SFP series forty-fifth Week News Abstract 13

2011-11-05 10:51:09

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Reggefiber to deploy CORE FTTH gateways from Genexis
Dutch FTTH service provider Reggefiber will begin to deploy CORE FTTH gateways from Genexis in its FTTH networks starting in June 2011. The CORE gateways are the first to meet Reggefiber’s fiber termination standard, Genexis asserts.“Genexis and Reggefiber have successfully worked together in the past,” says Peter Kamphuis, director of operations from Reggefiber. “The CORE products fit our demands perfectly and we are therefore looking forward to continuing our collaboration.”The CORE product line comprises two member, the CORE Compact and the more capable CORE Advanced. The latter offers such features such as Gigabit services support, routing, WiFi, WDM-PON support, and USB. The smaller CORE Compact offers many of the same features (principally without WDM-PON and WiFi support).Reggefiber also will continue to deploy Genexis’s FiberXport products, the company says.
Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone selects Zhone Technologies’ MXK platform for FTTH, multi-service deployment
Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone Company has selected the MXK Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) system from Zhone Technologies Inc. to offer local residences and small businesses IP-based services, beginning this month.During a five-month trial period that concluded March 2011, the Zhone MXK demonstrated flexibility in facilitating network and service upgrades to a multi-service deployment, including ADSL2+, VDSL, and GPON services off the same MXK, leading to the full-scale deployment currently underway. Once the project is complete, Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone will deliver affordable and reliable high-speed Internet access and VoIP services to its customers via a copper and fiber network.“Our 1,100-line network addresses residential and business customers and it required an increased density and scale, which Zhone provides with its MXK solution,” says Kevin Osterbur, general manager of Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone. “Not only does the system offer increased bandwidth for our customers, but this upgrade promises additional savings and simpler upgrades in the future. The flexibility to support multiple services from the same MXK system and the availability of the 8-port GPON card were key factors in our decision to choose Zhone for our network build.”Zhone provides cost efficiency and service differentiation through the MXK, in combination with the zNID GPON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) that will be installed at the residence and business sites to support individual subscriber service needs.“We knew Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone needed a multi-service solution support for both DSL and fiber access solution with cost-effective and enhanced flexibility and scale and that was our primary goal with this project. However, because of our commitment to them as a long-term partner, we are also focused on providing the guidance needed to ensure their investment will support seamless network upgrades now and in the future as new customer demands dictate infrastructure expansions,” explains Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer for Zhone. “It’s clear from our recent North American momentum that the ease of use and flexibility of our fiber access solutions are core strengths that appeal to service providers, and we will continue to adapt our solutions to fit the needs of our customers–and their customers.”The MXK terabit access concentrator provides non-blocking capacity of up to 3,600 100 Mbps GPON subscribers or 360 1G Active Ethernet subscribers.
Craw-Kan pulls fiber deeper into network with Calix B6 ESANs
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative (Craw-Kan) has selected the Calix B6 Ethernet Service Access Nodes (ESANs) for use in select exchanges across its 33-exchange footprint. Craw-Kan is leveraging Active Ethernet and high-speed digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2) technologies to bring its subscribers advanced broadband services, such as advanced IPTV and high-speed Internet access, along with reliable voice services.“Craw-Kan continues to invest in our network infrastructure, bringing increasingly advanced broadband services to the communities we serve, improving our service quality, and leveraging the power of broadband to enhance the quality of life of our customers," says Dan Droessler, operations manager at Craw-Kan. "By leveraging new Ethernet-based Active Ethernet and VDSL2 technologies into our network, we are bringing one of the nation’s most advanced communications infrastructures to our rural region.”Craw-Kan will employ Calix B6 ESANs and, where they deploy fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), the 2000 family of optical network terminals (ONTs), the latest additions to the Calix Unified Access portfolio. The B6 ESANs, with integrated 10 gigabits per second Ethernet (10GbE) ring technology and sub-50 millisecond recovery capability for powerful access transport, will provide each subscriber with advanced broadband services, including IPTV, high-speed Internet access, and reliable GR-303 or VOIP services in the targeted deployment areas."For more than 50 years, Craw-Kan has been an integral part of its community, bringing advanced and reliable communication services to their members and giving this rural area the ability to communicate with the world,” says John Colvin, vice president of field operations at Calix. “As the world continues to change, Craw-Kan continues to innovate--pulling fiber deeper into their network and bringing increasingly advanced services to their subscribers.”
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