, instead of being distracted by the need to build their own signal generators, sources, or characterization tools.The AWG-34G also incorporates a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the company claims. The AWG-34G generates simple arbitrary waveforms, which can then be easily modified via its integrated “Making Waves” GUI to achieve complex operations such as precompensation for channel dispersion. A built-in library of PRBS patterns enables engineers to generate waveforms for system and device evaluation and optimization. "Micram has successfully placed VEGA technology in research labs worldwide, but an increasing number of our customers want a complete turnkey solution for waveform generation," said Dr. Matthias Tom Frei, CEO of Micram. "By partnering with Southern Photonics’ expert software and system design teams, we can now deliver a complete AWG system that fully utilizes the ultrafast speed of our devices in a simple, easy to use package."  Southern Photonics and Micram plan to continue working together on future products, he says.Southern Photonics and Micram will be demonstrating the AWG-34G in their respective booths at OFC/NFOEC. Southern Photonics booth is located at 2235 and Micram’s booth is at 2136.
Malta announces plans to roll out nationwide FTTH network
The Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications in the Republic of Malta has launched a call for expressions of interest in the rollout of a next-generation broadband infrastructure to supply ultra-fast broadband services across the islands of Malta and Gozo.The Government of Malta says it is committed to accelerating the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband services to all areas of Malta and Gozo, concentrating initially on priority broadband users such as schools, hospitals, businesses, and providers of other public services, where possible. Following this, it plans to reach all residential areas in a phased approach through a nationwide FTTH network."This network is essential for Malta to continue to be among the leading nations in the field of ICT, building upon its successes in creating new jobs in the ICT and service-based industries to Malta and enabling the Government to continue to be the European leader in eGovernment services. Our plans for eHealth and eLearning solutions, which will bring state-of-the-art healthcare and learning solutions into our homes, are dependent on having a resilient, future-proof network, offering services in a competitive environment," said Minister Austin Gatt.The objective of having an ultra-fast broadband network is in line with the EU-wide objective of 100-Mbps service availability and widespread take-up by 2020.The Government’s previous efforts in ICT have led to Malta becoming the European leader in eGovernment services, and being the first country in Europe to mandate 4-Mbps connections as the minimum threshold for access to the Internet.Following the publication of the "Green Paper on Next Generation Access Infrastructure", the Government carried out a series of consultations with stakeholders and commissioned a feasibility study to determine the cost of a FTTH network in Malta; the most suitable technologies to deploy; and the best investment model to implement. This has been a mammoth task involving the analysis and costing of various passive and active options, it says.These studies highlight the significant investment challenges associated with the rollout of ultra-fast broadband networks, and Government says it is prepared to share some of the risks and incentivize investment through direct intervention. Intervention by the Government will aim to ensure that wholesale access is available on the market to foster healthy retail competition. An appropriate range of wholesale products will be required to enable service providers to differentiate from each other.The Government of Malta says it will consider suitable investment and operational models, such as:a private design, build, and operate model, with state funds or assets being made available to the private investor to assist in the deployment of the new network; in this model the Government of Malta would have no role in the ownership or running of the network but may impose obligations in return for the funding a joint venture model where the ownership of the network would be split between Government and the private sector, with the construction and operational functions undertaken by the private sector.The call for expressions of interest is intended to lead to an open tender process in line with the OJEU Competitive Dialogue procedure. The bidder with the lowest amount of aid required will be the winner, subject to all other criteria being met.
Cortina Systems, Acacia Communications pair for 100-Gbps coherent optical equipment designs
Chip-maker Cortina Systems, Inc. and startup Acacia Communications have announced that Cortina’s CS605x 100G and 40G ASSP Optical Transport Network (OTN) processors will interoperate with Acacia’s 100G coherent optical modules. The combination is therefore ready to meet the needs of network equipment manufacturers looking to add coherent-based 100-Gbps capabilities to their systems, the companies say.The activities of Acacia Communications, based in Maynard, MA, have been a matter of industry speculation for some time. This the first public announcement referencing the company’s 100-Gbps coherent modules, which the Acacia Communications website suggests leverage “the continuous advances in sub-micron CMOS semiconductor technology in combination with Acacia's proprietary and novel DSP algorithms and high-speed optical architectures.” The site further reveals that Acacia expects to deliver the first 100-Gbps subsystem based on 40-nm CMOS processes.Matrix Partners, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and OFS are investors."Carriers require cost-effective solutions that support an unprecedented level of integration while meeting standards, enabling the deployment of high quality, data intensive services, and reducing operational costs," said John LoMedico, Acacia’s vice president of sales and business development, in a press statement. "Interoperability between our 100G Coherent Optical Module and the Cortina 100G ASSP OTN processor ensures a comprehensive 100G solution that will help drive high-performance, more cost-effective designs."Meanwhile, the Cortina CS605x family made its debut last November (see “Cortina Systems 100-Gbps ASSP targets converged OTN and Ethernet”). It offers such features as direct interface to optical modules, integrated jitter attenuation clean-up PLLs, and support for configurable forward error correction (FEC) options. The CS605x supports 100G (OTU4 and 100GbE) and 3x40G (OTU3 and 40GbE) interfaces and is capable of aggregating and mapping multiple protocols and client applications at 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps rates."Personalized services such as video streaming, mobile data coupled with emerging cloud computing, and hosted application services are driving service providers to upgrade to higher-capacity, faster, and more efficient networks deploying 100G wavelengths," said Arun Zarabi, vice president, Infrastructure Business Unit, Cortina Systems, in the same press release. "Our collaboration with Acacia reinforces Cortina's leadership and commitment to enabling OEMs and system vendors to bring high-performance, cost-effective 100G solutions to market quickly."
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